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Unplug from conditioned ways of earning and scale to
your next income goal with energetics, reprogramming & new paradigm business strategy in 6 months or less...

F*ck a hot girl summer.

Let's design your
Most Abundant Timeline™

Calling Forward:

Industry Leaders



This space was created for have arrived.


The philosophy behind every offer involves the
seen & unseen...


Your conditioning is passed down through culture, gender, family, trauma, misogyny, religion, birth place, financial status, body, social media and so on.

We will be unplugging from conditioned  (limiting) ways of earning, selling, marketing, expressing, visibility & working...that don't feel correct for you.


We will illuminate and detangle how your personal conditioning has lead you away from your true self. While also reprogramming your mind, body and energy into a timeline of your choosing through incomparable guidance, energy work and my world renowned custom hypnotic tracks.

This isn't no dusty or crusty "mindset work". We will create a visual map of how your shadows, patterns and gifts actually manifest, so you can reclaim new levels of personal power and continue to create a life and business from that energy.

We will also look at your human design, astrology and shadow self as a guide for the reprogramming of your inner workings as we create a stable and nourishing business to build upon it. 



As we start, grow or scale your brand we will look at your business from a "nose to tail" perspective

Diagnosing and accessing everything from: 


  • Who exactly your soulmate client is

  • What they value & desire so you can understand

  • What Offers your Clients actually want to buy

  • How to build out an irresistible offer

  • Your Unique Authority, Tone & Positioning so we can differentiate you from all the
    other coaches and mentors.

  • Your Value Proposition so you can create a through line between your messaging and entire brand story

  • Your content pillars so you have endless pieces of content to create brand recognition and further your unique brand 

  • How to communicate your work through different types of content strategy & platforms: educational, entertaining, polarizing, etc

  • How to launch your programs through several methods both strategic & energetic

  • You will be extremely clear on how to run your business day to day & monthly in order to grow & scale

  • How to sell premium offers (no matter the price you set)

  • How to simplify your business so that you feel in control of your income

  • How to create predictability in your income with your unique revenue blueprints and funnels

  • All things visual identity (colors, fonts, textures, brand board,  photoshoot prep, etc)

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daisy douglas astrology hypnosis

Daisy Douglas
Visionary Astrologer

Before working with Nathaly I was experience a rut within my business that involved a sense of cyclical ups and downs, which can be natural state when running a coaching business. However, I was ready for a deep sense of stability and consistency which Nathaly authentically embodied within her business and life. I am so grateful to have just cultivated a very spacious and expansive astrology certification launch of 200K+ euro which allows for a delicious self-created salary over the next 12 months…. And from this point to build on this foundation with other brilliant ideas Nathaly helped me to cultivate.


I am so happy to say that on the other-side of working with Nathaly I have created the consistency and stability of abundance, clients, service that I have been desiring for a very long time. Nathaly is amazing to work with. She gives really creative yet practical reflections that I would have not been able to see through my eyes alone. Something very important for me when hiring a coach is to have someone there to give support, encouragement and reflection even in the moments I might be struggling or having a natural human low. Nathaly’s energy is purely luxurious, comforting yet strong & honest. 


Love you so much Nathaly! <3 


~~> masterful at your craft  but  beginning your online business or

~~> seasoned in the online world  and  looking to get unstuck.... don't have to choose between a Hypnotist, Oracle or Strategist.... with Nathaly you receive all Oracle CEO.

With Nathaly's 10 years of successful client experience with income's ranging between 0-10k months or scaling beyond 7 Figure years.....allow yourself to be guided by pristine vision.

Image by Bucography
Ayesha Durrani Astrology  Oath oracle

Ayesha Durrani
7 Fig Astrologer  & Business Strategist

I have been receiving Nathaly's 1:1 support on deeper layers of myself, my subconscious, power, energetics and hypnosis. This woman is a true master at her craft. Her medicine..

Her insights. Her skill. Her higher perspectives. Her care.

Her X-ray vision into the truth of the matter.

It is rare to experience this level of integrity, depth, mastery & laser focused clarity.

I feel privileged to have been able to work with Nathaly 1;1 these past 6 months.

This time has been unforgettable and formative to me as I spread my Butterfly wings to new levels. To have Nathalys support through my deaths and rebirths, the crumbling of towers and the building of aligned empires.

This work is Priceless. 

