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M e n t o r s h i p

High touch 1 on 1 Mentorship
for Spiritual & New Paradigm Leaders looking to align their

physical, energetic, emotional, mental bodies and business into their Most Abundant Timeline™


Calling Forward:

Industry Leaders

Spiritual CEO's


This space was created for have arrived.


I believe that out of all the possible timelines in this multiverse, there is a...Most Abundant Timeline™. 

The Most Abundant Timeline™ is not a final destination but a way of being. And as a byproduct creates million$, impact, dream home, land, recognition, family, books, products, love, physical healing or whatever it is your desire..

The future isn't fixed, it is determined by you.

In my 10 years of client experience- I have found there to be four pillars to transformation

These four pillars are my life's work and the vortex you get to experience in our 1:1 portal.


U N S E E N  W O R L D

Learn what is happening on the energetic plane- the unobservable inner universe we all hold.


With 10 years of shamanic and master healing experience- we'll look into ancestral, karmic, past life, auric field, psychic attacks, energy leaks, soul contracts and so on.

The intention is not to get lost in an endless cycle of healing but to resolve unseen contributions to why you may not have the lifestyle & business you desire. You will also learn energetic practices that you'll use for a lifetime.


It goes without saying..All energy work is done from and for the Light.

U N P L U G G I N G 
M A T R I X 

Conditioning is passed down through ethnic culture, gender, family, trauma, misogyny, religion, birth place, financial status, body, social media and so on.

We will illuminate and detangle how your personal conditioning has lead you away from your true desires. While also reprogramming your mind, body and energy into a timeline of your choosing through my world renowned custom hypnotic tracks.

This isn't no dusty or crusty "mindset work". We will create a visual map of how your sabotage shadows, patterns and gifts actually manifest, so you can take

back power and
create from that energy.


N E W  P A R A D I G M

After years of working with Multi 6 & 7 Figure clients, I realized we often had to go back to the metaphorical "soil" their business was built on.

If you create a business from a misaligned foundation, it informs every other piece you build on top of it.


Weather we're working on messaging, strategy, content, offers, pricing, etc- we will do so from your highest timeline. Not one of scarcity & conditioning.

Sustainably scale your business from a place of Truth
- not shadow.

O R A C L E   B O D Y

You are the channel.

We live in a world that seeks to disconnect us from our innate knowing.

Your body is the compass. Your body knows more than the mind ever will.
We will create space within the body so you can feel, hear, touch, know, taste, smell and see your way to the life & biz of your dreams.


Your body births the unseen into 3D reality. Activating Psychic Gifts are a byproduct to work. Additionally- learn Oracle Codes to integrate into your client work and life.

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Ayesha Durrani
7 Fig Astrologer  & Business Strategist

I have been receiving Nathaly's 1:1 support on deeper layers of myself, my subconscious, power, energetics and hypnosis. This woman is a true master at her craft. Her medicine..

Her insights. Her skill. Her higher perspectives. Her care.

Her X-ray vision into the truth of the matter.

It is rare to experience this level of integrity, depth, mastery & laser focused clarity.

I feel privileged to have been able to work with Nathaly 1;1 these past 6 months.

This time has been unforgettable and formative to me as I spread my Butterfly wings to new levels. To have Nathalys support through my deaths and rebirths, the crumbling of towers and the building of aligned empires.

This work is Priceless. 

Image by Ajithkumar M
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Jazze Jervis
7 Fig Business Coach & Entrepreneur 

I LOVE YOU! More clients, more financial abundance, less second guessing, I had my first 50k month"

Image by Ajithkumar M
DSC05752(1) - Elaina Ray.jpg

Elaina Ray
7 Fig Business Coach & Author

I'm so much more calm. I'm laughing more. i'm having better sex with my partner. I feel more relaxed about my client's results. I'm not proving my clients' results every day or screenshotting everything they send me,  I feel much more like I'm embodying my success, I'm not worried about money, I have enough. I'm not non stop launching. I have soooo much more time.


✅ You want to access your P S Y C H I C channel (body) with more trust and ease

You want to Illuminate your shadow in a way that leads you to more P R O S P E R I T Y

 You are DEDICATED to reprogramming matrix conditioning into a new state of being 


You are willing to take a B E G I N N E R S mind to re-aligning your business where needed.

✅ You’re ready to take A C T I O N and integrate what we've discussed on our calls.

✅ You are willing to take R A D I C A L responsibility for every aspect of how you co-create life.

✅ You hold a big V I S I O N for yourself and are ready to journey into the D E P T H S of your inner Universe


✅ You believe your success is I N E V I T A B L E. 

✅ You want to exit old paradigm strategy and scale your brand into a L I V I N G and lucrative piece of art.

🙄 No more confusion or outsourcing your visionary gifts

🙄 No more running a business from your unconscious and sabotaged shadow

🙄 No more excessive efforting and over exhausting your healing just for small change

🙄 No more stalling business. Get to the root of your businesses needs

🙄 No more analysis paralysis or prolonged freeze states 

🙄 No more victim consciousness 

🙄 No more surface level coaching and crusty musty mindset advice LOL


🙄 No more scarcity spirals at every dip and turn of life's natural cycles

🙄 No more dense business strategies that don't feel exciting or aligned to your authentic self

T H E   V I B E
--->Clients love my containers because I lead our calls with a therapeutic approach while also translating the unseen world into practical and tangible $trategies

Or else...what's the point....?

--->My clients love that I am resource for the nethermost parts of their shadow and sabotage.....while also gushing over their new designer bag or sharing cocktail recipes.

I love your 3D ambition and your spiritual devotion.

