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9 Hard Truths To Help Awakened Leaders Live Their Vision

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

I want to tell it to you straight.

I have spent so many years coaching, channeling, and advising through hard truths. I have used this platform to stand witness to SO much transformation. But I have also seen many many blocks. SO many Oracles, Leaders, and Awakened women are held back by the person they should be letting free. Themselves. I hope you take what you need, and leave what you don’t. This is all for you, Oracle.

1.Your Soul is the guru.

Gone are the days of hierarchy, in are the days of free-thinking. In are the days of learning from a mentor, of shining bright, full of your beautiful gifts. Your soul holds the codes. It holds the remembering. It holds the healing. Your soul knows how and what to create and when to create it. It knows how to have fun. Your soul knows ALL. This is why developing your intuition and opening up your psychic channels will change your life. Facilitate that change in a safe and held container and know: I'm here as a guide to witness the unfolding of all that is you. 2. Be a weirdo Let your weirdness come out and play. STOP spending so much time thinking you need to conform. There is this idea that we must conform to what has already been laid out before us. We have been programmed by society and old paradigms to - live in a certain way - follow a certain order - to not stray away from the pack and their outdated formula of “success” It is time to let your weird come OUT and play.

I KNOW you have a desire for something different. To show a new perspective. To express ourselves differently. To create movements of change. To heal our ancestral lineages. To retrain ourselves to create a different outcome. When you move into that desire, it can feel weird. It can feel unsafe. Oracle, Awakened leader...don't you see? You were born to share these gifts. You are safe to do so. When you hide your true self, you feel like shit and you play into victimhood.

If you feel like there is no room for you...MAKE room. THAT’s the whole point. We need you and all of your “weirdness”. YOU are the very thing that shapes our new world. This is your dharma. This is your duty.

Where are all of the Oracles, awakened leaders, weirdos, witches, freaks, galactic beings, and lightworkers? You're safe here. Keep going. I see you. We need you. I'm holding space for you, with an offer of a vortex of relief, healing, and masterful co-creation.

3. There is danger in denying your intuition.

If you don’t take your intuition seriously, you may be in danger.

Many think that intuition solely comes from an external source such as a spirit guide or an angel. But in reality, your body is the conduit. When I teach my clients how to tune into their intuition, they often seem surprised that it ALWAYS begins with feeling. It begins with locating the different places in their body - places where they uniquely receive and experience messages. Your body, both visible and ethereal, is always communicating with you. When you start ignoring your body, the communication begins to decline. You begin to cut off that relationship to yourself. It might start harmless and slow, like when you enter a new relationship.. But then when something just feels continue to refuse to listen. You may sign on a new client because your logical mind thinks it's an answer to your manifestation list, but it doesn't feel good AT ALL from the get-go. By denying these messages, you are cutting off your intuition. YOU choose your fear patterning. I have the privilege of working with incredibly intelligent, powerful, magical, awakened leaders. Although they've reached some level of success in one area of their life, their relationship with their intuition has often become depleted, exhausted, disconnected. I see this all the time. It's like navigating through life with a blindfold on, sitting in the illusion that you're out on your own feeling disconnected from your source. When you keep denying the incredible forces within you, they stop communicating. It's time to take your power back and remove the blindfold. 4. The Universe moves quickly, don’t miss it.

Here's the thing. Don't be surprised at how quickly the universe will move with you once you've decided. Here's a little bit of a mental stretch: decide on something based on your highest excitement. Don’t go looking for proof, just decide on what it is that you want. You CAN have it all.

5. You probably missed the boat.

I have an unpopular opinion. Sometimes you miss the boat on Destiny. One of the most disempowering things I hear people say on sales calls is “I REALLY want to work with you!”. “I KNOW it’s destined to be. So I am going to intend on it and let the universe take care of it” (PS. I used to say the same) Wait. what?! There is something you want to do, but you're not willing to make moves to make it happen?! Here's the advice I wish I was told years ago. Even if something is “destined for you”, or “written in the stars”, even if your body is feeling a HELL FUCKING YES.. You need to act on it. If you don’t, that train will leave. You are at the foot of infinite timelines, Oracle. The decisions you make today will move you toward one of abundance, or one of scarcity. THAT knowledge is empowering. Become the Oracle to your own life and do not miss the Destiny that is here for you now. 6. My success is inevitable and so is yours

