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Oracle Business School

A Five Month...High touch Mastermind for Gifted 
Leaders, Healers & Facilitators who are great at what they do but have inconsistent income in their online business.


If you know you're capable of Six & Multiple Figures+
...and are ready to ELEVATE into a PREMIUM business & leader of authenticity....this is for you.


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Mastermind Requirements

✅ You already have client experience under your belt (aka you're not brand new to your craft)

✅ You are gifted at what you do but you find it difficult to consistently package / put into words/ sell it.

✅ You're willing to look/heal the parts of yourself that may resist social-marketing, success, being seen, etc & are ready to show up.

✅ You are open and excited to try something new and be coached on where you're sabotaging yourself

✅ You know you are meant for recognition & wealth but haven't had it consistently

✅ You're tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall, with not much return


✅ You're ready to find out what will work for YOU, instead of following what others online are doing.

You Receive:

Weekly Dripped Content
Over 15 detailed Trainings & Result based exercises to hone in on your unique business foundations. Without aligned foundations- there is no scaling.
Valued at: $3,000
Integration Week
The last week of every month will offer an integration week. No content or calls. This is a time to rest, catch up, vision & embody the frequency you want to hold. Nathaly will share her favorite manifestation practices.
Valued at: priceless
Group Calls
Three calls per month consisting of live workshopping, q&a's & hot seats with laser psychic coaching for clarity & breakthroughs. Ranging between Business, Mindset & Energetics
Valued at: $7,500
Business Templates 
For Sales Pages, Bio's, Masterclasses & more. Nathaly's zone of genius is in laser precision & simplifying. We will apply your unique codes, medicine & offers into templates that will make it as authentic & easy as possible to sell.
Valued at: $1,700
Community Slack Group
Slack Group 24/7 community. A text platform that enables each member a safe place for shares, wins, q&a's, group healing, sisterhood support & absolute magic. 
Valued at: $4,000
Hypnosis Reprogramming
Nathaly is recognized as global hypnotist & oracle working with Millionaire Masterminds, Scaling Entrepreneurs & Influential Leaders around the world, using her customized hypnotic tracks. And now you get access to a Group Hypnosis & Affirmations track
Valued at: $2,500
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❌ No more inconsistency in your income
❌ No more guessing if clients will sign up
❌ No more launching ptsd or overwhelm
❌ No more wondering what to talk about on line
❌ No more relying on inspiration to hit for making a post
❌ No more directionless marketing & strategy
🥂 Yes to income predictability 
🥂 Yes to lead conversion
🥂 Yes to having a unique launch plan that feels good for your nervous system
🥂 Yes to a clear content strategy
🥂 Yes to a prolific marketing plan
🥂 Yes to future planning with confidence

What makes obs different?

I have over  9 years of clients experience, to start.

This program isn't a "theory" or a testing of my method...It's been proven with over 5 years of SPECIFICALLY working with entrepreneurs, healers & executives ranging from 0 to Multi 7 Figures.... it's fair to say I know what I'm doing.

I’ll give you proven tools, structure, experience and data to accomplish your goals with ease. While also loving you and seeing you to the core. You are not just another number to me. The feedback I consistently receive from my 1:1 clients is:

"I have never met a mentor who actually cares this deeply about my heart & success"

Unfortunately, our industry is filled with scammy people hidden behind sexy marketing. So-it's possible you have investment trauma, have been treated like a number or just feel bitter from not "getting there"...YET.

I want you to know that I value mutual integrity and would never take on a client I didn't think I could help.

I don't need to convince you to invest in yourself, you've done it several times before. I simply want to remind you that you are only one *right* next move away from being in YOUR Most Abundant Timeline™.

My zone of genius is in seeing deep into your unseen world with precision & simplifying what you actually need to do--which makes me really good at knowing where people are out of alignment in their business and showing them their unique strategy, magic and offerings, they probably haven't considered.

Oracle Business School meets at the intersection of Energetics, Reprogramming & New Paradigm Business Codes.


I am calling in the Priestesses, Oracles, Channels, Witches & New Paradigm Visionaries. I'm calling in the Women who are my equals and are ready to not just "have a seat at the table", but want to build a round table instead, where we all sit together...

Nathaly | Oracle CEO



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Dripped Content Sneak Peak...

🐍 Value Proposition so that your audience is clear on what exactly you're offering. Clarity is Queen.


🐍  Key Messaging so that you can build a brand of longevity & consistency. This where most people are stuck.


