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nathalygranja oracle ceo business hypnosis customized hypnotic tracks
~ A Five Month ~
High Touch Mastermind & Mentorship
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Mastermind Requirements

✅ You already have client experience under your belt (aka you're not brand new to your craft)

✅ You are gifted at what you do but you find it difficult to consistently package / put into words/ sell it.

✅ You're willing to look/heal the parts of yourself that may resist social-marketing, success, being seen, etc & are ready to TAKE ACTION.

✅ You are open and excited to try something new and be coached on where you're sabotaging yourself

✅ You know you are meant for recognition & wealth but haven't had it consistently

✅ You're tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall, with not much return


✅ You're ready to find out what will work for YOU, instead of following what others online are doing.

You Receive:

Weekly Dripped Content
Over 15 detailed Trainings & Result based exercises to hone in on your unique business foundations. Without aligned foundations- there is no scaling.
Valued at: $3,000
Integration Week
The last week of every month will offer an integration week. No strategy or calls. This is a time to rest, catch up, vision & embody the frequency you want to hold. Nathaly will share her favorite  practices.
Valued at: priceless
Group Calls
Three calls per month consisting of live workshopping, q&a's & hot seats with laser psychic coaching for clarity & breakthroughs. Ranging between Strategy, Mindset & Energetics
Valued at: $7,500
Business Templates 
For Sales Pages, Bio's, Masterclasses & more. Nathaly's zone of genius is in laser precision & simplifying. We will apply your unique codes, medicine & offers into systems that will make it as authentic & as easy as possible to sell.
Valued at: $1,700
Community Slack Group
Slack Group 24/7 community. A text platform that enables each member a safe place for shares, wins, q&a's, group healing, sisterhood support & absolute magic. 
Valued at: $4,000
Hypnosis Reprogramming
Nathaly is recognized as global hypnotist & oracle working with Millionaire Masterminds, Scaling Entrepreneurs & Influential Leaders around the world, using her customized hypnotic tracks. And now you get access to a Group Hypnosis & Affirmations tracks!
Valued at: $2,500
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Greer Stening
 Human • BY DESIGN /

I feel so much more creative because I'm not overwhelmed or distracted by the question of what will + what will not move the needle for my business. I also have SO much more clarity over my own shadow / blind-spots + feel more empowered than ever to meet new layers of those with awareness + compassion.


Celebrating...A clear understanding of the unique pillars of my brand. Clearer messaging. An understanding of how to serve + grow my community through my content. Offers mapped out for the next 6 months. More serious, 'premium' dream clients who deeply value working with me = fulfilling work that re-energises me. A signature program that I'm so excited to keep expanding on + my first $13k cash month!

I discovered...The illumination of a hidden root system of shadow that I've honestly been searching for but couldn't truly see on my own. I now can see how this was a significant missing link for me in terms of moving forward with my business, particularly in respect to my visibility. I feel empowered to keep exploring + integrating this aspect of myself because I understand WHY it exists + how I can hold myself as I move through it.

On Nathaly...The sisterhood, the intimacy, the utter acceptance + absence of judgement. OBS truly was a nourishing womb space, but it still also pushed me to meet my edges in an empowering way. Nathaly, you were such an inspiration for me to witness as an example of true leadership. You are someone who embodies diamond boundaries without that ever compromising the amount of attention, care + expertise you so generously share through your work. You were SO down-to-earth, welcoming + your psychic insights were always so wildly on point + delivered in a way that invited pragmatic expansion. You always held yourself as an equal whilst still being deeply grounded in your authority at the same time. Aside from everything I learned, I know that just witnessing you has expanded me in so many ways. You are truly in your Heart.


❌ No more inconsistency in your income
❌ No more guessing if clients will sign up
❌ No more launching ptsd or overwhelm
❌ No more wondering what to talk about on line
❌ No more relying on inspiration to hit for making a post
❌ No more directionless marketing & strategy
🥂 Yes to income predictability 
🥂 Yes to lead conversion
🥂 Yes to having a unique launch plan that feels good for your nervous system
🥂 Yes to a clear content strategy
🥂 Yes to a prolific marketing plan
🥂 Yes to future planning with confidence

What makes obs different?

I have 10 years of clients experience, to start.

