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How to Tap Into your Intuition Using the Clairs

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Are you aligned with your intuition? Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Intuition is how you see with your soul. Do you tap into it on the regular? The body has 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. Just like the body has its physical senses, the soul has its own energetic senses. These are the ways that our energy constantly perceives information. Ask yourself this: How am I currently perceiving the world around me? Which one of those energetic senses am I using the most to decipher the messages coming through? Once you learn which one you primarily work through, you can learn to use it to its maximum potential. You can also learn to be energetically available for messages to come through via your other senses. This energetic receiving will build upon itself, and eventually, you’ll be able to receive messages quicker and with greater clarity than ever before. The key to tapping into your intuition is awareness. You must learn to cultivate awareness of all of the different ways messages come directly to you. Every single one of you has psychic gifts. Every single one of you is able to unleash them. Not only unleash them.. but MASTER them in your daily life. Have you ever had one of those little moments of “knowing” that have come from nowhere? It jolts you to your senses, and you think to yourself, “Where the hell did that come from?!” This, my beautiful priestesses, is you are accessing the Clairs. What are the Clairs, you ask? Let’s get into the 5 main Clairs and how you can use them to access your intuition at any moment, so you can step into your full power as an Oracle CEO. 1.Clairvoyance Clairvoyance is the gift of “clear sight”. It’s the ability to perceive and see things that are not actually present in our current time and place.

With clairvoyance, you receive extrasensory impressions and symbols in the form of mental images through your mind’s eye.

For me, I would often experience Clairvoyance while doing Reiki on my clients. While working with clients, I would suddenly see a man in my mind’s eye, or a child, numbers or other symbols.

For the longest time, I would see these mental images, but I wouldn’t voice them to my client.

It wasn’t until I actually started TELLING my clients what I was seeing that I began to trust in my psychic gifts.

The more you can show that you TRUST the messages your body is sending you, the more your body will want to give feedback.

The only way to get validated for your gifts is if you SPEAK them into the world and have people respond to them. Once I started telling my clients what I was seeing and having them say, “Oh my gosh, that is so crazy because of this or that” I started to recognize that my intuition was POWERFUL.

But I had to trust in my downloads BEFORE I got the validation. Trusting the messages your body is sending you always comes first.

Practical Magic If you feel most resonant with Clairvoyance:

Pay attention to the images in your head, and then work with the magic of visualization. Visualization is an amazing tool for those who are clairvoyant. It’s important to notice how and when you start to do things like daydream. Write them down if you can. Daydreams can often be precognition. This way, you have a record of the things that have come to you. You can pinpoint what messages came when as you learn. If you are building a business or making big decisions, pay attention to the images you see in your mind, as opposed to just the words. If you are thinking about creating a new program, ask yourself “Can I visualize this?” as opposed to just thinking about it. If you can’t daydream about it - it’s most likely not for you. You should be able to clearly visualize your goals and plans before they take form. 2. Claircognizance Claircognizance the gift of clear knowing. It’s when you suddenly just KNOW something to be true, even though you didn’t see it, hear it, or feel it. You receive a download, and you just know. It’s that feeling of unshakeable, true inner knowing. For me, it often comes up when speaking with people or teaching. I will often think (or say) “I don’t know where I heard this before”, or “I don’t know who told me this.” When in reality, I didn’t read about it or hear it anywhere, it was simply knowledge within me I KNEW to be true.

Sometimes, I feel so sure about the knowledge I have that I NEED to find “where I got it”. I then realize that, most likely, it was in fact just a very clear intuitive hit.