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. My success is inevitable. Period. Not because I'm any more special than you, but because I’ve learned to be DONE with playing the victim. Do you find it easy to spiral into your old stories? Those negative ones around family money, living situations, failed launches, relationships..? If so, you’re playing the victim. Awakened leader, that shit is NOT getting you anywhere. Truly living as a co-creator calls for an entirely new level of ownership. It's a devotion to your vision. There is no plan B. Hell, not even my customized hypnotic tracks can help if you still want to play into victimhood (ok fine they’d help. But still you got to want it!). Because it is ALWAYS your choice. I am not dismissing the work that comes with clearing your victim mindset..

In retraining your nervous system. But it comes down to simply making a choice. In fact, you're probably only operating from those old victim stories out of habit, not desire. I know that you are like me, Oracle. You have this big vision brewing within you. That's what makes you an Awakened Leader. I'm telling you from experience and love - the victim shit has to end to be available for what's coming. Trust that what's to come, calls for you in ALL of your divinity.

7. Your energy is more powerful than your words.

One of the most frustrating things about being an awakened leader is that it can feel so difficult to express exactly what you’re feeling. It is hard to say exactly what it is you are going through and what you are desiring to offer. How do you translate galactic frequencies into Instagrammable captions and stories? Hint: It’s not through words. It’s through your energy. This was a pivotal piece that I learned along my journey. My business isn't JUST a business, it's the platform I use to convey my soul's offerings to the world. The reason I incarnated here at this time, is to remind all of my Oracle and awakened leaders of who they are. You see my words may not capture the totality of what I activate in others, but my energy ABSOLUTELY does. This is just one form of energy mastery, of activating your own magnetism. It is a deliberate and purposeful coding for a specific outcome. THIS is what has magnetized soul contract clients, friends, experiences, opportunities and so much wealth in all forms. My energy is the very reason you are reading this. The reason you follow me on social media and subscribe to my newsletter. Now, what would you do if you could master your energy? What kind of impact would you make?

8. Stop over-intellectualizing everything.

Here’s another hard truth for you. Over intellectualizing is going to hinder your results. If you met me a few years ago, you would not believe it was me. If you saw the darkness and density I was living in, it wouldn't make sense how quickly my life changed. Logic doesn't fit into the world of magic. My whole fucking business is based on “illlogical principles.” How can my clients feel when I send distance energy healing 1000s of miles away? How can I pick up on exactly what my clients are feeling before we get on the call? How can I use words to hypnotize my clients into having six-figure launches? Or to access their most abundant timeline? How can I connect and see their higher selves guides and angels? There is no logic there. The moment I stopped trying to explain myself and my ever-increasing abilities, the easier everything became. Money, friends, travel, and wicked opportunities became available when I played in this space. This sometimes means making decisions that make no gosh darn sense. I dare you to bet on yourself and watch as the magic unfolds. What must you shed to step into more freedom?

9. You can’t control the Universe.

You are not letting the universe deliver by controlling the avenue in which you get to receive. I said it once, and I'll say it again. My work with people isn't in manifesting FOR them. It's assisting them in clearing the mental and energetic stories they have. Clearing the (beautifullllllll) mess that is creating unnecessary obstacles. I get it, I get it. You're a go-getter. You've done some crazy magical things in your life. I bet you’re one of the absolute best at what you do in your industry. You've likely built up some tendency to want to be right. A tendency to control. You see, the universe doesn't give a shit about how deserving you are. Law is Law. Your belief either nurtures your desires or blocks them off completely. Look inside and get clear on the stories that you tell yourself about your life. What is amazing, and what is goin not so well? Dig deep...find the core. The root of those stories. Shift your beliefs to a place where the Universe CAN deliver your wants. You can’t receive all of the abundance you desire if you are trying to force the way it comes to you. Close your eyes. Shift.

Did you see yourself in any of these downloads? Did anything shift for you? Did you read something that you didn’t know that you needed? All of these messages are here for you. They are also IN you. You can guide yourself and teach yourself. In my signature course, you are able to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn how to make that shift for yourself.


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