--->In the Most Abundant Timeline™.....We welcome all parts of ourselves.


Voxer Only
(for past clients30 day commitments )

✅ A 24/7 space for your stream of consciousness. When we have a private space to release, we are empowered to hear our own stories & move through our "blockages" in quantum speed

✅ Nathaly will respond between M-F for intuitive insight, detangling, reflection & guide you through decision making or further clarity with the intention of orienting to your Most Abundant Timeline.

✅ Access to Nathaly's Psychic & Projector channel, like having an Oracle in your back pocket for oracle guidance

✅ Includes insight on your business both strategically and energetically

✅ Includes insight on your personal auric field for seeing attachments, cord, evil eyes, energetic blocks, etc.

✅ Includes a sales page audit (if requested)


✅ 1 distance full body energy clearing & psychic surgery.

✅ Recorded Audio with everything I psychically saw and learned about your clearing. With strategies to integrate it.

$2,000 per month

0racle temple
(1 | 3 | 6 month commitments)

👑 Three 60min Activation Calls per month, for intentional shadow integration, timeline clearings, wealth expansion, pattern reveals, business strategy & trauma informed space holding


👑 Includes a monthly or bi-monthly customized hypnotic track, to refine your de-conditioning and reprogramming.

👑 Receive hand picked modules from Oracle Business School library or other trainings. So you can jump straight into what you actually need to know

👑 Those who pay their 6 month commitment in full receive Granja Vortex Method Certification complimentary

✅ Monday to Friday Voxer Access for psychic & strategic in-depth support in between calls (everything that is included in the voxer only)

✅ Intuitive & Strategic Website / Sales Page Audits per request

✅ Access to Nathaly's Psychic channel, like having an Oracle in your back pocket for reflection & psychic insight

✅ Includes insight on your business both strategically and energetically

✅ Includes insight on your personal auric field for seeing attachments, cords, evil eyes, energetic blocks, etc.

$3,333 per month all in
$2,555 p/m with NO voxer

(8 week Intensive)


🥂 This is specifically for business consulting. Working our way from the foundations all the way to the top.

🥂8 60min Calls for business strategy, marketing refinement, offer creation, pricing adjustments, content creation, alignments, etc

🥂Tuesday to Friday Voxer Access for psychic & strategic in-depth support in between calls (everything that is included in the voxer only)

You will receive hand picked modules from Oracle Business School library. So you can jump straight into what you actually need to know

🥂One pre-recorded Hypnotic & Affirmations Track for wealth reprograming & expansion

✅ Intuitive & Strategic Website / Sales Page/ Content Audits per request

✅ Access to Nathaly's Psychic channel, like having an Oracle in your back pocket for reflection & psychic insight


✅ Includes insight on your business both strategically and energetically

✅ Includes insight on your personal auric field for seeing attachments, cords, evil eyes, energetic blocks, etc.

$6,000 PIF or
2 payments of $3,333

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Katie Skinner,
Content Coach

I have done it all.

I have worked with mentors - both spirituality and strategy. After a certain point of working hard and seeing less than desired results, I was certain that this work just wasn't for me because things weren't clicking for me.


I always felt like my manifestations and ritual process felt a little "off".. like I could CONSCIOUSLY understand what I was being taught, but my body and intuition didn't know how to fully integrate.  After knowing the magic of Nathaly's work already, I jumped in both feet into 1:1


I wanted to master my own energetics instead of depending on someone else to tell me what ritual to use, for someone else to heal me ... and I wanted to prepare for the paradigm shift that I knew was coming. Thank god Nathaly reminded me that I have my OWN power and no longer need to run by anyone else's script.

Image by Ajithkumar M
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Regina Lee
Spiritual Life Coach

I now have clarity in my unique offering, who I'm offering to and multiple blueprints for building + striving in my business.


Feeling so grateful + excited for what's to come. It's time to release sabotage spirals and step into the power of the New Paradigm in this amazing Aquarian Age!


I would absolutely recommend working with Nathaly! She's truly next level, a total wealth of knowledge, holds space beautifully, and is so tapped into her divine medicine.

Image by Ajithkumar M
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 6.34.09 PM.png

Sofia Araya
Bilingual Akashic Records Teacher

My session with Nathaly felt like a healing that happened in a lot of different dimensions at the same time.

Like this Light entered different places in my body and drew out images and information.

I felt very clear afterwards. She helped confirm and walked me through some feelings I had been having that weren't on the surface. It felt very relaxing and I felt very supported by Nathaly's energy as well.

Image by Bucography
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.03.32 PM.png

Dr. Amber Salvatore 
Clinical Psychologist & Transformational Coach

I'm stepping outside my comfort zone, trying new things (launching an online workshop), just signed a new 12k paid in full client, trying new things with my marketing/copy which FEEL SO GOOD!

Image by Ajithkumar M
Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 11.34.06 AM.png

Gemma Benad
Psychic Business Mentor

My business exploded and I generated $160k in sales in the first 3 months of the year and have averaged $20k+ months. So far and on track for this to continue. Feeling much more confident in what I offer, where I'm heading and how I'm going to manifest my vision. Ready for the next up level!

Image by Ajithkumar M
Image by Brooke Cagle

Business Executive & Podcaster

Nathaly has the ability to provide insight and clarity on what thoughts and emotions could be triggering you as well as self sabotaging your success.

She was able to work with me and provide a guide into a new way of viewing myself as well as my career. This allowed me to increase my income by 30% in a 6 month time period. I am very appreciative of all her help and guidance. She has a very caring yet straight forward  approach, that I really appreciate. 

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