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4 Business Codes I Had to Unlearn to Thrive in a Spiritual Business

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Mentorship is one of the quickest ways to achieve your goals in both life and business. A qualified mentor will have the tools, boundaries, and leadership to hold your vision with unshakable faith. They should be able to guide you through the scarcity, the trauma responses, the wins, the highs, and the lows - whatever comes up in the process of moving towards your desired result. When we work with a mentor, especially ones that require high investments, we might cling on to their every word. Oftentimes, we put them on pedestals, thinking that in order to achieve the same level of success, we must show up and do everything the exact same way they do.

Proper mentorship isn't about duplicating the mentor. It's about finding the client's individual gifts, voice, offers, and brand messaging that distinguishes them from anyone else. Over the years, I’ve hired various mentors in everything from psychic development to hypnosis, business development, branding, sales and marketing, shamanism, and everything in between. From these mentors, there have been many business codes I’ve adopted that I swear by and share with my clients. But there are other codes that I have absolutely had to unlearn to ground into my own authenticity and run my business with total integrity.

Here are the four business codes I had to unlearn in order to thrive in my spiritual business. 👇🏽

Using only energetic practices

When certain mentors preach only using energetic practices, they make it seem like growing a business is as simple as just laying in bed with a Yoni Wand.

This was my first approach to creating an online business.

I spent my time:

  • Journaling

  • Collecting crystals

  • Praying my little heart out

  • And of course, practicing orgasmic manifestation

These are all powerful practices that I still incorporate into my business weekly. But energetic practices alone are not enough to grow and scale your business. Not even close.

The people and pages sharing these codes that worked for them are million-dollar businesses - those with brand recognition, an engaged audience, and proof of concept.

So OF COURSE, these energetic practices for alignment were working for them.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind.👇🏽

These energetic strategies can render fantastic clarity and assist in moving density in the mind, body, and aura.

But if you’re new to growing your business or even scaling to consistent 10k months, your priority should be in learning the business basics. You should be focused on things like key messaging, offer development, your value proposition and understanding your own gift set.

And please, whatever you do - don’t just lie in bed with a Yoni Wand and call it a day!

Strategy over everything

The second code I had to unlearn was prioritizing strategy over everything.

Now, this may seem contradictory to the first one...but let me explain.

Once you're more established in business and are making money in a way that supports your needs and desires, you get to scale into a place where you don't have to constantly be launching.

But many people don’t realize this. They haven't prioritized their nervous system, or intuition, most likely because they went the old paradigm route of business. But there IS a place for intuition, rest, and waiting in a wintertime of business.

This is where those self-pleasure practices mentioned earlier and developing a strong intuitive vision come into play.

My best recommendation, of course, is to marry both the psychic and practical together from the get-go.

You don’t have to choose one or the other.

It’s not just about lying in bed with a Yoni Wand practicing orgasmic manifestation.

And it’s not just about over-strategizing and transforming into a full-on business bro either.

Instead, it’s about finding a way to use your intuition, to read the room, to understand your gifts, and also ground them into something practical.

Because you must remember that in the end, people ARE purchasing through the 3D lens of money.

Thinking there is only one way to market

The third code I had to unlearn is believing there’s only one way to market a business.

I remember years ago a business coach told me that my word-of-mouth business would never scale. (Of course, she was selling a program focused on online marketing strategies).

Her strategy was to target those who weren’t as focused on their marketing, and sell to them this program. I don't blame this individual whatsoever for their strategy, however, I DO blame myself for giving away my sovereignty and intuition by prioritizing their thoughts above my own.

My services, results, and rapport with my clients have been so good that clients have happily referred their friends, peers, audience, and clients my way. This has allowed me to market my business from a place of overflow instead of scarcity. And there is a way to do that for you too - even if you're just starting out in business.

There is no one way to run a successful business. If someone is trying to convince you it’s their way or the highway, beware of putting their own methods above your intuition.

Spirituality and healing should be cheap

Do you ever think the “noble” thing to offer your healing and spirituality services/coaching for cheap? This is a business code that seriously messed me up years ago I had to work to unlearn.

I remember when I shared with one of my early spiritual teachers that I was thinking of investing $13k in a group program to work with a coach I really admired, she scoffed and told me real healing and spirituality should be cheap.

She also told me, “if you ever become someone who charges thousands of dollars to work with you, I could never be your friend!”

At that point in my business journey, I didn’t have the maturity and trust in my gifts that I do now.

I wasn't able to override the disapproval of this teacher of mine, so I didn't work with the person I wanted to invest with.

And although I hold zero regrets in my life, had I hired that mentor early on in my journey, I would have been WAY further ahead.

In the end, I spent far more money on cheaper courses, short term support, and one-off sessions, not to mention my time that I'll never get back than had I just invested the original $13k.

The other bonus nugget of advice is to never take advice from someone who isn't doing what you're doing.

Unfortunately, this teacher's business had to shut down, forcing her to pick up odd jobs to pay the bills. She wasn't able to grow or scale her business the way she totally could have been if she’d just been willing to invest in mentorship.

Years later, this person ended up becoming a business client of mine, and I'm so glad they did. By the time she’d come to me, I’d invested well over $50k in business mentorship that allowed me to now mentor her into scaling a business from a fellow psychic.

When deciding on your prices, here’s what you need to remember.👇🏽

It isn't about cheap versus expensive. It's about value.

Ask yourself:

  • How much is your ideal client spending with Band-Aid fixes?

  • How much energy is your client wasting trying to Google away a solution that you have answers to?

  • How much time has your client spent on fixing this problem, time that they'll never get back?

  • What is it costing them in terms of their physical health, mental health, relationships, spirituality, business finances, and stress?

Your pricing comes from knowing the value of the work that you're offering.

What is $13k in the grand scheme of life?

It was only a mere blip of discomfort for a lifetime of tools, insight, community, and transformation.

The danger of living through other people's codes without assessing if they’re actually serving us is that we give away our sovereign decision. We outsource our power by focusing too strongly on the way OTHER people do it, simply because we seek approval, stick to the status quo, and fear ‘getting it wrong’.

This is why I'm extending an invitation to join us in The Oracle Business School.

In this container, you’ll receive guidance on how your unique messaging, energy and business gets to reach higher levels of abundance.

Maybe you're holding on to codes that simply don't serve New Paradigm leaders working in the quantum.

Maybe you have quote codes of your own, ready to burst out into the world.

Come get your questions seen, witnessed, and answered in The Oracle Business School, so that you too can access your most abundant timeline now.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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