Image by Ajithkumar M
Jazze jervis australia

Jazze Jervis
7 Fig Business Coach & Entrepreneur 

I LOVE YOU! More clients, more financial abundance, less second guessing, I had my first 50k month"

Image by Ajithkumar M
elaina ray

Elaina Ray
7 Fig Business Coach & Author

I'm so much more calm. I'm laughing more. i'm having better sex with my partner. I feel more relaxed about my client's results. I'm not proving my clients' results every day or screenshotting everything they send me,  I feel much more like I'm embodying my success, I'm not worried about money, I have enough. I'm not non stop launching. I have soooo much more time.


✅ You want to scale to your next income level with integrity and ease

You want to Illuminate your shadow in a way that leads you to more P R O S P E R I T Y

 You are DEDICATED to reprogramming matrix conditioning into a new state of being 


You are willing to take a B E G I N N E R S mind to re-aligning your business where needed.

✅ You’re ready to take A C T I O N and integrate what we've discussed on our calls.

✅ You are willing to take R A D I C A L responsibility for every aspect of how you co-create life.

✅ You hold a big V I S I O N for yourself and are ready to journey into the D E P T H S of your inner Universe


✅ You believe your success is I N E V I T A B L E. 

✅ You want to exit old paradigm strategy and scale your brand into a L I V I N G and lucrative piece of art.

🙄 No more self abandoning or misaligned business strategy

🙄 No more running a business from your unconscious and sabotaged shadow

🙄 No more excessive efforting and over exhausting your healing just for small change


🙄 No more stalling business. Get to the root of your businesses needs

🙄 No more analysis paralysis or prolonged freeze states 

🙄 No more victim consciousness 

🙄 No more surface level coaching and crusty musty mindset advice LOL


🙄 No more scarcity spirals at every dip and turn of life's natural cycles

🙄 No more dense business strategies that don't feel exciting or aligned to your authentic self

Image by Bucography
Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 1.46.26 PM.png

Greer Stening
 Human • BY DESIGN /

I feel so much more creative because I'm not overwhelmed or distracted by the question of what will + what will not move the needle for my business. I also have SO much more clarity over my own shadow / blind-spots + feel more empowered than ever to meet new layers of those with awareness + compassion.


Celebrating...A clear understanding of the unique pillars of my brand. Clearer messaging. An understanding of how to serve + grow my community through my content. Offers mapped out for the next 6 months. More serious, 'premium' dream clients who deeply value working with me = fulfilling work that re-energises me. A signature program that I'm so excited to keep expanding on + my first $13k cash month!

I discovered...The illumination of a hidden root system of shadow that I've honestly been searching for but couldn't truly see on my own. I now can see how this was a significant missing link for me in terms of moving forward with my business, particularly in respect to my visibility. I feel empowered to keep exploring + integrating this aspect of myself because I understand WHY it exists + how I can hold myself as I move through it.

On Nathaly...The sisterhood, the intimacy, the utter acceptance + absence of judgement... truly was a nourishing womb space, but it still also pushed me to meet my edges in an empowering way. Nathaly, you were such an inspiration for me to witness as an example of true leadership. You are someone who embodies diamond boundaries without that ever compromising the amount of attention, care + expertise you so generously share through your work. You were SO down-to-earth, welcoming + your psychic insights were always so wildly on point + delivered in a way that invited pragmatic expansion. You always held yourself as an equal whilst still being deeply grounded in your authority at the same time. Aside from everything I learned, I know that just witnessing you has expanded me in so many ways. You are truly in your Heart.

T H E   V I B E
~~~> Clients love my containers because I see, feel, hear and learn to know them to their core which allows us to translate their gifts and needs into practical and tangible Embodiment & $trategies

Or else...what's the point....?

~~~>My clients love that I am a resource for the nethermost parts of their shadow and sabotage.....while also gushing over the extravagant purchase their new financial freedom gets to afford them.