This program isn't a "theory" or a testing of my method...It's been proven with over 6 years of SPECIFICALLY working with entrepreneurs, healers & executives ranging from 0 to Multi 7 Figures.... it's fair to say I know what I'm doing.

I’ll give you proven tools, structure, experience and data to SCALE your business with ease & sustainability. While also loving you and seeing you to the core. You are not just another number to me. The feedback I consistently receive from my 1:1 clients is:

"I have never met a mentor who actually cares this deeply about my heart & success"

Unfortunately, our industry is filled with scammy people hidden behind sexy marketing. So-it's possible you have investment trauma, have been treated like a number or just feel bitter from not "getting there"...YET.

I want you to know that I value mutual integrity and would never take on a client I didn't think I could help.

I don't need to convince you to invest in yourself, you've done it several times before. I simply want to remind you that you are only one *right* next move away from being in YOUR Most Abundant Timeline™.

My zone of genius is in seeing deep into your unseen world with precision & simplifying what you actually need to do--which makes me really good at knowing where people are missing the mark in their business and showing them their unique strategy, magic and offerings, they probably haven't considered.

Oracle Business School meets at the intersection of Energetics, Reprogramming & New Paradigm Business Strategy.


I am calling in the Priestesses, Oracles, Channels, Disrupters & New Paradigm Visionaries. I'm calling in the Women who are my equals and are ready to not just "have a seat at the table", but sit....upon their thrones.

Nathaly | Oracle CEO



oath oracle manifestation babe chiara mazzuco mastermind

Content Sneak Peak...


🐍 Soulmate Client Refinement- Understand who exactly you are leading and all the necessary psycho-spiritual details we must know about them in order to create offers & content that your community actually wants to hear from you

🐍 Value Proposition so that your audience is clear on what exactly you're offering. Clarity is Queen.


🐍  Key Messaging so that you can build a brand of longevity & consistency. This where most people are stuck.


🐍  Launch Calendar & Start to Finish Strategies so that you can successfully launch your offers over and over again with ease & CONSISTENCY. I will give you several options, as you are not a cookie-cutter person! Everything from Launching Energetics, Pre-Launch, Email templates, and a 30 Day Launch Strategy


🐍 Content Creation Strategy Pt 1  so that  you understand the purpose and mechanics of content development across several social media platforms. Everything from Mindset to Strategy tips. Content styles & a Library of over 200 Content Prompts

🐍 Content Creation Strategy Pt 2  Design a content strategy that honors your unique energy & allows you to plan ahead for content that will convert community into clients. Aka Content that sells.


🐍  Premium Positioning so that your brand, marketing & embodiment are a match to your increasing prices. 

Revenue Blueprints  so that you find a model that works for your ENERGY, goals and lifestyle. There are several pathways to the mountain top.

Soul'd Out Offer Creation so that you can be clear on your zone of genius, what exactly sells & selling from power- not shadow


🐍  Soulful Pricing-  Learn how to properly price your offers and more importantly feel feel grounded and excited for your premium prices, without wobbling or justifying.

BTS of your Scaling Biz-  Learn about all of the background Income Producing Activities that you get to do in your business in order to nurture and scale your business entity- from just an Instagram to an actual profitable business.

🐍 YEARLY : SEASONAL : WEEKLY: DAILY PLANNING - Learn how to plan launches, content, emails and collaborations in ADVANCE so you can create predictable income, instead of just existing in the online ethers.


AND thousands of dollars worth of bonus material....


🐍  Sacred Sales Codes - Everything up until this point teaches you how to sell. But this module invites you into new perspectives and techniques that allow you to attract the correct and easiest sales.

Shadow Illumination - The calls and everything we do together is always with our shadow in mind. This module gives you a framework I teach my 1:1 clients. How understand your sabotage & transform it into gifts for a more resilient nervous system (which is vital for scaling)

Business Assets Checklist- Your guide to scaling your business beyond our time together


🐍  Monthly Embodiment Practices - Receive monthly embodiment practices to apply into your integration week from inner child, shadow work and manifestation practices.

Identity Shifting- An entire section dedicated to visioning, hypnotic reprogramming, manifesting and stepping into your new identity as the highly paid, seen and Rich AF entrepreneur that you are. 

Extra Trainings- An entire section dedicated to extra trainings that will continue to be added to....from Reels to Sales Page Development, Moving through Triggers, Visual Identity,  Evergreen Email Funnel and MORE!!

