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How Oracles Can Step Into Their Most Abundant Timeline

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about your timeline. But what exactly IS a timeline? What about your most abundant timeline? How does a timeline work? Simply, it is what you are currently experiencing in your life and business in terms of money, business, health, self-love, relationships, etc. It is the holographic experience of who you are - your identity. Here is an example from my personal life: being invited to speak at a summit is a holographic experience. It is the physical, holographic manifestation of the identity in which I am choosing to be a leader. I am CHOOSING to be an Oracle CEO, and to be a teacher for fellow facilitators. This experience is the natural response to my identity without conscious action around it. I didn’t need to go look for it. My energetics already gave me an invitation to it. Everything that you’re experiencing is just a reflection of your state of being. When you look at your life, ask yourself: What is your current timeline - your current reality? Even if you deem it negative or positive, what are the current beliefs you have in your life? Remember, that is just a holographic reflection of who you are. How do you change your timeline?

If you want to change your timeline, you need to first understand and shift your internal settings. Simply put, your internal settings are the programmed beliefs in your life that have been imprinted on your brain from childhood.

From the ages of zero to seven, your brain is mostly in theta and alpha states. This means your brain was essentially a sponge for those years. Like sponges, they absorb, repeat, and learn everything that they hear. At those ages, you are learning about survival, how to maintain being alive. Your brain is in a primitive state. When you grow up to be an adult, those primitive beliefs that you learned as a child will begin to show, often unconsciously. These beliefs may be things your parents or caretakers told you, or what your experiences were.

If you do not shift these pre-programmed beliefs, they will continue to be the driving force of your timeline. When you have a core belief, everything is a holographic reflection of that core belief. For example, if you moved a lot as a child, for whatever reason, that will create a story in your subconscious mind about the meaning of stability, or being safe, or being grounded. Those experiences create the narratives that continue to dictate your life.

Your programming becomes your identity. The belief systems that you have are like settings in your body, mind, soul, and energy. These settings create your identity because you walk through your everyday life calibrated to them. They create the timeline that you are believing to be true. Your identity is stored in the unconscious mind.

De-programming core beliefs

Think of your identity as a treasure chest in your mind. Inside this treasure chest, there is an instruction manual. That instruction manual contains all of these different settings - a soul contract deep within your unconscious.

Your reality will directly reflect what you believe about it. If you think thoughts like “people are genuinely so good”, then when you go about your life in the world you will have experiences in which people are good. If you believe that money comes to you easily, then you will have experiences in which money is coming to you easily. Here’s the thing: We are, and have been, shifting into this new paradigm of feminine business. And with that, we've had to undo a lot of this programming. I work with six, and seven-figure entrepreneurs whose old mechanisms of the masculine “do do do” no longer work in the timeline in which they desire to live.

On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with being productive, being in your masculine or experiencing this beautiful synergy of action. BUT, the problem lies when you start living and leading through your to-do list. When you believe that you’ll receive clients, abundance, and happiness only ONCE you’ve checked boxes off a list.

THIS is where things that to get problematic.

Oracle, you can actually co-create reality and become magnetic by your state of being. You have been taught about this state of being, I am sure. But I bet you haven’t been taught to shift that state of being. This is how you do it. Through your internal settings. What would happen if you believed you were magnetic - so magnetic, that everywhere you went, people wanted to work with you. How would that feel?

The Unconscious Mind

Let’s go back to the instruction manual that is inside that treasure chest. Let’s say that on that instruction manual, your core beliefs are these: -More money, more problems. -Love is painful. -It's too much work to be healthy. -Business is really hard. -Being wealthy is greedy. Seems a little negative, hey? Actually, out of the eight years that I've been leading and teaching, these are some of the most common belief systems I encounter. Your experiences and those of your parents will start compounding to support those beliefs.

For example 👇🏽

Say your grandparent left you an inheritance and now all of your siblings are fighting over it. Your core belief might be - more money, more problems. Or, let’s say your parents divorced, or you saw your older sibling have a tough relationship. Your core belief might be - love is painful. You see your favorite local bakery shut down, and you hear that it is because of slow business. You think, wow - business must be REALLY hard. I could never do that. When you start to believe in the narrative, you will begin seeing evidence to support it everywhere. You need to train your unconscious mind to STOP believing in those narratives that you have brought forth from the past.

Your conscious mind could be FULLY on board with wanting to make a lot of money, or wanting to bring in more clients.

But if your unconscious mind is still pulling in old beliefs, ones that tell you you’re greedy for wanting to make lots of money, or telling you it’s going to be too much work to run a business…

You will find yourself continuously held back.

Deep down you STILL feel unsafe to take the next step. Your mind is still seeking proof of your unconscious narrative - and throwing wrenches into your timeline.

You can say all the affirmations and do all the journaling you want, but your unconscious mind is most likely STILL not ready to shift. Walking With Your Programming

When you live your life carrying negative core beliefs, you can have all the goals and strategies you want.

But until you work to de-program those core beliefs, you will continue to self-sabotage. If you believe “love is painful”, then you may end cultivating negativity in your business relationships.

If you believe that having lots of money is greedy, you’ll restrict your ability to receive payments in your business.

You may also continue to self-sabotage in sneaky ways.