I love your 3D ambition AND your spiritual devotion.

~~~>In the Most Abundant Timeline™.....We welcome all parts of ourselves.

Being in a container with me is like a luxury holiday. It feels like relief, support & tasting new possibilities.


60min Business Illumination


Are you desiring to be guided by expert eyes so you can move through any stuckness?



Our session is an efficient way to receive strategic and psychic eyes on 1-2 topics:

~your creative channel

~ brand

~ strategy

~ offer

~ energy “blockage”

~ sabotage spirals

~ human design


OR to simply be guided on anything that's coming up for you in the realm of abundance, visibility or what's "next" for your brand.

Investment: $555 USD

Business Portal Intensive


~Eight 60min Calls for marketing, energetic & reprogramming refinement
(calls can be stacked weekly or spaced out as needed)
ay Voxer for integration & support across 8 consecutive weeks
~Hand picked modules from Oracle Business School  selected for your business needs. 
~A Pre-Recorded Hypnotic Track from my Hypnosis Library

Investment: $6,000 USD or  2x Payments of : $3,333

La Renaissance
[ʀ(ə)nɛsɑ̃s ] feminine noun:  rebirth ⧫ revival


A Five Hour Virtual Retreat designed to birth a project, podcast, re-brand, visual branding, copy, website launch, funnel or offer. May also include hypnosis and energy work depending on client needs.

A nose to tail approach to live workshopping every detail, vision and dream you have for your project. Think of it as a birthing suite. 


You will receive:
~ 5 hours of in depth strategic & energetic guidance 

~14 days of Voxer to integrate, refine & receive support post birthing

~Access to any project management tools, notes or plans we've created

~Customized Hypnotic Track to help ground your new offering into your body

This is 5 months worth of progress in 5 hours of guidance.

Investment: $6,000 USD


The Oracle Temple


~Three 60min calls per month 
~Voxer Tuesday-Friday
~A customized Hypnotic & Affirmations Track
~Commitments: 1 | 3 | 6 month containers
~Six Month Commitments receive the entire Oracle Business School curriculum. 



Investment: $3,333 USD per month


Image by Bucography
Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 4.42.39 PM.png

Corey Barsic
@natural.astrology / Astrology Embodiment Mentor 

My business before...
I was forcing my business into a chokehold, about to launch a live 1-1 program that I didn't even want to launch, I was learning about business strategy + energetics from all these random places, piecing it together + trying to figure it out. I knew what magic my skills held, but I had no fucking idea how (and no confidence) to set them free into the world. My personal life lacked joy and pleasure and direction, like I was just winging it + hoping it would all get better by grinding my way through everything

Before joining I was afraid...That it was too advanced for me, that I wasn't truly ready to be pushed into this level of Self, that I couldn't handle negative feedback, or a group setting, that I couldn't afford it... I would tell my past self that your intuitive nudges are golden, and the more you trust them the sharper they get. I would tell my past self that regardless of the "cost", this program will literally teach me how to make the money back (and then some) for the rest of my life... I would tell her that sharing space with a group of likeminded women will give you the clearest assurance that you are in the right place at the right time, that you all chose each other for a reason. I would tell her - this is it, it's happening, everything you said you wanted starts here!!


Now... the biggest difference in my business (and life)... is the lack of FORCE. My body no longer feels obligated to do anything, at all. Everything is desire led, inspiration led, an intuitive calling of what feels delicious + rewarding for both me AND my community. There's also a lack of fear - I acted so confident and outspoken but internally I was so scared of getting my business "wrong", doing wrong by my clients, saying the wrong thing, etc., that it consumed me. Now, I know how to make money. And I know how to change lives. I have so much faith + trust in the process of being a conduit for my business that I just know I will always, always be led in the right direction

I'm celebrating...

~My goal was to finally launch the membership space that I'd been sitting on for 12 months, overthinking + overworking. I launched it 90 days into OBS. My goal was to hit 20 members. I hit 25 in the first week. 2 months later, we're almost at 40 members.
~I no longer create content or offers out of obligation. My body leads the way and never ever leads me astray.
~I finally figured out how to bridge all of my skills + specialties into one medicinal, lifechanging process, an offer that I'm so joyfully launching now, as we wrap up.
~ I channelled my very first ideas for my very first live programs, which I feared so much until now where I am literally craving the experience of holding that space.
~I learned how to make money in my sleep, how to sell my magic at low ticket + what phenomenal value I could offer at high ticket.

My goal was to quit my 9-5 job (and to replace my income of 5k) . ... I went from 1.5k months to 5k months (107% increase).  Now... I'm all in on my business!!

There is soooo much wisdom that is jampacked into OBS that I am bursting at the seams with new ideas - it will take me years to get it all out there, yet that it's so comforting to know that I have YEARS of business planning done, just waiting for me to pull out of my back pocket.