Image by Andrew Kliatskyi

HOW OBS has changed our student's LIVES 




Receive world renowned hypnotic programming to condition your unconscious mind for easeful success, safety in visibility & consistent scaling. While feeling relaxed in the process. If your internal identity is NOT calibrated for Abundance, you will continue to reject it. With hypnotic tracks- your most abundant timeline ™ is possible.

You will also be witnessed in your conditioned stories about scaling, money and business. And we will & alchemize right there and then.



There is literally no point to scaling and making loads of money if: you abandon your self along the way. Co-create your offers with God Goddess and the business soul itself. Untangle your business from your energy's high's and lows.  Yes you'll learn how to make money but we'll make sure you feel satisfied, successful and at peace along the way. None of your business mantras matters unless it is grounded into 3D tangibility



Allow your business to be simple and easy.  In OBS we remove all the noise and hand you what ACTUALLY works. It doesn't matter if you have 200 followers or 200,000. IN OBS you will have the tools to create a bespoke strategy that honors your energy while scaling to six & multiple six figures. This is how OBS students have replaced their 9-5 income, sold out launches in 1 week and have made the most money in their business EVER.

Lifetime OBS Hypnotic Journey 

Create Space in Your Body Healing Practice

The 8 Business Assets Modules +
7 Scaling & Nurturing Modules

Lifetime OBS Affirmations Track 

11pg Timeline Activation Workbook

Over 200 launch & content prompts + launch calendars

Illuminate Your Shadow Module & The Illumination Pathway PDF

Monthly Oracle Hacks for healing & expansion

LIVE Content, Sales Page & Email Audits + Co-working bonuses & guest experts

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Corey Barsic
@natural.astrology / Astrology Embodiment Mentor 

My business before...
I was forcing my business into a chokehold, about to launch a live 1-1 program that I didn't even want to launch, I was learning about business strategy + energetics from all these random places, piecing it together + trying to figure it out. I knew what magic my skills held, but I had no fucking idea how (and no confidence) to set them free into the world. My personal life lacked joy and pleasure and direction, like I was just winging it + hoping it would all get better by grinding my way through everything

Before joining I was afraid...That it was too advanced for me, that I wasn't truly ready to be pushed into this level of Self, that I couldn't handle negative feedback, or a group setting, that I couldn't afford it... I would tell my past self that your intuitive nudges are golden, and the more you trust them the sharper they get. I would tell my past self that regardless of the "cost", this program will literally teach me how to make the money back (and then some) for the rest of my life... I would tell her that sharing space with a group of likeminded women will give you the clearest assurance that you are in the right place at the right time, that you all chose each other for a reason. I would tell her - this is it, it's happening, everything you said you wanted starts here!!


Now... the biggest difference in my business (and life) pre-OBS, is the lack of FORCE. My body no longer feels obligated to do anything, at all. Everything is desire led, inspiration led, an intuitive calling of what feels delicious + rewarding for both me AND my community. There's also a lack of fear - I acted so confident and outspoken but internally I was so scared of getting my business "wrong", doing wrong by my clients, saying the wrong thing, etc., that it consumed me. Now, I know how to make money. And I know how to change lives. I have so much faith + trust in the process of being a conduit for my business that I just know I will always, always be led in the right direction

I'm celebrating...

~My goal was to finally launch the membership space that I'd been sitting on for 12 months, overthinking + overworking. I launched it 90 days into OBS. My goal was to hit 20 members. I hit 25 in the first week. 2 months later, we're almost at 40 members.
~I no longer create content or offers out of obligation. My body leads the way and never ever leads me astray.
~I finally figured out how to bridge all of my skills + specialties into one medicinal, lifechanging process, an offer that I'm so joyfully launching now, as OBS wraps up.
~ I channelled my very first ideas for my very first live programs, which I feared so much until now where I am literally craving the experience of holding that space.
~I learned how to make money in my sleep, how to sell my magic at low ticket + what phenomenal value I could offer at high ticket.

My goal was to quit my 9-5 job (and to replace my income of 5k) . In OBS... I went from 1.5k months to 5k months (107% increase).  Now... I'm all in on my business!!

There is soooo much wisdom that is jampacked into OBS that I am bursting at the seams with new ideas - it will take me years to get it all out there, yet that it's so comforting to know that I have YEARS of business planning done, just waiting for me to pull out of my back pocket.