For example, you may tell yourself “I’ll wait to launch because I don’t feel quite in alignment with this idea”. That’s *probably* not the case - and in reality, you’re just fearful to execute. You are sabotaging yourself out of your most abundant timeline because your core settings are actually programmed to keep you away from the abundance that you desire.

Until you change the programming of your core settings, you will CONTINUE to sabotage your most abundant timeline.

These deep-seated beliefs will keep you FAR AWAY from the abundance you desire. By walking on your current timeline, with your negative core beliefs, you will continue to contradict your most abundant one.

How do you access your most abundant timeline?

From all of my years of working with six and seven-figure entrepreneurs, I’ve found that accelerating your most abundant timeline comes down to three very simple factors.

Direction If you don't have a clear direction of where you're going, it's going to be challenging to accelerate through your most abundant timeline. I remember going to a live conference in New York City, and everyone was asked to declare your BIG goal. They asked us to name what it is TRULY wanted.

I remember stating, with no emotion, excitement, or connection in my heart, that I desired 20k months.

I chose this goal because it seemed like everyone around me was choosing it. My conscious mind was like - yes - this is what we want! I mean, who wouldn’t want 20k months?! But there was no emotional, intuitive connection to that number. I bet you can guess what happened next. I didn’t make the 20k month. I didn’t hit that target because that wasn't the desire of my most abundant timeline. Your direction is SO important, and it needs to have personal value.

It needs to be intentional - something that you’ve reflected on. It CAN’T simply be copied from those around you.

When reaching for financial goals, you have to ask yourself: How will you use that money to live your best life? What will you CREATE with your newfound abundance? Here's the thing:

You DON’T have to have it all figured out. You can have just the smallest inkling of a feeling.

If you can have this intuitive knowing, even if it goes against what you've been taught, or what you thought you otherwise desired - you are already well on your way. Ask yourself: what is the direction of your most abundant timeline? Remember: you have to OWN your desires if you want to truly step into your most abundant timeline.


This is the part of the process that I connect with most. As an Oracle, I know that the more you can activate your psychic gifts (and yes, we all have them), the quicker you will move through your most abundant timeline. Why? because your intuition is always communicating what needs to be done. Have you ever panicked when considering investing in a course or program? Have you thought “this is the most I have I’ve ever spent!”? Questioned yourself - “Will I make this money back?” You start thinking that you are NOT the kind of person that gets results. Alllllll of that programming starts to bubble up. In reality, your intuition is saying: take the leap. If you don’t listen, you just delay the results you could have had by just taking the damn leap. You could have learned it all, done the work, and accelerated to the timeline in quantum speed. Intuition is one of the most important parts of this work. It is both reprogramming and activating your psychic gifts. When you bring them together this way, they can be in communication with one another. They work TOGETHER to move you along your most abundant timeline.

Following Your Highest Excitement

This part may seem a little strange. From both my personal experience and from my client work, following your highest excitement is the key. Just like intuition, you can tune into your highest excitement and ask yes or no to the things that your conscious mind may want. You can also ask yourself: Does this action or business move excite me? Do I feel thrilled with the idea of this project? If you want to figure out what is in your highest excitement, try this. Take each aspect of your life and business, and rate it on a scale of one to ten - ten being in your total alignment with your most abundant timeline. Ten is full of excitement, pleasure, all the things. One is feeling out of power and completely misaligned. When you put it on a scale in this way, without a right or wrong answer, it becomes a great way to reflect. Next, I want you to write why you chose that number. Write why you felt that this part of your life was only a 5. Why was this one a 10? After that, start another column. In this column, write what your dream life looks like within each aspect. Dig down and figure out what would be the tangible strategy that you can use to change that aspect of your timeline. I call this checking your report card. If you could take an energetic snapshot of your life right now, what would it tell you? about what you're believing? What would it tell you about your settings? If you look at your bank account, your relationships, or your job - what are they telling you? Does it show you that you are living in scarcity or abundance? Are you in loving relationships, or do you have a lack of self-love? You want to look at all these different aspects and see where you’re living at now vs where you would rather be. FIND ways to live in your highest excitement. Even if it is just one day a week, this practice will seep into the rest of the week. It will raise your entire vibration. It will help guide you to places and situations that move that abundant timeline forward. You are opening to miracles and possibilities that were otherwise not available. If you do things that you feel aligned to, rather than what your logical mind says you should do, you retrain your unconscious mind. You teach your mind, body, and spirit to TRUST your intuition and to TRUST yourself. The more trust you can create, the more you will see results. You are collecting a database of memories and proof. This database will continually show you that following your highest excitement, following your intuition, and going in the direction of your dreams worked out for you. As you do this, it will become easier to follow the things that don't necessarily make sense. This following of intuition, of SELF TRUST, is the key. It is the new paradigm of feminine business. This new paradigm of feminine business is going to be one where we are taught to follow our intuition, first and foremost. We do this BEFORE we do what a coach tells us. BEFORE what a template tells us to write. BEFORE we do what other people are doing. You are the channel, and that trumps everything. YOU are connected to the source that is all. It is up to you to move through the world directed by the trust in yourself. If you are ready to level up your spiritual business, Join The Oracle Business School Here


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