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healer, intuitive, guide, coach, transformation artist, welcome!


Granja Vortex Method is a quantum hypnosis methodology developed by hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Oracle Nathaly Granja. 

Rooted in traditional NLP principles, GVM is an accelerated hypnotherapy method combining:
-energetic principles
-frequency healing
-unconscious reprogramming

-& breakthrough strategies


It is a proven practice to expedite the transformation process for clients in areas of health, financial success, business growth, aligning to a new identity and more.

As a Certified Practitioner you will receive instruction on everything from how to have a breakthrough consult to the audio production with real life client examples along the way.

You will be equipped with HOW to implement the hypnotic methodology as part of your already powerful skill set. 

You will learn how to make money using this method WITHOUT having to do more work.

This is a self lead course, ready for you to consume immediately!

Here is how you jumpstart your career as a high-demand GVM Practitioner & add 6 figures to your business!


 I'm Nathaly (nat-ah-lee) !

I have been offering my gifts as a professional Hypnotist and Multi-Generational Intuitive Healer, for the last 7.5+ years
(but really this journey has been life long). Before going online full-time, I spent a large portion of my career working with high profile leaders in Washington DC as a Reiki Master Teacher & "traditional" Hypnotherapist. 


Like you, I had a dream of being completely digital so that I could have the freedom to be location independent AND offer transformation.

Well after 2.5+ years of being in the online space full time, I have become the Go-To Hypnotist & Oracle for industry leaders, Millionaire Masterminds & VIP Coaches.


So how did I go from being a Bar Manager with a Hypnosis side hustle to a booked out GLOBAL artist?

I went where nobody else had gone before.


I created something that went BEYOND digital and moved into the world of OMNIPRESENCE.

Granja Vortex Method is a step by step guide to creating a Hypnotic Vortex for your clients (and you) to access the field of vast potential.


Because we know that all quantum transformation happens in the MIND, BODY & ENERGY, FIRST.







Desert in Dark

Old Paradigm

 Time for Money Laptop Warrior

You are a transformation artist, but the old system handed down to you has been a template of charging for time, which drives you into a  "werk, werk, werk" mentality, not leaving you with the spaciousness your life is calling for (BLEH). 

You are likely:

-Having to take on more client commitments even when you don’t want to because of $$

-Not giving your intuitive/expert abilities a rest to re-calibrate, because "no time"


-Capping off your ability to work with clients because there aren't enough hours in a day


-Client Transformation is limited to depth of trust & the eventual breakthrough down the road


-Your expertise is limited to one avenue of expression, a zoom call.

New Paradigm


-The work can be done without your physical or virtual presence. 

-Client has access to transformation at their fingertips (they just have to press play)


-Collapse time and make YOUR time irrelevant to THEIR transformation

-Allow your client experience to be more potent and productive than ever before because the transformation is already at work


-Multiply where you can be, so you can also multiply your impact


-Take your business Beyond Virtual (mindy, body, energy activation outside of zoom)


-Use this as a Pre Qualifying experience to build trust & generate high ticket leads


-Feedback loop off positive client experiences

Image by Mitchell Hollander


Creating a product that offers a transtemporal experience for you and your client.

Which means:
More client transformation,

More time freedom for you &
a 6 figure revenue stream without more long term commitment.

I did this with a Custom Hypnotic Track, that acts as a Vortex of next level potential that is implanted in the clients
energy AND unconscious mind


This has resulted in consistent 5 figure months.


X no more overworked days
X no more misaligned clients
X no more 9 to 5 lifestyle

separation from client energy 

digital nomad lifestyle 

income with spaciousness for other projects


Understand the Client's

Current Frame of Mind

-9 step breakthrough consult

-questions that lead to unconscious pattern reveal

hidden secrets of an omnipresent practitioner: 

-What To Look For

-Repeats, Negations,

-Connecting Cycles/Patterns

The Vortex Method

-Understand Energetic Foundations

-Language for the Energy Body

-Avoid these statements & why w/ clients

magic of the hypnotic script

-breakdown of each part

-what can be streamlined

-what must be customized

-Hypnotic & NLP application

easy recording & editing strategies

-Audio must haves

-tone for speaking /emphasis/


how to add 6 figures w/GVM


-package creation

-how to implement it in your business as is
-single vs package

        WEEK 4                              WEEK 5                                WEEK 6

        WEEK 1                                 WEEK 2                          WEEK 3

people who have experienced the granja vortex method hypnotic tracks say.....