The most life changing moment was when my body refused to launch a program that my mind "thought" it needed to launch. My shadow designed a 1-1 container completely out of obligation, for the money and the clout.

When the container began, my body shut down. Old health symptoms re-emerged out of nowhere, and I honestly nearly gave up on my business. Nathaly's guidance in the live calls and Slack group was lifesaving, honestly. Bulletproof, stellar advice, showing me what I couldn't see + what my higher self would be leading me into.

She didn't rescue me, but she held my hand + guided me back to my throne. From my rock bottom she helped me rebuild the most stable, sustainable, sturdy business foundations where my body leads + my mind follows.

This breakthrough alone was worth the entire investment, and honestly I could never thank you enough for this (AHHHH I'm tearing up!!!)

The recognition that everything I See, have to say + offer is beyond valuable. That I didn't develop these skills + abilities just by chance. That the only things in the way, are things that I'm overcomplicating or protecting myself with. This simplification... honestly spoke to my cells in ways that I can never un-learn. I will never be the same, and thank God!

My biggest strategy takeaways...The revenue pyramid; The value proposition prompts; The offer design. Such tangible processes that have created so much safety in me, they allow everything else to fall into place. I have 5 Capricorn placements in my chart so I love structure + strategy, that masculine container has allowed me to design so much rest + flow + ease into my biz. 

The container...Just showing up to the calls was medicinal in itself. I'm really gonna miss being in that space. And sharing that space with likeminded women on a similar path was sooooo soothing to my soul, to the parts of Self that always felt isolated and weird and misunderstood, or like I'm on a path that just isn't viable.


The clarity and practicality of the content + modules is just so valuable, I cannot believe how much value was packed into them. I love the Slack format, that portal is worth it's weight in gold.

On Nathaly...Real-time support and workshopping is sooo underrated. Nathaly's ability to witness you so lovingly + gently but with boss LEADERSHIP is second to none. It honestly felt like being led + held by a priestess or a shaman who has guided me in so many lifetimes before me. Nathaly holding space feels like coming home, there's a sense of familiarity + safety just by being in her presence and being led by her.

I am not just an Oracle who will.... offer healing and psychic insight

I am not just a Hypnotist who can.... see the unconscious stories & sabotage spirals you're in.

I am not just a CEO that has..... scaled an "intuitive business" to multiple 6 figures.


I am also a human.... who has been in your shoes and knows the pain and pressure there is in having had inconsistent income.

Please ask yourself....What is it costing you to not invest in business mentorship?

BONUS binge:


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Tamara Munoz Whilden,

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Keolani Young

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Melynda Lopez
Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Akashic healer

In my business before...
I had so many different little programs and so many ideas with little to no organization or strategy.

Before joining...I was afraid that I would resist the process and not follow through. I made a commitment to myself that every thing I thought I knew is out the window. I came in with an open mind and the notion that I would not give up on myself. I would tell a friend to follow through for the 5 months. Go all in for yourself! See how your life and your business could transform and evolve.

Now...I feel like I have rebuilt the foundations of my business to match every other aspect of my life- sturdy, confident, abundant, and connected. I feel so clear on where I am going and how to get there. I have taken so many business program in the last 4 years...And this is the first time ever where I felt seen and know exactly how to put my thoughts into business action!

I'm celebrating...Defined clear strategy. My messaging and my brand is clear. I have amazing offers that I’m in love with. I just started my launch with OBS, and I’ve already hit 15k! Overall the clarity I am experiencing right now is exactly what I desired going in.

I've had SO many breakthroughs especially around the shadow of "Irrelevance". And also knowing that sometimes I may or may not feel seen and I'm still able to hold that part of me while continuing to show up. My people need my magic . My shadows and beliefs will no longer stop me.

I've learned services are invaluable. That other healers and oracles are doing it, so why not me. Strategy and clarity was truly the missing link.

I love Nathaly so much and her beautiful energy. It was so nice to be apart of a community where I felt like I belonged and received priceless guidance from Nathaly.

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 7.05.20 PM.png
Image by Ajithkumar M
Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 1.49.37 PM.png

Leandra Rose
Purpose Doula / @TheRadiantRebellion

Before...In business I was feeling a scattered in my message. In my personal life I was healing from a flare up of PTSD and childhood trauma that was making it difficult to show up as the face of my business.

