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hypnosis for Human Design

Reprogramming you into Success, Peace, Satisfaction or Surprise

entrepreneur, creative, healer, leader, disruptor

Whether you're already in your human design experiment OR looking to integrate human design into your life and business for more ease and authenticity...this is for you.


Unlock Your Potential with Customized Hypnotic Tracks for Your Human Design Type

Are you ready to tap into the power of your unique Human Design and step into your dream timeline? Imagine effortlessly living as your authentic self, shedding layers of conditioning and stepping into a life of purpose, abundance and fulfillment.

Introducing our revolutionary Customized Hypnotic Tracks designed specifically for your Human Design type....

The same customized hypnotic tracks that have generated millions of dollars around the curated for your human design type.

The Details...

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a cutting-edge system that combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and the chakra system to reveal your individual blueprint. By understanding your Human Design type, you gain deep insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and optimal way of operating in the world.

The Power of Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a powerful tool for reprogramming the unconscious mind. My clients have hit their first 10k month, their first 100k month, grown their confidence, healed visibility wounds, attracted soulmate clients with ease and more..By accessing the unconscious, we can bypass limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns, allowing for profound transformation and personal growth.

hypnotic reprogramming right at your finger tips. just press play.


Our customized hypnotic tracks offer a unique synthesis of hypnosis and Human Design de-conditioning. By aligning hypnotic suggestions deeply within your unconscious mind AND body with the principles of Human Design, we help you release old conditioning and embrace your true nature.

For the last 10+ years I have taught the importance of our life work meeting at the intersection of Energetics, Strategy & Reprogramming....


Offering different courses, masterminds and 1:1 services that guide your process. Hypnosis for Human Design is THE NEXT LEVEL. where instead of relying on your conscious mind to unfuck your conditioning, you're allowing the reprogramming to inform your body, your energy and therefore your action or inaction.


My work has always been about becoming more and more yourself....with more abundance, more ease and less time.

Whether you're a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector these Hypnotic Journeys provide you with support toward your specific Human Design type. These tracks are meticulously crafted to help you optimize your energy, trust your specific energetics so you can access newer levels of Success, Satisfaction, Surprise or Peace in your business.

The Synthesis

You will listen to this track for 30 Days consecutively, this means you don't need to schedule your traditional10 sessions of hypnosis. Instead you get lifetime access to hypnosis that works.

What you receive

Benefits of the Projector Hypnosis

  1. Ease and Spaciousness with Time: Projectors experience more ease and spaciousness in managing their time, both within and outside their businesses, prioritizing self-care and rest.

  2. Certainty and Confidence: Projectors gain deep certainty that anything they desire is possible for them, fueling their confidence and self-assurance.

  3. Recognized and Seen: Projectors feel deeply recognized and seen by those around them, leading to the refinement and alignment of their relationships and attracting correct opportunities.

  4. Upgraded Clients and Relationships: As Projectors live out their design with ease, the quality of their clients and relationships upgrades effortlessly, leading to increased visibility and resonance with their offerings.

  5. Financial Success and Abundance: Projectors experience a flow of financial success and abundance into their lives, with money pouring into their accounts quickly and easefully as they honor their energy and live in alignment with their design.

    The Hypnosis emphasizes the importance of attuning to the body's messages and needs, allowing Projectors to shed expectations, projections and conditioning from the external world. Through this process, Projectors are empowered to embrace success with ease and grace, trusting in their unique abilities and the power of their energy.

More Types Coming Soon

Meet your Oracle...

After 10+ years of in depth Hypnosis & Energy Healing experience...
Industry leaders- ranging from 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs to  Google &  Apple Executives and Small Business Owners have made Nathaly the go to Hypnotist.


She founded the Granja Vortex Method, a proprietary meeting of energetic, nervous system & subconscious reprogramming. She has Certified over 100 people in her method over the last 3 years across several different industries such as Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, ND's, Coaches, Spiritual Healers and many more..

She has worked with over 300 entrepreneurs, creatives, mothers, ceos, with incomes ranging from just starting out all the way to multi-million dollar businesses. She has a deep insight for not just what might be keeping you stuck unconsciously, but energetically too.

She has popularized the use of Hypnotic Tracks within the online industry and is honored to be apart of a massive ripple effect of global healing.

Nathaly has helped clients have their first 10k months as well as their first 200k months in a way that feels safe and exciting to their body, first and foremost. 

Although Nathaly specializes in money, visibility and creative legacy- she also has lengthy experience in other forms of reprogramming. Just ask!

This is more than hypnosis....

This is your Most Abundant Timeline™.

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