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The #1 Thing That Accelerated The Growth of My Hypnosis Business

I had an interesting question come up in my community the other day.

Someone asked me, when did you know that you were going to be successful in business?

And my answer was that I've always known I was going to be successful.

Truly…that is something that I've always held and believed in my entire life.

With or without my business, I knew my success was inevitable.

I just didn’t know exactly *how* it was going to happen.

But while I’ve always brought that confident energy into my business – man oh man, I did NOT have an easy start.

I was confronted with a lot of rejection. I was confronted with a lot of the things that felt like failure at that moment – but were actually just redirection.

In the beginning, I struggled to gain momentum in my hypnosis business

I remember feeling SO frustrated at how much work I was putting into my business and how little I was getting in return.

I was showing up on stories all day, every day.

I was giving every piece of advice I could think of, on everything from manifestation to energy work, to hypnosis, to random things that I was going through.

I was attending every single masterclass, free training, and having conversations in dozens of Facebook groups.

Essentially, I was ALL over the map.

Some of the actions I was taking to grow my hypnosis business did help.

But there was one thing I did that changed EVERYTHING for me in business.

That made me feel like finally, I had stopped fumbling…and was on my way to ¨making it¨.

Creating a signature service that people were craving changed everything

Yep…when I created a signature service – my custom hypnotic tracks – things started to BLOW up. 🔥

I had this “Oh shit” moment when I realized people were lining up for my tracks. At the time, it was a service that hadn’t been done by many people, yet had deeply transformational results.

All of a sudden, I started to experience constant referrals and a completely full waitlist…I just didn't even know what to do!

I went from averaging around $4-5k/month (on a good month, it might have been $7-8k) to having $12k, then $15k, all the way up to $30k and even $40k months.

It felt like…whoa, how did all of this happen?

I was receiving DMs every single day and emails asking how they could work with me.

All with less than 2000 followers on Instagram.

While I never went viral or “popped off” on Instagram, the money was flowing.

And I attribute that to a few different things.

Having Mastery In My Skills

There’s no way around it.

You’ve gotta be damn good at what you do. 🙌🏽

This is why I love using something reliable like hypnosis. In my Granja Vortex Method, I teach people how to have a breakthrough consult in 45 minutes – asking the client questions that they've probably never asked themselves, and no one has ever asked them in that sequence…all in one call.

Doing this allows your clients to have a pattern reveal in the moment. It’s a powerful, transformational framework that allows you to deepen your client results within fewer hours.

Not to mention, it’s totally portable - allowing you to create a work-from-anywhere hypnosis business.

Honing In On My Messaging

The second thing that 100% impacted my increase in income was honing in on my genius and learning how to fully communicate that in my brand messaging.

I started to get crystal clear on who I serve and what results I get for them.

Before– I was cultivating a community of friends on social media and connecting with fellow intuitives…but none of my content was leading to sales.

But when I got clear on how my unique gifts could serve my ideal clients, things started to shift.

I realized those friends and acquaintances actually WANTED to buy from me. They just weren’t clear on how my offer was going to benefit them!

Getting clear on the tangible benefits of my service helped me tap into the power of my network, which brings me to my next point. 👇🏽

Growing My Client Network

Often, it’s easy to think “ugh, I just have one client!”

But remember…that client is a human being that has a soul.

What an honor to have that one person in front of you!

And that person probably knows at least three people who could use your services.

The key is providing a great service, not just on the call, but from the onboarding process to the last invoice sent–give and receive from gratitude.

But it’s hard to give a great service when you’re all over the place.

Instead, when you’re able to ground into the business foundations of who you serve, how you do it, and the results that you get…

You’ll find yourself with consistently happy clients.

Ones who want to refer you to everyone they know!

Remember, providing good service doesn't mean that you have to be the best at what you do in the world.

It simply means that you have the tools to serve YOUR client well, you genuinely care about them and are committed to their transformation.

When you can wow one client, they’ll tell three friends about you. And then those friends will tell their friends, and your success starts to snowball!

The key here is to be grateful for having even just ONE client.

It’s from this place that you’ll attract more. Which is MUCH harder to do if you’re coming from a place of lack or frustration about “only” having one client.

Do you want to learn how to provide a deeper level of transformation to your clients and add six figures to your hypnosis business…all without adding more hours to your schedule?

The Granja Vortex Method might be for you.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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