Now...I have a deep sense of clarity about my mission & message and feel empowered to deliver it in a way I did not before.

Celebrating...New 1:1 clients feel more aligned. Creating content is easier. Audience is growing and more engaged and more aligned.

Many shadows and sabotage spirals have been illuminated and as a result they are no longer running the show. I feel much more clear, grounded and potent especially as it relates to my message and leadership.

I received...
1. Clarity on content pillars
2. Deeper understanding of my own shadows & sabotage and how to navigate through them
3. Systems and structures for creating a business that is not based solely on my energy


The container...Nathaly is a beautiful soul and powerful facilitator. In OBS she created a sacred and safe space for us to be vulnerable with one another and connect on a deep level. Its rare to find spaces to open so deeply especially in the business world. I believe this kind of raw, authentic connection is necessary for New Earth leadership and am incredibly grateful for mentors like Nathaly who create spaces for this level of soul work & sisterhood. OBS definitely goes far beyond traditional business programs and was the exact blend of soul &  strategy I needed.

On Nathaly...OBS was an absolute dream. Nathaly your expertise and leadership are exquisite. I will be reaping the benefits of your teachings and the deep healing I received in OBS for years to come. I don't know how to thank you enough for including me and holding such incredible space for me to learn and heal and grow. You are a gift. And I'm so grateful for your presence in my life.

In summary, this is what happens next

1) You apply & get approved 

2) You'll receive a welcome email to submit your payment & agreement


3) You'll enter the OBS portal to complete the pre work modules (deep mindset & energetic clearing) before we get into strategy


4) You'll enter into the Slack community where you can begin to introduce yourself and connect with your OBS fam

5) 1 month's worth of modules will drop every 4 weeks. 

6) You have a digestable step by step journey laid out for you to apply the strategy given each week 

7) Every month you will attend 3 group calls with our intimate mastermind.. where you'll receive laser focused mentorship from me based on your questions and business. Everyone has a turn to speak, be seen and guided.


There is no support coach or intermediary between us. This is a high touch group container.

8) Any questions you have in between calls will be answered in the slack. From mindset, to content & sales page reviews, to questions about the assignments, scarcity & so on.


9) On the fourth week of every month we will rest. no calls. This is for integration, catch up, play. You will receive an Oracle Hack that week for energetic/embodiment illumination.

10) And by the end of the 5 months or'll have a scaling business. 

Image by Christopher Ott
Image by Ajithkumar M
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Dr. Divya
@drdivya.divine / Intuitive Visionary Mentor

Before starting OBS, I built a business focused on flow and energetics but lacked systems and structures. Though I had a greater vision to support my community, I was confused about my ideal clientele and lacked confidence in sharing my message and being seen as a business owner/entrepreneur.

My hesitation was how am I going make the return in investment. But honestly, from the depths of my heart, this has been one of the best investments I have ever made because it has completely pivoted my relationship to self and my relationship to my business.

Now...The biggest difference is that I feel safe to be SEEN. I feel deeply anchored in my soul's gifts and my capacity has elevated to another level to trust my business as its own entity to flourish.

Celebrating...Since starting OBS, my retention rate has increased, and clients have resigned to work with me in different capacities. I feel more confident in my messaging, and my visibility has surely increased. I have been able to provide my business with the structure and strategies it requires, and I know this will continue to nurture the flow of abundance.

This container has helped me fall in love with myself deeper. Every time I questioned if I was on the right path, something miraculous happened, and I continued to receive confirmations in the form of the most profound recognition and abundance. This container really solidified the reason why I am here on earth in this pivotal time as the earth's consciousness is shifting.

Some things that shifted me..

1) "there are souls out there who are literally praying for what we have to offer".
2) “god/goddess/universe show me how easy this gets to be”
3) "Trust in what comes easy and simple to you"

 NATHALYYYYYY!! My love and adoration for you is never-ending. You are truly the "real fucking deal". So embodied and grounded in your approach, I felt so seen throughout the course of this container. You never hesitated to point out all the ways how I was sabotaging myself and empowered me to move past the cycles I was trapped in with so much love and determination. I am forever grateful for you Queen!

