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I know I know,

HYPNOSIS just screaaams scary, right? I love getting to be the person to show you how incredible Hypnosis can be. 

In short, Hypnosis is the ability to bypass the critical mind (the one with all the chatter) in order to put in a new (POWERFUL) suggestion into the unconscious mind (unconscious)


Which for you means... you get to be guided through a relaxing visualization as I put your conscious mind into Theta state.

[ Fun fact: Your brain was mostly in Theta state from 0-7. This is when you absorbed all of your surroundings, which then created your subconscious programming. ]


So you will once again be guided into that same open state, but this time getting to CHOOSE a new belief system.

Perhaps, you want to condition yourself to become more magnetic to soulmate clients, improve self esteem. We dive deep and create any powerful suggestive visualization that aligns with an identity of YOUR CHOOSING


No more living life from a totally outdated belief system

If you could program your mind to believe and feel anything, what would it be?

The Process

After a virtual consultation, I learn everything about what you're:






After an allotted time, I'll send you a lifetime access digital download, totally personalized hypnotic track, layered with TRANSFORMATIVE binaural beats for creating a lifelong change.

You will listen to this track for 21 Days consecutively.

After years of experience, I find that clients see the most transformation when they are held in a container for the duration of the retraining process.

  • currently experiencing

  • how you'd rather feel and

  • what kind of transformation you would like to make.

Who is this for?

Hypnosis is for the Leader who REALLY wants to see a change in their life. It is not for someone who feels obligated to do this work because their spouse wants them to quit smoking.
This has to be a personal and empowered choice that only YOU can make.


I mostly work with Conscious Leaders (of all kinds) who are in a deep spiritual Expansion.
Common things we work through:

-Soulmate attraction
-Client attraction
-Increased self esteem
-Improved sleep
-Abundance Healing
-Moving past fear/phobia
-Alleviating physical pain 
-Inner child work
-Past Life Regressions 
-Altering Timelines

Please don't hesitate to ask what Hypnosis can do for you specifically, as Hypnotherapy can assist in VARIOUS transformations.
Hypnosis is the backbone to the 

up-grades my clients experience.


Gemma Benad, Mentor 
"The Manifesting Mum"

My business exploded and I generated over $160K in sales in the first 3 months of the year and have averaged $20K+ months so far and on track for this to continue! feeling much more confident in what I offer, where I'm heading and how I'm going to manifest my vision. Ready for the next uplevel

Jazze Jervis, CEO "The Calm Compound"

I LOVE YOU! More clients, more financial abundance, less second guessing! I had my first $50k month!

Dr. Amber Salvatore, Clinical Psychologist | Transformation Coach



I'm stepping outside my comfort zone, trying new things (launching an online workshop), just signed a new $12K Paid in full client, trying new things with my marketing/copy which FEELS GOOD

What You'll Receive

-Customized Hypnotic Track



-Two 90 minute Oracle Sessions


-Customized Affirmations Track

During the consultation we'll dive deep into the core beliefs, fears and patterns that you're experiencing. We will also become extremely clear on what your vision is. Just the consultation will already create massive shifts for you, as often time, you need an expert guide to really hold you in the process of unearthing these beliefs.

Additionally, you will receive two calls with me, where I can support you through any shadows that want to be integrated. People experience results within days of starting the process, so adding the Oracle Sessions, will help clear the body as we make room for the new Manifestations to take hold.

At the success of the 21 Day Track and the Massive shifts in your life, we will touch base through a quick survey and I'll then create a customized Affirmations Track that will support you in this new identity. Think of the Affirmations as an herbal supplement to your day! You can listen to these while you're driving, exercising, or just going about your day!

Nathaly is like a vision board on steroids, I swear lol! It has been an absolute pleasure working with her and I am so grateful for the amazing work that she does.

If you are someone who is interested in hypnotherapy, reiki, or just looking for some inspirational coaching then you’ve come to the right place.

I am forever grateful for her and her spiritual wisdom and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Amber Gelinas-Model, Writer, TV Personality

CEO of a Luxury Brand Export Company who was having a difficult time breaking 10k months, closed 110k in sale in just two months.

Online Marketing Strategist and Business Coach was hitting a 15k month glass ceiling, in one month she received her first 20k client (which she was previously thought was unattainable)

Nutritionist and Health Coach began experiencing incredible internal shifts with only 8 days of listening to the track.

Young Woman who struggled with chronic pain that wanted to manage her anxiety and self limiting beliefs.

Functional Medicine Doctor who wanted to feel more magnetic and subconsciously call in her dream clients.

CEO and Mental Health Consultant who wanted to feel confident in her offers and attract high ticket clients

Ready to take back control of your life & future?


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