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4 Reminders to Help You Choose Your Channel Over Ego

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Dear you ever find yourself comparing yourself to other intuitives?

Maybe you hold yourself back, afraid to share your channeled insights?

You fear you won’t seem “unique” enough if others are sharing the same message. You’re scared to be seen as a copycat. You worry you won’t stand out in a sea of other healers.

If you resonate with the above, you’re not alone.

In my work helping spiritual entrepreneurs scale from 10-100k months by tuning into their psychic gifts, I’ve seen this sneaky sabotage spiral come up time and time again.

You hold yourself back when you choose ego over channel.

Every single time you:

  • Refuse to launch your channeled program because it’s been “done before”

  • Don’t hop on IG live to share your insights because your friend was talking about the same topic the day before

  • Stay stuck in a pattern of hiding because you feel you don’t have anything unique to add to the conversation

You are letting your EGO filter your channeled wisdom.

You are holding yourself back from getting visible to your dream clients.

And you are restricting the abundance that’s meant for you.

Here are some reminders that will help you move past your ego and embrace your psychic gifts 👇🏽

We all resonate with different perspectives.

Many of my intuitive friends and I will often share very similar messages at the same time.

I never worry.

I know and trust that there are some people who will need to hear it from me - they’ll resonate with my take, my voice, my perspective.

And then, there are others that will need to hear it from my friends. Some will want to hear it from both!

We all resonate with different voices. It’s based on energetics. It is not wrong or right.

When we don’t recognize the importance of trusting our own channel, we sabotage the ability to be seen by the client who needs to hear it FROM US specifically.

You sabotage your ability to receive.

Recognize that whatever wants to come through you is pure. Refrain from filtering your channeled insights through your ego.

Your ego is constantly trying to protect you.

Choosing your channel OVER your ego isn’t always easy. Your ego isn’t something you can switch on or off. It’s a constant choice to rise above and tune into your higher self.

Your ego is simply fighting for your survival. It’s your lizard brain, it’s competition.

Somewhere along your lineage you probably learned that it wasn’t safe to be seen or heard, much less for our intuition.

We must retrain our mind and remember it is safe to share messages that resemble others.

Our triggers can be our greatest teachers.

A year ago, I shared over on my Instagram about how I was MASSIVELY triggered when I found another intuitive teacher/energetic business coach who had the *exact* same name as my program, with the same exact key messaging and the outline was the same, too…. Mind you this person was following and liking my program’s post, all the while.

I allowed myself to be mad.

However, I soon realized that this trigger was an invitation.

It was an invitation to anchor more heavily into my purpose, to choose my channel over my ego.

Someone else’s program is NONE of my business.

My business is to be in commitment to my channel, to be in commitment with my source.

My business will continue to always be lucrative, because I will continue to speak from my channel, knowing the the right people will find me. It's a soul contract.

Similar channelings mean we’re tapped into the collective.

Instead of feeling like you can’t share your message because it’s being shared by others...what if you instead took it as a clue that what you’re saying is deeply important?

Sometime last year, I was launching a program on activating your intuitive gifts. About four of my intuitive friends were launching incredibly similar programs at the same time.

It honestly gave me chills.

Because we were all receiving the same channeled insight at the same time, it validated to me that the message was more needed than ever.

It confirmed we’re entering a period where people NEED to be the owners of their gifts and stop outsourcing their power. No more hierarchy. It’s time for EVERYONE to learn how to be in connection to their divinity and psychic gifts.

We are all connected and we all need this medicine.

Follow through with what is coming through for you.

Remember, abundance and prosperity get to be a natural byproduct of you being in your mission.

Want a deeper level of support on clearing the blocks that are holding you back from achieving greater business abundance? My new course gives you all the tools needed to scale your business and anchor into your identity as a CEO.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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