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Self Lead Programs

Most of the time courses are a secondary option to those "not ready" to invest in 1:1. Here in the Oracle Community, investing in a course opens the same portals of possibility, where you feel empowered to lead yourself. You will be swept away by how in depth these courses are. I over-deliver and make no apologies for it. Below you will find curated courses that will deepen you psychic gifts, open your channel to receive and access your most abundant timeline like never before...

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granja vortex method certification

This is a Certification program created for Coaches, Healers, Intuitives, Hypnotist, Business Mentors, Medicine People, Therapists, Facilitators of Change, etc who want to learn a methodology that DEEPENS client transformation, while requiring LESS time from you AND add's an additional SIX FIGURE stream of income to your new or scaling business.

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5 day workshop

This is created specifically for INTUITIVES, ORACLES, HEALERS, CHANNELS, SPIRITUAL COACHES who want to SCALE TO THEIR FIRS 6 FIGURES without losing any integrity in who they are and desire a premium business.

Receive: 5 Business masterclasses, Q&A's with people just like you + templates to begin your breakthrough process into Six Figures.

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10-15k months Hypnosis + Magnetic Messaging Bundle

Ready to reprogram your unconscious mind, energy & body to feel safe in breaking through the 10k month ceiling? While also learning the  importance of premium, precise, & authentic messaging; to create offers, attract aligned clients & create simplicity and ease in your business

ACCELERATE: Millionaire Hypnosis & 7 Fig Revenue Masterclass Bundle

This Hypnotic Track has been featured in 5 different Millionaire Masterminds. After creating customized hypnotic tracks with a reach of thousands of people.. I have gathered in depth feedback on what works so you can:
-channeling million dollar ideas
-magnetizing soulmate clients while doing less
-see more sales coming in
-confidence increasing prices
-& much more

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