Everyone has an Oracle within them
You might look around and beg to differ, I would’ve too!
But here’s the thing, after 8+ years of professionally practicing all things Energy Healing, Hypnosis, Past Life Clearing and Mindset Work, I realized….

My clients who actually did the internal work, became more Intuitive over time (like psychic intuitive) and experienced huge up levels...why?

Because they excitedly aligned every aspect of their lives with their true north, through their Intuition.


And I’m not talking Intuition in terms of just having a “gut feeling”, my clients have been able to:

- have contact with their own spirit team
- receive precise downloads on all things career, love and family
- clear their karmic and lineage patterning
- manifest from a place of energy mastery
- psychic gifts initiating or deepening
- have a super clear understanding of who they are and all of their shadows and gifts


So...Why this matters for the Awakened Business Leader?


Your strategy and framework have gotten you this far in both life and business.
And it’s been great!

BUTTTT your next level, the next iteration of YOU, this New World that we are creating
( eeeek, so exciting) requires a deeper understanding of Energy and not just anybody’s but YOURS. Your specific genius, magic, gifts and personal mastery.


Why has our old world leadership dismantled?

Because there are alot of unembodied “leaders' ' who have no idea how to feel, how to channel, how to create from their innermost soul.

The work MUST start with you.

Want to see more growth, ease and excitement in your business? In your life?


The Only Way Out Is Through


This is...the Initiation



The New Paradigm is calling for more Intuition and less boxes. This can feel really scary for those who aren't entirely in touch with their Intuition. The good news is, everyone on this planet has gifts to offer, psychic abilities and access to deep levels of healing.


You could learn emotional integration & feedback tools, so that you can masterfully process all parts of your inner Youniverse, to make room for more Innovation.

You could live as your Highest Self, here and now. Learn how to source your power through experiencing the depth of your Soul’s total expression.  

You didn't just rely on your (incredible) intellect but activated and integrated your unused potential.
Your Astral (psychic) Gifts & Unique Thrive Codes.  

 Allow your Intuition to become your Superpower. You get to be the Oracle and Seer of your OWN life.
When you live as your inner God, you're always supported. 



What if you could unlock the TRUE information that's needed for your next level of growth in ALL aspects of your life...your romantic relationships, your business, your soul’s expansion?

In a world where everyone claims to have the latest and most upgraded spiritual codes and activations, I’m here to tell you...all of the Magic YOU need to know, is found through the Oracle system that is YOUR body.

The most divine vessel you will ever experience...is YOU

Truth is RELATIVE. And not everyone’s truth is for you to consume.

The wealth, love, health and pleasure codes your next level needs, can only be discovered INTERNALLY

I come from a lineage of closeted intuitives, healers and mystics. Their gifts and voice were suppressed and hidden for generations.

So the medicine I need is going to be very different than someone who is just discovering their gifts and isn’t carrying shame wounding. Make sense?

You see My truth isn’t your truth. BUT what you're being sold, is people selling the shit out of THEIR truth (as awesome as it is), and trying to move you through what worked for THEM.

The Initiation is a 6 month mentorship, dedicated to what YOU need.

Your lineage

Your soul’s contracts

Your intuitive gifts

Your power

Your guides

Your healing

Your purpose

Integrated, Grounded and Manifested into something tangible.

More than just intuition development

This is about being the Learner on this journey of Exploring your inner Youniverse. Reconnect with your Divine Spark and Magic. Release the false security blanket you have created and establish new spiritual values as you expand into all of who you are and learn what YOU need.

As the innovative mind that you are, it is very important to learn how to Intuitively feel your way around what is your Truth and what is Falsehood. This is how you create space for your visionary ideas that lead us into 5D Living.

We carry generational trauma, pain, gifts and wisdom in our auric field for up to seven generations. This is your time to alchemize what is no longer serving you and activate what is yours to Own, here and now.

Your Soul is like a crystal ball, it carries the memories of your specific existence, both in this incarnation and all simultaneous ones. When you can see the bigger picture of who you are, you can foresee future trends and you can understand all that you are carrying with you.

Your capacity to love and hold others is limited by how you love and hold yourself. As you step into your inner Divinity, you will lose the idea of separation. Unburden yourself.

You are here for two missions. To live a life fully expressed and to be apart of the league of women who are channeling innovative concepts into reality, tapped into their intuitive power and are uplifting humanity just by being in your Gifts. 

Krystal Ross, Holistic Practitioner

Before working with Nathaly I felt lack of structure, boundaries and clarity. Together we cleared some abundance blocks, received intuitive guidance, defined my target market and I admitted my desires.

We also created structure & systems (for my business).What stuck out to me the most was how easy it was to create with Nathaly guiding me.

I recieved everything I was looking for. Guidance, systems, clarity.