The most life changing moment was when my body refused to launch a program that my mind "thought" it needed to launch. My shadow designed a 1-1 container completely out of obligation, for the money and the clout.

When the container began, my body shut down. Old health symptoms re-emerged out of nowhere, and I honestly nearly gave up on my business. Nathaly's guidance in the live calls and Slack group was lifesaving, honestly. Bulletproof, stellar advice, showing me what I couldn't see + what my higher self would be leading me into.

She didn't rescue me, but she held my hand + guided me back to my throne. From my rock bottom she helped me rebuild the most stable, sustainable, sturdy business foundations where my body leads + my mind follows.

This breakthrough alone was worth the entire investment, and honestly I could never thank you enough for this (AHHHH I'm tearing up!!!)

The recognition that everything I See, have to say + offer is beyond valuable. That I didn't develop these skills + abilities just by chance. That the only things in the way, are things that I'm overcomplicating or protecting myself with. This simplification... honestly spoke to my cells in ways that I can never un-learn. I will never be the same, and thank God!

My biggest strategy takeaways...The revenue pyramid; The value proposition prompts; The offer design. Such tangible processes that have created so much safety in me, they allow everything else to fall into place. I have 5 Capricorn placements in my chart so I love structure + strategy, that masculine container has allowed me to design so much rest + flow + ease into my biz. 

The container...Just showing up to the calls was medicinal in itself. I'm really gonna miss being in that space. And sharing that space with likeminded women on a similar path was sooooo soothing to my soul, to the parts of Self that always felt isolated and weird and misunderstood, or like I'm on a path that just isn't viable.


The clarity and practicality of the content + modules is just so valuable, I cannot believe how much value was packed into them. I love the Slack format, that portal is worth it's weight in gold.

On Nathaly...Real-time support and workshopping is sooo underrated. Nathaly's ability to witness you so lovingly + gently but with boss LEADERSHIP is second to none. It honestly felt like being led + held by a priestess or a shaman who has guided me in so many lifetimes before me. Nathaly holding space feels like coming home, there's a sense of familiarity + safety just by being in her presence and being led by her.

Image by Ajithkumar M
Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 5.25.06 PM.png

Keolani Young,
@keolaniyoung / Human Design Mentor

Before...I was doing work I loved that brought so much satisfaction to my life, but I wasn't making consistent, sustainable income and I was lost with all the 'strategic stuff' that I knew I needed to implement. I was trying to figure out which actions to take to grow my business and didn't know where to focus my energy.

I was nervous that I wouldn't get a return on the investment. I had never spent this kind of money on a business program, but I had done plenty of smaller workshops and courses that didn't bring meaningful results or mental clarity. I was nervous that it was too much money to spend for the amount of income I was bringing in, but after waiting on my emotional wave (my authority in Human Design), I had clarity that it was the right decision. I didn't know why and my mind was trying to talk me out of it, but it just felt right. I was drawn to work with Nathaly and knew that she was the right guide to work with, and trusting that inner knowing was the best decision I've made in my business.

Now...I feel so much clarity about how to move forward in my business and life. While the 'ending' of OBS was bittersweet, I feel so prepared with all the tools I need to build, grow, scale, refine, even start all over again if I had to! I'm no longer thinking about what would move the needle forward, how to connect with the right clients, or write my copy, or market my offers... everything feels integrated and simplified. There is so much more ease and spaciousness in my body.

Celebrating...I built and refined every single aspect of my brand foundations, and I now have much more focused and streamlined messaging, content pillars, offerings, and overall business structure. I'm clear on who I work with, what I provide, what I'm available for, and what I'm building for the next 6 months. The beautiful thing is that I know that my business will continue to grow and transform along with me, and I have the knowledge and tools to continue refining and shifting my brand whenever it's the right time to do so.

I experienced deep personal shifts from Nathaly's insights. There were patterns and behaviors that I simply couldn't see on my own, especially with how I was using my energy. I have such a different approach to how I work in my business now because my energetic patterns have transformed. The way I show up to create content or work with clients is different because I'm different, and it's bringing truly incredible results. My deep-rooted beliefs about money, selling, and perfectionism were illuminated so gently, and it has really transformed things on a personal level.

Some highlights..


1) I no longer worry about what actions to take or what I need to 'figure out' in business. I have the strategic tools and know how to apply them for my design and energy, and I experience such clarity on how to discover my own answers.