🐍  Bio & Premium Positioning so that your brand, marketing & embodiment are a match to your increasing prices. 


🐍  Shadow Illumination to be aware of your sabotage & transform it into gifts for a more resilient nervous system (which is vital for scaling)


🐍 Content Creation Strategy that honors your unique energy & allows you to plan ahead for content that will convert community into clients 


🐍 Client Refinement & Market Research so that you can create offers & content that you're community actually wants to hear from you


🐍  Soul'd Out Offer Creation so that you can be clear on your zone of genius & create easy to sell offers.


🐍  Pricing- Exercises that help you feel grounded and excited for your premium prices, without wobbling or justifying.


🐍  Launch Calendar & Strategies so that you can successfully launch your offers over and over again with ease & CONSISTENCY. I will give you several options, as you are not a cookie-cutter person!


🐍  Communicating with your Businesses Soul so that you can continuously build a business that is authentic, divinely inspired & cleared of attachments, evil eyes & projections


🐍 Calling in & Connecting with your Soul Contract Clients so that you are not only supported by the tangible marketing but activating what is already meant for you


I am not just an Oracle who will.... offer healing and psychic insight

I am not just a Hypnotist who can.... see the unconscious stories & sabotage patterns you're in.

I am not just a CEO that has..... scaled an "intuitive business" to multiple 6 figures.


I am also a human.... who has been in your shoes and knows the pain and pressure there is in having had inconsistent income.

Please ask yourself....What is it costing you to not invest in business mentorship?

MONTHLY guest experts

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Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 11.20.50 AM.pn
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Franziska Freitag
Scaling Your Biz w/
Tamara Munoz Whilden,
Scaling Your Biz w/

Dr. Nancy Crowell
Scaling Your Biz w/ your
Kyla Derkach,
Scaling Your Biz w/

Gloria Chou
Scaling Your Biz w/
Katelyn Alyssa
Scaling Your Biz w/



How long is the program, when do we start?

5 month program. NEXT ROUND Begins January 2023

When are the calls? What days? Time?

The calls have not been scheduled yet, as they will be decided with all participants in mind. The OBS community is very international.


What is the time commitment? How often will we meet?

 3 back to back week of intimate group calls. Usually ranging 90-100 minutes. q&a, workshopping and hot-seats.

What do I receive in the integration week? Why is it important?

I personally didn't scale to Multiple 6 Figures through toxic hustle culture. Part of what I want to teach you is the importance of rest, downloading, self care, BTS work and honoring our unique cycle. You will receive Master Oracle Embodiment and Manifestation practices.

Is there support in-between calls?
Absolutely, in my 9 years of client experience, I have learned that the biggest transformations and breakthroughs happen IN-BETWEEN calls. In your day to day-when you're living life. This is why the Slack Support is valued so highly...You will not only receive feedback & care from Nathaly, but the other gifted OBS sisters. I encourage you all to Mastermind together!

How can you support people scaling to SIX AND MULTIPLE SIX figures?

 I am a huge believer that scaling to multiple 6 figures happens from the ground work you set. Money and Energy need direction to follow and build upon. If you don't have an aligned foundation, you can't scale. In my experience those who say they want Six Figures, really want more but don't believe it's possible yet. So I'm going to share an integrated approach that will allow you to scale with a regulated nervous system for actual longevity. I am not offering a one size fits all approach, I will share several ways to the mountain top-and you decide what to act on.

What can you guarantee? are their refunds?
What I can guarantee --if you do the work--
-you will be extremely clear on how to run your business day to day & monthly in order to scale
- clarity on your marketing strategy
- how to sell premium offers (no matter what price you set)
- how to simplify your business so that you feel in control of your income

- how to create consistency in your income

I will not only transfer knowledge to you, but SEE you, workshop and craft with you, until it feels RIGHT in your soul & bones! You will align your whole being into your unique Most Abundant Timeline™...maybe for the first time ever! There are absolutely no refunds and you are 100% responsible for your business. No victim consciousness.


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This program is valued at $18,700
but you can receive it at :

$7,777 PAID IN FULL.

When you PIF you will also receive:

-1 Social Media Audit
-1 Sales Page Audit using Sales Psychology



TWO payments of $3,777


FIVE monthly payments of $1777


The above investment is the January 2023 price.I am offering a massive Early Bird Discount & Payment Plan. Submit your email to receive it to $ave