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5 Mistakes Taking You Away From Your Business Abundance

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The Fears and the Issues are the Same

Whether you are just starting out or you’re scaling your seven-figure business - your core fears and issues are the same ones. As an Oracle and a Hypnotist, I have the privilege of working with people across all levels, professions, and beliefs. I see the similarities ALL the time. The only difference is that they are on different ends of the spectrum. They happen to everyone - no matter what the income or accomplishment level. 1. Censoring Yourself

Are you afraid of “haters”? This is one of the most common things I see - entrepreneurs regularly censoring themselves in fear of not being liked. Is that striking a chord already? I want to bring into play here something called personal censorship. This is when you are in conversation with another person and you don’t give your opinion because you don’t want to ruffle any feathers. It is when you speak about something that you love, but you don’t mention all of the success you may have had with that one thing. It is when you don’t mention the success of your clients because you don’t want to make someone else feel bad. You don’t give your opinion on a certain topic because it is controversial. You're afraid of being polarizing because what if people want to argue with you in the comments? ALL SO COMMON. I’ll bet you’ve done at least one. From an energetic perspective, when you censor yourself, you are in betrayal of yourself.

If you are personally censoring yourself, it will most definitely reflect in your content. You know when you look back at a piece of content, and you think.. Hmm, that feels a bit flat? That’s when you get when you are censoring yourself. You are not showing the full expertise that you have, the full personality of YOU behind the content. It will show that maybe you are afraid to talk about this one personal experience because so and so may get upset. Maybe if you use an example of a client experience, they may get offended. When people DO get offended, they show up as haters and trolls.

They are the people that love to argue with you on why you are wrong, or why you shouldn’t be sharing what you are sharing, etc. These are people who are experiencing a trigger. That is OKAY. You are not responsible for how other people respond, how they feel, and what triggers them. So what happens when someone comes in and REALLY disagrees with you? Or they think that they can come into your space and call your name for sharing your wins, etc.. You DON’T need to coach them. You don’t need to try and convince them of anything. You don’t need to go back and forth in the comments. Just like anything else in life, when we experience something favorable (or unfavorable), we need to ask ourselves “what is this communicating to us?” and “what can we learn from this situation?” At the very least, you can take the comments and learn what kind of objections or questions people might have for your methodologies or philosophies. You can receive it as feedback to understand where people may be having a hard time understanding your expansion. You can use that feedback to create further content and educational resources. What happens if you don’t allow yourself to go through the discomfort of having people getting all up in your comments and inbox with their disapproval? You rob yourself of the experience of learning, and you have the space to receive the feedback and the medicine that you are meant to be going through. If you don’t learn those lessons, you will have lukewarm content. It is hard to show people that you are worth the 5 figure investment you charge with lukewarm content. Additionally, when you stand in your personal opinion, you are becoming unavailable for people who simply don’t want to change their minds, and for those who really just don’t want to work with you. When you see some unfollows because of your personal opinion, it only means that you are becoming MORE available for what it is you DO want. Abundance is always available, and you get to be abundant by being yourself. If any part of you feels unwelcome, unsafe, or unseen - it is your responsibility to do the work there. If you do not do that work, then you will allow that shadow of approval to take over, derailing the potential of your abundance. 2. Not Being Consistent

This is a HUGE one. When I refer to being consistent, I don’t necessarily mean in overdrive. I don’t mean showing up on your Instagram ALL DAY EVERY DAY, sharing every detail about your life. Yes, you’re showing up and making your posts. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being consistent towards your vision. If you are showing up for the sake of showing up, that is NOT the same thing as consistently adding value. When you are consistent with your mindset and your energy then you get to take LESS action. If you operate from this energy, when you DO show up your energy is potent. It is powerful. It’s directed. Consistency in your mindset and energetics is more important than how many times you're showing up.

When you are working on being consistent with your belief system, you will be guided towards certain actions that are coming from an inspired and intuitive place.

You do not have to work yourself to the bone and tire yourself out in order to make money or to be seen. You have to become a master of your mindset and energetics. This is why I absolutely love hypnosis. Yes, the hypnosis itself will reprogram your mindset. It will help you align to your vision and to what is possible. My customized hypnotic track process is to be done over 21 days. When you commit to this, it creates consistency.

Dedicate with consistency, that much effort in presence to your vision.

There is no way it won't come to fruition. There is no way you won't have inspired action. What if you dedicated that amount of time every day to what it is that you're desiring versus thinking that you just need to show up? Those are two different forms of energy, and one will render burnout, while the other one will render abundance. 3. Believing Business Codes that You Do Not Align With

The third mistake is when awakened entrepreneurs believe popular business “codes” that are actually harming them.

“Codes” are just common practices that you see other coaches, entrepreneurs, or businesses use and then promote as the “key” to success. We don’t want to inherently blame anyone or anything when it comes to our own actions. But when you spend any time at all in the online space, you are bombarded with people, often making more money than you, telling you exactly how to do what they did. They have the money and the followers. So what they say must be true, right?

Here is an example I came across I remember listening to a live in a private Facebook group where this woman was saying that word of mouth would never work in a business. She said that word of mouth does not scale. At the time, a good amount of my clients were coming to me through word of mouth. So, when I heard her say this I thought that... maybe I was doing it wrong. I was embarrassed that my clients had only come from word of mouth, and not from some fancy marketing funnel. Of course, she was selling an online marketing course. In traditional marketing you sell the problem, then you sell the solution. It’s been years since that FB live, and I still don’t have as many followers as other people. My business, however, has skyrocketed. I had to unlearn a business code that I learned from someone else, simply because they wanted to sell another solution. Just because something is true for somebody, doesn’t have to make it true for you.

There are certain business codes that I've learned along the way that absolutely worked for me. I will carry them for the rest of my life. As the owner of your mind, you have to be responsible for what you allow to be true. If it is your mind, body, and heart; it will be manifested in your experience.

4. Creating a Life that Supports Your Business Instead Of A Business That Supports Your Life

This is backwards, don’t you think? You wonder how you could scale your business and make the money you dream of, when you barely have enough hours in the day as is. Something. has. got. to. give. When you operate out of this mindset, there is likely something at the core of it. You feel you need back-to-back meetings ALL DAY, and you are not even giving yourself time to eat, rest, or even think. What are you trying to prove? What part of you needs to prove something? Do you need to prove that you are a CEO? That you look good enough? That you are in-demand enough? That you are you worthy enough?

You want to start creating a business that supports your LIFE, no matter what stage of business you are in. It is very easy to get lost in the social media world. Trying to keep up with the next best thing, posting at the right times, doing all of the right things. You start to lose sight of why you started. I am sure you love what you do. So ask yourself, what do you want your income to actually support in your life? What is it that you actually want, and how can your business support that? 5. Taking Failure Personally

Have you ever had a launch that completely flopped? Have you ever offered a killer deal, or a one off session in your email and got crickets instead? All of these things in business, we start to deem as failure. Regardless of the definition you give it, failure is at its core, a learning opportunity. It is a redirection. There is something for you to do better.

As you continue to make your “failures” about who you are, the way you look, the way you said something etc. The more you will repeat that mistake. You are taking it too personally. When you take failure personally and make it about yourself, you lose the ability to actually become better and create the result you desire, the next time around. And to be able to heal that so that when failure does occur, you no longer have to take it personally. You understand that that's just simply a process of business, business gets to be an experiment that is fun and playful and easeful. Do you resonate with any of these mistakes? Have you made any of them?! Let me know in the comments. When you're ready to elevate your business, please Join The Oracle Business School Here So much love, Nathaly


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