Claircognizance is when you are so filled with things that you know to be true - whether that be about a person, situation, or the collective. Be aware of that feeling in yourself. Recognize when you experience a clear download - so clear that it appears as if it’s your own thought. Practical Magic: If you feel most resonant with Claircognizance:

Automatic writing is going to be your best friend! You can express your downloads through creation. For example, when words are just coming into your mind and staying in your brain, the messages can be hard to decipher. A great way to organize all of those thoughts and pull out any messages that are coming through is to simply write it all down. Set aside time in your day to download the words that you feel are intuitive guidance. Make sure they are not just ongoing mind chatter - sift through and find the real gems. Journaling will be your greatest teacher. 3. Clairsentience Clairsentience is a clear physical feeling of intuitive insight. This is the ‘gut feeling”. This is when something doesn’t feel right. When you get that thought, you feel it viscerally in your body. When engaging your clairsentience, you can hone it down by practicing yes or no questions. When you ask the universe for insight, you can tune in and see what “yes” feels like. How does your body feel when it’s a “no”? For example, when I feel a no, it feels like a dull and still energy. My yes is pure excitement. It lights up in my heart and in my sacral. If I feel that, I know that it is a definite yes. Your body is already communicating with you when it gives you that gut feeling. When you watch the news, do you feel your body contract in reaction? What about when you are talking with someone that you love, and you feel good in your heart, excited, fluttery? Tune in to what your body is telling you on an energetic level. That is when you can find what truly resonates with you. Practical Magic: If you feel most resonant with Clairsentience: Becoming the clearest channel is the goal here. Focus on your environment. Create strict boundaries around the energy that comes into your space. A good practice to get into is to take notes and experiment with your energies. For example, every day at 1:00 pm, note down how it is you are feeling. What is your natural state? What is your natural vibrational set point? Note what it feels like when you go into specific places, like the grocery store. How do you feel when you get off the phone with your mom? How do you feel watching the news? Make notes for a few days and compare. See how you can shift and what environments you feel most connected in. You can also practice different forms of muscle testing when making big or small decisions. How do you feel when thinking about taking this leap? What about when you want to say no to this offer? Note how it physically feels when you ask yourself these questions. 4. Clairaudience Clairaudience is the psychic gift of clear hearing. It’s when you’re able to perceive the sounds, words, or noises from the spiritual or material realm. You receive your intuitive information from inner or outer hearing. When I was 14/15, I went through my first spiritual awakening. I was working at a coffee shop. I remember one day, I was walking into the coffee shop and nobody else was there. Clear as day, I heard my name being called. I turned around and responded “yes?” out loud. Nobody was there. What?! I was 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT sure that someone was right by me. Sound is a very common way for your angels or guides to reach out to you, especially when you are first awakening to your intuition. Disclaimer: Use your own perception to know what those voices are, whether it be your own voice or the voice of your guides. It is incredibly important to be aware of your own energy and understanding first before you can offer readings and services to others. This way you can know what energy is yours, and what is someone else’s. Practical Magic: If you feel most resonant with Clairaudience: Get quiet. Turn off the music and the tv. Clear your mind. Clearing your mind can help you focus on your thoughts. This way, you can distinguish what is mental chatter and what is your own thoughts. 5. Clairempathy This is a clear emotional feeling. Many people identify as an empath. When you have clear emotional feeling, you can sense other people’s emotions, thoughts, and symptoms - almost as if they were your own. It is the awareness or perception of emotional energy. Clairsentience and Clairempathy toe a fine line. Clairsentience is an absolute, visceral feeling in your body; whereas clairempathy feels more like an understanding as opposed to a physical reaction. With clairempathy, you can also be right into other people’s energy. Being around high-frequency people and energies allows you to really tap into that same high vibe state. On the other hand, being around low vibration people can cause you to feel a dense type of energy, and can acutely affect your thoughts and beliefs in a negative way. Practical Magic: If you feel most resonant with Clairempathy: Start making notes on how you feel throughout the day. Notice any ups and downs, and if they happen with specific people or places. This way, you can start understanding your own energy as it ebbs and flows throughout the day. Now that you understand the clairs, start to notice your tendencies. What are you feeling on a daily basis that you may not have realized before? Are you feeling something you never noticed before? What about hearing something in your body? Tune into that.

Lean in. Activation occurs through mastery of the first gift. The moment that you claim your first gift and really start practicing it, you start creating a system that you can weave into your daily life or business. Then, as you practice the other gifts, you will gain confidence and safety in your expansion. Learning and embracing all of these gifts can happen in a week. It can happen in a day or a month. Whatever it is, it's the perfect timing for you.

Ready to create an abundant business while achieving time freedom?


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