Image by Ajithkumar M
Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 5.25.06 PM.png

Keolani Young,
@keolaniyoung / Human Design Mentor

Before...I was doing work I loved that brought so much satisfaction to my life, but I wasn't making consistent, sustainable income and I was lost with all the 'strategic stuff' that I knew I needed to implement. I was trying to figure out which actions to take to grow my business and didn't know where to focus my energy.

I was nervous that I wouldn't get a return on the investment. I had never spent this kind of money on a business program, but I had done plenty of smaller workshops and courses that didn't bring meaningful results or mental clarity. I was nervous that it was too much money to spend for the amount of income I was bringing in, but after waiting on my emotional wave (my authority in Human Design), I had clarity that it was the right decision. I didn't know why and my mind was trying to talk me out of it, but it just felt right. I was drawn to work with Nathaly and knew that she was the right guide to work with, and trusting that inner knowing was the best decision I've made in my business.

Now...I feel so much clarity about how to move forward in my business and life. While the 'ending' of OBS was bittersweet, I feel so prepared with all the tools I need to build, grow, scale, refine, even start all over again if I had to! I'm no longer thinking about what would move the needle forward, how to connect with the right clients, or write my copy, or market my offers... everything feels integrated and simplified. There is so much more ease and spaciousness in my body.

Celebrating...I built and refined every single aspect of my brand foundations, and I now have much more focused and streamlined messaging, content pillars, offerings, and overall business structure. I'm clear on who I work with, what I provide, what I'm available for, and what I'm building for the next 6 months. The beautiful thing is that I know that my business will continue to grow and transform along with me, and I have the knowledge and tools to continue refining and shifting my brand whenever it's the right time to do so.

I experienced deep personal shifts from Nathaly's insights. There were patterns and behaviors that I simply couldn't see on my own, especially with how I was using my energy. I have such a different approach to how I work in my business now because my energetic patterns have transformed. The way I show up to create content or work with clients is different because I'm different, and it's bringing truly incredible results. My deep-rooted beliefs about money, selling, and perfectionism were illuminated so gently, and it has really transformed things on a personal level.

Some highlights..


1) I no longer worry about what actions to take or what I need to 'figure out' in business. I have the strategic tools and know how to apply them for my design and energy, and I experience such clarity on how to discover my own answers.

2) Nathaly really zeroed in on aspects of my energy that needed shifting, and she delivered such precise awareness about how to move into a more healthy expression. I can't say enough how impactful it is to be deeply seen and guided by someone who's invested in your process and truly cares about your results.

3) I feel like OBS was a portal to becoming the best version of myself. From my personal life to business, I've stepped into a completely different energy and a higher level of self-leadership. I'm no longer avoiding visibility or responsibility, which are two major aspects of my evolutionary growth in this life. This congruence with my true-self path is now attracting opportunities, places, and people that feel completely aligned and so fucking satisfying!

The container...I loved the balance of strategy and energetics. The way Nathaly structured the OBS modules and live calls allowed me to completely relax and move through each step with so much ease. Every module was set up to take you through the A-Z of your business and we had the opportunity to discuss and refine everything we worked on in Slack and the live calls. It's really the perfect program for anyone who's building a business and wants to make sure they have a solid foundation that's uniquely aligned for them, not someone else. I'm continuing to listen to the hypnosis and affirmations, and I love that I still have a window of time to access the modules so I can integrate the lessons and refine what I've built after the live container ends.

About Nathaly...I loved working with Nathaly because while she's incredibly wise and has a wealth of business knowledge, she also brings such grounded realness to the table. I had a really fun time connecting with her and the other participants, and she provided a great example of how you can run a successful business while having a good time in the process and just being yourself. She deeply cares about her people and provides such valuable guidance while also being clear on her boundaries and what she's available for. It created a space for everyone to honor and refine their own boundaries and how they show up, and it illuminated so much for me personally.

Nathaly is someone I would work with time and time again, and I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking for guidance and understanding around how to build, grow, scale, or transform their business. Thank you SO much. <3

energy exchange

This program is valued at $18,700
but you receive it at a no brainer investment:

1 payment of $6,777

When you PIF you will also receive:

~1 Social Media Audit
~2.5 Hr Illuminate Masterclass: Alchemize Sabotage Spirals into Sacred Gifts 
~ 60min 1:1 Call w/ Nathaly



2 payment of $3,388

First payment will secure your spot and the subsequent

payment is due 90 days later.



