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All About The Crown Chakra: How To Connect With Your Divinity

Are you clouded by the material world? Do you feel like you’re disconnected? Caught up in your own ego? Or maybe you’re unwilling to be open to new ideas?

If you’re saying, “YES! That’s me”, I want to share this quote with you -

"Every man is divinity in disguise, a God playing the fool." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This quote encompasses the concept of we are all God in human form and we have decided to forget about our divine powers.

Many people are walking around, asleep, not realizing their potential. But some of us have chosen to wake up. Remembering our divinity is a journey and we are consciously holding ourselves as divine beings.

In this blog, I’m going to explain to you how you can connect with your divinity by activating your Crown Chakra. We’ll explore how an unbalanced Crown Chakra manifests itself and how to heal your Crown Chakra if you’re experiencing any of these manifestations.

Are you ready to OWN your divinity? 👇🏽

What is the Crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra is the 7th chakra and the purpose of the 7th chakra is known to be ‘the bridge of the cosmos’.

Represented by the color violet and white, its gland is the pineal gland and the body parts are the upper brain.

It’s responsible for spirituality belief systems. Revelation, divine consciousness, and enlightenment. Located at the top of the head, it’s the concept that we are receiving information from a source, a spirit, or from God.

Its focus is the meaning of life and an all-knowing higher self.

If you don't have the Crown Chakra in alignment, then divinity can't come through the downloads. The innovation that is supposed to be uniquely coming through you simply can't.

What Are The Signs Your Crown Chakra is in Alignment?

When your Crown is in alignment you feel connected to a higher power and have a sense that you’re being watched over.

You surrender into your God box. And when you're surrendering there’s a sense of relief. Because when you feel you're being watched over by something other than yourself, you accept that you don't have control.

When you are in alignment with the Crown Chakra, you comfortably know that you're deserving of blessings.

You feel completely taken care of.

You say to yourself -

  • “I'm deserving of love”

  • “I’m deserving of great health”

  • “I’m deserving of the best things in this world”

You feel immense gratitude for the universal love and appreciation you feel towards yourself. You feel immense gratitude for your connection with Mother Earth. You're able to see divinity in everybody.

You're also able to clearly receive downloads because the Crown is open.

You have unity with all.

What Are The Signs Your Crown Chakra is Out of Alignment?

When the Crown Chakra is underactive, you’ll experience loneliness.

  • Feeling unworthy of spiritual health

  • Feeling resentment towards God or life

  • Feeling a constant lack of inspiration

When the Crown Chakra is overactive, you have a strong attachment to material possessions.

  • You are defined by your achievements

  • Your self worth is based on something outside of yourself

  • You feel disconnected from the spiritual side of life

  • You have a lack of connection or guidance from a higher power

  • You’re attached to intellect and reason and extreme elitism

You’re Blinded By Reason

I have a visual for you...

Picture 3 doors. A, B, and C.

Door A makes total sense. Your reason is telling you that you should enter door A. But your intuition is telling you to go through Door C. Even if you’re not sure why.

When you're attached to reason, you won't even SEE doors B and C.

A is your only option because you’re blinded by “reason”.

When you're in your intuition you say to yourself, “I'm aware that door A makes more sense, but Door C is calling me.”

You trust that you're being divinely guided.


A Crown Chakra problem can also manifest as a feeling of being better than other people.

For example, you feel better than other people because you make more money, or because you have a certain degree, or the amount of followers you have.

You’re creating from the material world, rather than tapping into your sacred potential.

Physical Manifestations

If the Crown Chakra is blocked you will feel:

  • Extreme tiredness

  • Weak intuition

  • Poor psychic abilities

  • Possible psychosis

  • Creative exhaustion

  • Migraines

How Does The Crown Chakra Become Unaligned?

When you have a blocked Third Eye Chakra or blocked lower chakra, you cannot connect with heaven. If you’re unable to connect with heaven, you’re unable to receive from heaven.

If you can't even MAKE that connection you sure as hell can't receive that connection.

Spirits want to move through you but you're completely unable to receive their calls.

Disconnection From Divinity

The Latin word for divinity means proceeding or belonging from God. But, when we have a disconnection from our divinity, we have forgotten our connection to God. This usually happens because we’ve decided to fall asleep and have disregarded our journey of awakening.

We have deemed ourselves impure or not good enough, based on something that happened to us. You all of a sudden feel you’re not pure or divine.

But here's the thing, Oracle...

You can never reject what you are because divinity is IN your DNA.

Did you know Atheism is a symptom of a blocked Crown Chakra?

For those of us who were born into an atheist household, by leaving religion, we also throw away our God or spirit or source with the bathwater. We disconnect from divinity.

In religion, you have to speak to a priest in order to speak to God. In the guru paradigm, you have to go to a psychic in order to know what's happening. How can one person be more godly than you?

We're all part of God and we're all part of divinity.

Look within yourself.

Because your divinity is infinite.

How to Start Healing Your Crown Chakra

Take a moment to breathe no matter what’s happening in your world.

Come back into your breath and feel the universal life force energy moving through your body.

The Crown Chakra can be healed when you have a new perspective.

One way you can heal the Crown Chakra is by gaining a new perspective.

Whether you do this by:

  • Traveling to another country

  • Volunteering to feed the homeless

  • Picking up a new hobby you’ve never tried before

It’s all about pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. These kinds of new perspectives awaken your mind and allow you to see how we’re all truly connected.

We are the same. Even if we have different upbringings, cultures, and colors. We all have universal lifeforce, energy flowing through us.

Another way to align your Crown Chakra is through movement. You can experiment with poses such as:

  • Tree Pose: To ground you

  • Supported Headstand: Reinforced by the forearms and the crown of the head

  • Lotus: To engage concentration and growth

Which healing practice will you be trying? Let me know in the comments 👇🏽

If you feel INSPIRED to continue learning about Chakras healing and activation, my course, The Initiation will help you develop your psychic abilities and access deeper levels of healing.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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