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How To Accelerate Your Most Abundant Timeline

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Has paying your bills ever made you wince? Or maybe you’ve had months where you had a lot of exciting things going on - travel, events, etc - but paying for them made you a *little* stressed?

We can get SO attached to seeing a number in our bank account. It often makes us feel safe and secure.

But when spending money makes us contract, we’re not living from a place of abundance - we’re operating out of scarcity.

I’m not immune to this, either.

Even as Oracles and Awakened Leaders, we ALL experience bouts of scarcity thinking from time to time - it’s a human experience. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making or where you’re at in your spiritual journey. This topic is on my heart because last month was a big-spending month for me. Between travel, a cross-country move, and exciting investments, I ended up spending $12,500 in one week.

While I’ve invested more into myself and my business, it felt like these expenses snuck up on me.

I had this moment of sitting at my laptop, looking at all the payments needing to be made, and I experienced a sense of contraction.

You see, it’s easy to look at online spiritual leaders and only look at the lifestyle they are living. We flip through Instagram seeing their outer vision of success, but we often don’t see all of the emotional work they had to do in order to GET to that point.

But before we get into the 4 steps to step out of scarcity and begin to accelerate your most abundant timeline, let’s start by digging deeper into abundance itself.

What *Is* Abundance?

I think it’s important to dial in on what abundance truly is before going any further. SO many of us outsource our definitions of abundance based on how we see others living around us. But abundance is deeply personal.

Every single person will have a different definition for what abundance looks like to them. What may feel abundant to you may not feel abundant at all to me, and vice versa.

However, I think a good way to think about abundance is this: Abundance is always having the resources to make your next move.

When you are abundant, you have the resources to act on your desires - whatever those desires may be.

Abundance is NOT just about having money in your bank account. It’s about being able to take out that money to invest in the things you truly want.

With this definition in mind, how can we shift from a place of scarcity to one of abundance - even in those heavy-spending situations?

Step 1: Accept The Contraction

Before pressing ‘pay’ on any of your payments, you want to get into a better energetic state.

The first step is to stop fighting it. Accept that you are experiencing contraction and let yourself sit with it. Feel it in your body. Where is it coming from?

For me, when I had my moments of tension as making my payments, I could feel the contraction coming from my solar plexus. What was interesting is that I did not feel the contraction in my heart. The heart is the intuitive center - whereas the solar plexus is where identity resides. It’s the home of the ego.

Rather than try to ignore or push away what you’re feeling, accept it for what it is.

I said to myself,

“Okay, you’re feeling some contraction. This is a big week of expenses. But what you’re about to receive will be far greater. You’ve got this.”

Step 2: Identify The Sabotage Spiral That’s Coming Up

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk a LOT about sabotage spirals.

We ALL have different sabotage spirals that come up. I see this with everyone I work with - from entrepreneurs just starting out to those making 6 and 7 figures. The only difference is that they show up in slightly different ways.

The sabotage spiral that was coming up for me at this particular moment went something like, “Is this really responsible to be doing this right now, Nathaly?”. It was a little voice of doubt that made me question my desires.

Another one that was coming up (which I know affects so many of us) was, “But it feels so GOOD to see such a large number in my bank account. Do I really want to see it deplete by making all of these payments?”

This is a pesky sabotage spiral indeed. The ego is looking for safety and comfort and thus trying to talk you out of your desires.

Step 3: Decide to Act on Your Desires and Highest Excitement (Within Your Values).

Once you’ve accepted the contraction and identified the sabotage spirals taking place, you must make a conscious decision to act on your desires and highest excitement. Of course, these desires and this excitement must exist within the values of your life.

For example, it may be within my highest excitement in a certain moment to eat an entire pizza, but that would not align with my overall value of health and wellness.

But if the desires align within the values of your most abundant timeline, it is ALWAYS the right decision to act - no matter what your ego is saying.

To figure out the values of your most abundant timeline, you can look towards the future you - the one who already has and does everything she wants.

What does she value? What is she prioritizing? What is she investing in? What do her relationships look like?

By deciding to follow your desires, you can meet your new identity - which is actually who you were all along underneath the sabotage.

Step 4: Do NOT compromise.

What’s important to note is that at no point when looking at my spending did I start to negotiate with myself. I never started telling myself, “Well, if you do this, you can’t do that” or “Maybe I should just pick ONE of these things”. No - I knew I wanted it all and I was destined to have everything I’d set out to purchase.

I honored my desire to move to a new state, to get a bigger horse that costs more money, to travel for a few weeks at a time with family.

The bottom line here is do not complicate the process. Don’t start to talk yourself out of it.

When it comes to desire, your body is leading the way, and your mind is always the last to catch up. This is why when you receive an intuitive nudge, you have to trust it.

Your desire doesn’t have to make sense to other people. It doesn’t have to be “responsible”.

As we know, time isn’t linear. That gut feeling you’re getting is actually your future self looking back at you through their memories and saying, “I'm so glad I did this.”

Remember: money is just energy. It’s just a resource.

Think about that the next time you try to hold onto or hoard your money. Would you do the same thing with energy? No.

When we’re able to realize that money is simply energy we can use to act on our highest desires, we’re able to step out of scarcity and start accelerating our most abundant timeline. Are you ready to start accelerating our most abundant timeline? Click here to apply for the Oracle Business School.

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Love Jas
Love Jas
Jun 17, 2021

Thank you, thank you! This is a great read with a lot of helpful information. Excited to integrate these tips as I confidently step into my most abundant timeline!!🙏🏾😊😌🌌💫

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