2) Nathaly really zeroed in on aspects of my energy that needed shifting, and she delivered such precise awareness about how to move into a more healthy expression. I can't say enough how impactful it is to be deeply seen and guided by someone who's invested in your process and truly cares about your results.

3) I feel like OBS was a portal to becoming the best version of myself. From my personal life to business, I've stepped into a completely different energy and a higher level of self-leadership. I'm no longer avoiding visibility or responsibility, which are two major aspects of my evolutionary growth in this life. This congruence with my true-self path is now attracting opportunities, places, and people that feel completely aligned and so fucking satisfying!

The container...I loved the balance of strategy and energetics. The way Nathaly structured the modules and live calls allowed me to completely relax and move through each step with so much ease. Every module was set up to take you through the A-Z of your business and we had the opportunity to discuss and refine everything we worked on in Slack and the live calls. It's really the perfect program for anyone who's building a business and wants to make sure they have a solid foundation that's uniquely aligned for them, not someone else. I'm continuing to listen to the hypnosis and affirmations, and I love that I still have a window of time to access the modules so I can integrate the lessons and refine what I've built after the live container ends.

About Nathaly...I loved working with Nathaly because while she's incredibly wise and has a wealth of business knowledge, she also brings such grounded realness to the table. I had a really fun time connecting with her and the other participants, and she provided a great example of how you can run a successful business while having a good time in the process and just being yourself. She deeply cares about her people and provides such valuable guidance while also being clear on her boundaries and what she's available for. It created a space for everyone to honor and refine their own boundaries and how they show up, and it illuminated so much for me personally.

Nathaly is someone I would work with time and time again, and I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking for guidance and understanding around how to build, grow, scale, or transform their business. Thank you SO much. <3

Image by Bucography

Katie Skinner
Content Coach

I have done it all.

I have worked with mentors - both spirituality and strategy. After a certain point of working hard and seeing less than desired results, I was certain that this work just wasn't for me because things weren't clicking for me.


I always felt like my manifestations and ritual process felt a little "off".. like I could CONSCIOUSLY understand what I was being taught, but my body and intuition didn't know how to fully integrate.  After knowing the magic of Nathaly's work already, I jumped in both feet into 1:1


I wanted to master my own energetics instead of depending on someone else to tell me what ritual to use, for someone else to heal me ... and I wanted to prepare for the paradigm shift that I knew was coming. Thank god Nathaly reminded me that I have my OWN power and no longer need to run by anyone else's script.

Image by Ajithkumar M
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 5.48.54 PM.png

Regina Lee
Spiritual Life Coach

I now have clarity in my unique offering, who I'm offering to and multiple blueprints for building + striving in my business.


Feeling so grateful + excited for what's to come. It's time to release sabotage spirals and step into the power of the New Paradigm in this amazing Aquarian Age!


I would absolutely recommend working with Nathaly! She's truly next level, a total wealth of knowledge, holds space beautifully, and is so tapped into her divine medicine.

Image by Ajithkumar M
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 6.34.09 PM.png

Sofia Araya
Bilingual Akashic Records Teacher

My session with Nathaly felt like a healing that happened in a lot of different dimensions at the same time.

Like this Light entered different places in my body and drew out images and information.

I felt very clear afterwards. She helped confirm and walked me through some feelings I had been having that weren't on the surface. It felt very relaxing and I felt very supported by Nathaly's energy as well.

Image by Bucography
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.03.32 PM.png

Dr. Amber Salvatore 
Clinical Psychologist & Transformational Coach

I'm stepping outside my comfort zone, trying new things (launching an online workshop), just signed a new 12k paid in full client, trying new things with my marketing/copy which FEEL SO GOOD!

Image by Ajithkumar M
Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 11.34.06 AM.png

Gemma Benad
Psychic Business Mentor

My business exploded and I generated $160k in sales in the first 3 months of the year and have averaged $20k+ months. So far and on track for this to continue. Feeling much more confident in what I offer, where I'm heading and how I'm going to manifest my vision. Ready for the next up level!

Image by Ajithkumar M
Image by Brooke Cagle

Business Executive & Podcaster

Nathaly has the ability to provide insight and clarity on what thoughts and emotions could be triggering you as well as self sabotaging your success.

She was able to work with me and provide a guide into a new way of viewing myself as well as my career. This allowed me to increase my income by 30% in a 6 month time period. I am very appreciative of all her help and guidance. She has a very caring yet straight forward  approach, that I really appreciate. 

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