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4 Ways To Attract Soul Contract Clients

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Are you yearning to attract clients who are a full-body yes?

The kind of clients who you immediately click with?

Clients who hit you up in the DMs telling you, “I’m SO ready for this! Where can I pay and sign up?”

Soul-contract clients don’t need convincing.

They know deep in their soul they were meant to work with you.

These kinds of client relationships are potent and powerful.

Want to know how to cultivate them? Keep reading.

Call Them Forward

A practice I like to do with my clients is to enter the quantum field of their internal universe, either through a light hypnotic state on a call or through a customized hypnotic track.

In this space, we connect with the souls of a program they're launching or the container they're opening.

It's a great way to understand their needs and ask their souls directly what it is they're desiring to learn or how they want to be led.

When we connect with the souls meant to receive our medicine, we no longer need to market into the void that is social media.

We focus only on connecting with that specific handful of people - speaking the language of their heart, speaking to their problem, speaking to their solution, and calling them forward specifically.

It’s a completely different approach to marketing, one that I’ve used countless times to connect with my soul-contract clients and welcome them into my containers.

Take Yourself Off The Pedestal

Traditional business coaches will tell you to “hang out where your ideal clients are”.

And while yes, that makes sense…the energy feels fucking grimy.

Like you're some desperate guy, hanging out at a nail salon with the intention of trying to be discovered by ideal, hot women.

When we take ourselves off a hierarchical pedestal, we no longer need our clients to affirm or validate us, to make us feel worthy of being in business or to lead.

Taking ourselves off the pedestal allows us to see eye to eye, and actually have a relationship with those in our community.

So yes - you can metaphorically “hang out where your ideal clients hang out”.

Just be sure you’re doing it from a place of curiosity, friendship, connection, and authenticity.

Your visibility will increase and you will instantly attract more clients…not because you're waiting to be chosen, but because your joy is magnetic. ✨

Understand Your Client’s Desires On A Deeper Level

The difference between an actual facilitator of transformation and just another voice on Instagram is the level of depth in which you know your client.

Yes, even before you've ever met them.

For example…

Your soul contract client doesn't just want to regain their health.

They want to be the best mother and CEO possible and have the energy to do so.

They don't just want to make money. They want to create a legacy of what's possible for all people. They don't just want an energy clearing. They want to regain power over their body. They don't just want to hire a content writer. They want someone to help them share their medicine on a global scale.

Understand why their vision matters. What's stopping them? What makes them toss and turn at night? What do they believe about what is possible for them? What objections do they have about investing in this transformation? What do they who do they know they could become and meet them there?

When you know the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to call your soul-contract clients forward with ease.

Get Clear On What Might Be Repelling Soulmate Clients

When I find that my clients have stagnant, heavy or annoyed energy towards their own clients, there are two different possibilities that usually come up.

Focusing On Financial Gain Over Fulfillment

In this case, ask yourself:

Are they actually your soulmate clients, or do you just want to make money off of them?

This is incredibly important. If you're not connected with the mission of your work, the marketing will always feel off.

Even if people don't have the words for it, they can feel your energy.

They could be scrolling through your profile, or reading through your content, and they just know that something feels off. Which of course, repels sales.

So here’s the mindset reframe for you if you’re currently struggling with this.

Your clients should not be the source of your abundance - they should simply be a byproduct. Your abundance state should always be sourced internally.

Imposter Syndrome

The second possibility is that my client may have imposter syndrome and so they’re not actually owning who they want to work with. This makes it downright impossible to attract clients who light them up.

Maybe they feel like they don't have a big enough following. Maybe they feel they aren't experts enough

Or maybe there are other insecurities at play.

So instead of going after their dream clients, they’re going after who they think they “should” work with.

They’re selecting their ideal clients through a lens of limitation rather than abundance.

The solution is to do the work to illuminate those protective mechanisms…and then find a way to create safety in pursuing what is actually meant for you.

Attracting clients doesn’t need to be difficult.

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See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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