Kat Beck, Intuitive Healer + Coach

"I lacked clarity in my soul business and felt lost. Complete distrust of my gut and doubt of my abilities.​
...I had to see the root of all these issues and address them with honesty. I had to get REAL about my limiting beliefs to see how UNREAL they always were.​
I loved your support and encouragement to take action. I love how you would ask EXACTLY what I needed to be asked so that REVELATIONS could occur. I had SO MANY "AH HA" moments it was mindblowing honestly. 
My results? Complete clarity and confidence in my gifts + in my business. I feel like I have the backbones in my business now whereas before I was just flopping around exuding EFFORT without any results. Now I feel so dedicated to what I am doing and KNOW how MUCH I AM WORTH. I am finally charging what I should have always been charging for my services and I don't doubt myself at all. "

Chloe de Luna, Cosmic Channeler

Working with Nathaly was definetley a soul agreement. She has guided me into my personal energetic mastery. I had no idea how all over the place I was with my time, desires and energy. She has a brilliant way of clarifying each topic (even huge cosmic conversations) into tangible and practicle steps. 
Her energy transers are so beyond this world and since working with her, I've made more money than I ever have in my business. 

Nathaly was so easily able to identify and guide me to clearing my 3rd dimensional beliefs and because of that, my Channeling sources began to open up again. I was a meduim as a child and then lost it for most of my life. Now form making shifts into 5d living, my gifts are coming back and then some. Forever grateful.

Nathaly (nat-ah-lee)


I help Awakened Entrepreneurs to Activate and Integrate their Intuitive Abilities.

If you are fantastic at what you do, aspire to create a new world through your innovative magic but lack connection to your divine gifts

I am here to support you. What I solve for my clients and for you is showing you how to source your power through experiencing the depth of your soul’s total expression. 

My passion is to work with leaders of influence, because it is YOU who is reshaping the world through your specific medicine.

And it is time that you tap into all of your potential. I believe in a new world of liberation, expression and excitement fulfilled. 


The reason I am great at what I do is because of MY gifts as a professional Hypnotist, and Multi-Generational Intuitive Healer. Basically I’m your Modern Day Oracle.

I can:

-see things that have not manifested yet
-hear unconscious patterns
-retrieve soul information
-communicate with the other side and

-I can empathically feel exactly what you’re experiencing,

it has made me the Online Leader’s go-to Oracle Guide and Teacher, I am today.

Most of my career (8+ years) has been spent as a Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotist for a large Political Demographic in Washington DC, which has made me very good at channeling big cosmic information but making it practical and actionable, or else, what’s the point?

While you are on your journey, I believe that the most difficult thing about being where you are is the lack of intimacy with your unused and unseen potential and it's the very catalyst for your deepest business, relationship and life expansion. 

Weekly Dripped Curriculum
Every week you will receive video modules and integration practices covering our weekly topics. Learn Expert Energetic Practices, Embodiment Tools and practical exercises for you to start activating and integrating your psychic gifts immediately.

Mastermind Community
My personal experience has shown me that community with like minded pioneers can be one of the biggest needle movers you will ever experience. Every member of "The Initiation" is invited to our monthly coaching call covering very relevant topics guided around the collective's needs as we build the 5D world in a very practical way.

Office Hours
You will be able to schedule up to,   

Two-90 min calls with me every single month. This is a totally private time for us to heal, clear, activate and integrate whatever is coming up for you personally. You get my total attention and expertise.

Monthly Astro + Energetic Forecast w/ Oracle Readings
Every Month you will receive all the need to know hilights on the collective Astrology by a professional Astrologer. You'll be up to date on the themes to look out for as well as money power days, rituals, etc. Additionally receive a private Monthly Oracle Reading from me to shine a light on anything to look out for (remember: you can ALWAYS choose a new trajectory)

Mon-Fri Chat Support 
You can you this tool to ask questions throughout your week, be heard, witnessed and supported through whatever might be moving through you. From technical to cosmic. Remember: you're not just awakening the astral parts of you, but you're also healing!

Reiki 1 & 2 Certification
You will be certified in Usui Reiki 1 & 2. These Attunement and Certifications will not only Initiate and open your Intuitive Channels, to receive more of your Psychic Gifts BUT you'll be able to "treat" yourself, clients, friends, family and pets. You will learn the ins and out on how to read other people's energy (fantastic for relationships & business, etc). Not interested in learning how to incorporate Energy Healing into your biz? Cool! Skip that module!


You will be gifted a comprehensive session with two of my trusted colleagues (and personal spirit guides):

An Akashic Reader and a Shamana. 


Month 1

 Self Healing

Month 2
The Foundations


Month 3
First Initiation-Your Energy

Month 4
Second Initiation-Other People's Energy

Month 5
Cultivating your new gifts


Month 6 
Integration & Innovation