(1) Binaural Beats MP3


(1) Hypnosis Music Track MP3


Links to all the products I personally use


Templates for your Consult & Hypno Script


Real Client Examples


Mindset Expansion Masterclass


+shed anxiety & become untouchable

w/ sarah

"REcode Entrepreneurial Anxiety: A new perspective Masterclass Breakthrough Worksheet w/ International Performance Coach Sarah Reilly" + 

+ master your new earth abundance w/

"Expanding your receiving Capacity" Masterclass, Breakthrough Worksheet & Activation that will allow YOU to access deeper levels of Abundance.  Jodielynn is a New Earth Money Educator & Mentor with a background as a Financial Advisor for New Earth Leaders

+ creative inspiration for practitioners w/ alice

New York Times bestselling editor (11 times over), author coach, and speaker who has written for Forbes, Hay House and many more, shares her BEST creative writing tips, exclusively for GVM.


plus newly added bonuses

-Access to "Scale from Gifted & Underpaid to 6 Fig CEO"  Mini Course


-Quarterly Happy Hours via zoom, to connect with fellow practitioners around the world and an opportunity to mastermind & ask any questions related to GVM 

-We take all feedback seriously and continuously add to the modules, templates & clarity at no extra cost to you. You'll always get the most upgraded version for a lifetime!

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 12.30_edited.jpg

"...When I came across GVM I knew instantly within a second, this is what I´m going to purchase, as it it truly so unique and aligns perfectly with the vision I have for the transformation I want to guide my clients through.

I binged the content within a few days and I had epiphanies about my niche, my offerings and the pivot I feel called to make, so I´m SO grateful for the GVM as it has given be great clarity about my biz AND it is the exact missing link I am now so proud and happy to add to my offerings.



Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 12.35_edited.jpg

"GVM completely expanded my business by providing me with a product that accelerates my client's health transformation results. It was truly the missing link in my work.

GVM also gave me the framework, structure and language to more clearly articulate how I assist people, which was a BONUS!

Creating customized hypnotic tracks for my clients has given me more confidence in my offerings because I know how well the tracks WORK for permanent change.


My biggest challenge before GVM was my client's being consistent with healthy routines because between sessions they would often revert back to old patterns. Since integrating hypnosis that they can listen to between sessions, they have not only been able to stay on track but also expedite their health transformation process!

I can't say enough about GVM! I highly recommend it to any practitioner looking to deepen, expand and accelerate their client's results."

Krystal Ross

Krystal Ross, BS, CNC

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 12.44_edited.j

...Prior to the GVM I worked with my clients via energy healing sessions where we did breathwork, a guided mediation, energy healing and concluded with a guided visualization... Now that I have been trained to use the GVM, I am able to take everything I was doing with my clients' session notes and create a hypnotic visualization track for them....

I highly recommend the GVM for anyone who is seeking a way to support their clients in achieving their goals. I say this not only taken the course but also as someone who has benefited greatly from my own personalized track Nathaly created for me in the fall of 2019! It was through the use of the track that I was able to subconsciously build up my confidence to pursue my soul's purpose with more determination and grow my Energy Healing and Mindfulness practice by 11 times during 2020! By doing so I have been able to help so many others begin to live their soul's purpose!

Ericka Reynolds

plus new bonuses

🐆 In Q3 & 4 we will be adding in an additional section to speak to the 9 Centered Being (energetics from the perspective of Human Design. We'll still be keeping the traditional 7 centered content (from the Reiki Lineage) for those who want to learn both or choose which resonates with them.

 Access to "Scale from Gifted & Underpaid to 6 Fig CEO"  Mini Course


🐆 Yearly Happy Hours via zoom, to connect with fellow practitioners around the world and an opportunity to mastermind & ask any questions related to the GVM or marketing GVM

🐆 We take all feedback seriously and continuously add to the modules, templates & clarity at no extra cost to you. You'll always get the most upgraded version for a lifetime!

pay in full

one time payment


When you pay in FULL you will also receive a
45 min 1 on 1 Integration Call upon completion, this is to answer any questions & offer guidance on your first track from start to finish or marketing GVM for your biz.

weekly installments

10 weekly payments of 


When you pay in an installments you will receive the content dripped week by week for 6 weeks. But you'll get instant access to all the bonuses ;)

bi-weekly installments

10 bi-weekly payments of 


When you pay in an installments you will receive the content dripped week by week for 6 weeks. But you'll get instant access to all the bonuses ;)




This is a self led course! You will receive access to a private portal hosted on Podia, this portal will have sequential step by step modules that will take you through a 6 week journey. All of my years of proven experience packaged into a course so you get to bypass the trial and error and start seeing results for YOU and your clients! If you pay in full, you receive a 45 min integration call with me to go over any questions.


NOPE! You will learn Hypnosis, Reprogramming & Vortex Foundations so you don't have to spend your money on several certifications that won't ever teach you how to actually convert what you know into an online omnipresent business, much less teach you how to apply Hypnosis in the quantum field.


I recommend pacing yourself with one module a week for six weeks. Set aside no more than two hours a week to consume the content.
+You will be able to implement what you learn in the first module right away. 


BOTH! If you are a young business, you'll see there's a lot on the market, "build a course, make a community, offer a this and a that.." OR you can look no further and use a method to build your street cred and practice your gifts while making money AND OWNING YOUR TIME. If you are an established business, use this method as another leg or add it to your additional offerings so you can add more value
(aka triple your prices).

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