8 payment of $888





How long is the program, when do we start?

5 month program. NEXT Enrollment begins in JANUARY 2024 and the program starts FEBRUARY 2024. 

My business is really new, am I qualified to join? I am a seasoned business, am I over qualified?
My 1:1 clients income ranges between hitting their first 10k or scaling past their first 100k month (aka 7 figures). In all of that experience I have seen that there are 8 non negotiable business assets every business needs. So regardless of where you are in business EVERYONE will be guided through the same foundational process.
We are going from START to SCALE.

When are the calls? What days? Time?

The calls have not been scheduled yet, as they will be decided with all participants in mind. The OBS community is very international.

What is the time commitment? How often will we meet?

 3 back to back weeks of intimate group calls where your business gets my laser focused attention.
Usually ranging 90-100 minutes. q&a, workshopping and hot-seats.

What do I receive in the integration week? Why is it important?

I personally didn't scale to Multiple 6 Figures through toxic hustle culture. Part of what I want to teach you is the importance of rest, downloading, self care, BTS work and honoring our unique cycle. You will receive Master Oracle Embodiment practices.

Is there support in-between calls?
Absolutely, in my 9 years of client experience, I have learned that the biggest transformations and breakthroughs happen IN-BETWEEN calls. In your day to day-when you're living life. This is why the Slack Support is valued so highly...You will not only receive feedback & care from Nathaly, but the other gifted OBS sisters. I encourage you all to Mastermind together!

How can you support people scaling to SIX AND MULTIPLE SIX figures?


 I am a huge believer that scaling to multiple 6 figures happens from the ground work you set.  If you don't have an aligned foundation, you can't scale. In my experience those who say they want Six Figures, really want more but don't believe it's possible yet. So I'm going to share an integrated approach that will allow you to scale with a regulated nervous system for actual longevity. I am not offering a one size fits all approach, I will share several ways to the mountain top-and you decide what to act on.

What can you guarantee? are their refunds?

If you do the work you'll walk away with:

~~>Who exactly your ideal client is
~~>What they value & desire so you can understand
~~>What Offers your Clients actually want to buy
~~> Your unique Authority & Positioning so we can differentiate you from all the
other 'mindset coaches' and 'human design mentors'
~~> Your Value Proposition so you can create a through line between your messaging

~~>Your content pillars so you have endless pieces of content to create brand recognition and further your unique brand 
~~>How to communicate your work through different types of content: educational, entertaining, polarizing, etc

~~>How to launch your programs through several methods depending on the uniqueness of your business and energy

~~>You will be extremely clear on how to run your business day to day & monthly in order to scale
~~> how to sell premium offers (no matter what price you set)
~~> how to simplify your business so that you feel in control of your income

~~>how to create predictability in your income with your unique revenue blueprints and funnels

I will not only transfer knowledge to you, but SEE you, workshop and craft with you, until it feels RIGHT in your soul & bones! You will align your whole being into your unique Most Abundant Timeline™! There are absolutely no refunds and you are 100% responsible for your business. No victim consciousness.


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Rosalie Hochstetter
 Mindset Coach & Hypnotist ​@Rosalie.Hochstetter

Nathaly has given me a massive breakthrough around the connection of inner child, past life and my relationship to worthiness around money... This has been very impactful and has definitely been that final push and eye opener to view things within my business through a new lens and most importantly make new choices for myself in how I relate to myself, business and others.

I received...

1) Permission to stop searching for the recipe, the 3 step plan on how to build a successful business, and instead, tune in more how I want to run my business.

2) The importance to devote to spiritual hygiene and unconscious behaviour patterns and ways of thinking, so that content, offers etc are not coming from a place of shadow

3) Sisterhood is priceless, the support and true mastermind-qualities OBS offered made it a cocoon for growth, self exploration and being held and seen all the way through.

Nathaly created a deeply transformative healing womb for us to unravel, decondition and rebirth in.

She has an immaculate gift to see to the core of things, and I really loved how she crafted a whollistic and very unique container that felt like a piece of art, weaving in just the perfect amount of strategy, exercises, and all things masculine blended with her intuitive mentoring, a deep space for non-curated exploration and healing in the live calls.


Nathaly is a great space holder, a super knowledgable and embodied mentor and feels like a true soul sister and friend along the way.

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