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How Starting Shadow Work Can Help You Focus On Scaling Your Business The RIGHT Way

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

👉🏽 I wanna tell you something…

Something that coaches are NOT talking about when scaling a spiritual business.

When you're first starting out, it’s common to learn how to create a core offer, refine your message, and read from a sales script. Every traditional coach lays out a step-by-step guide guaranteed for business success. It’s a formula ‘said’ to work for everyone.

But you know what? You’re not everyone.❌

They’re failing to recognize…

  • The fact we’ve all had different 3D experiences show up in our lives

  • That we might not operate from the same framework as the person next to us

  • That we all have different shadows and trauma spirals that need to be identified

They’re failing to recognize how these shadows might be affecting your business goals.

Over the last four years, I’ve worked with spiritual entrepreneurs with incomes ranging from zero to 100k per month. And I can tell you, nobody is exempt from this shadow work.

No. Not even me.

In this blog, I’m going to help you recognize how to see the shadows and trauma spirals that might be holding you back. Plus, you’ll learn how getting started with shadow work can actually lead you to your Most Abundant Timeline™️.

How To Recognize Your Unchecked Trauma Spirals

Shadow and trauma spirals are sneaky.

They might be showing up everywhere in your business and you don’t even know it.

Often, they show themselves as daily habits, disguising themselves as positive outcomes or objective reality. They know how to manipulate you into saying “I must do this because…”

  • They’re in the prices you set

  • They’re in the content you write

  • They’re in the offers you create

  • They’re the basis for your entire brand

I've seen new businesses struggle because they've allowed their black sheep story to run the show. I've seen millionaires collapse their businesses because their inner child's tantrums took over.

And that's because they were unwilling to recognize the shadows and trauma thats running their business.

Shadow work and unearthing trauma spirals can be uncomfortable in the moment, but ignoring them until things begin to collapse isn't it either…

Trust me as someone who’s had multiple six and seven-figure businesses come to me to hold them through their tower collapse moment. I’ve seen people at their lowest and helped them rebuild businesses that allow them to be their most authentic and abundant selves.

When you’re trying to identify why you’re stuck, or where to go next, it’s important to look at what identities are answering your business prompts.

So…Why Are Most People Not Teaching This?

Let’s say it how it is, shall we?

Most people on Instagram are operating from their own shadow spirals.

👉🏽Whether that’s the scared inner child who just wants to fit in

👉🏽The hustle cycle they saw their parents run

👉🏽The seductress who only knows how to use her beauty to receive.

👉🏽The straight A student who excels at regurgitating and rebranding info.

👉🏽The black sheep who anticipates rejection…so they cut their prices from the start.

And the list goes on.

There are a million different paradigms you could be operating from. A million different ways your experiences on this earth have unconsciously shaped the way you’re showing up in business.

Just as an FYI, sister… I am not exempt from this work either.

I simply do the work to illuminate it and bring it to your attention.

How To Move Past Your Deepest Wounds

Let me give you a personal example here.

In the past, I've had a pattern of being afraid to share my fiery bitch energy online.🔥

Historically, I’ve been punished and rejected for being my honest self by girls and women throughout my life.

But after gaining over 25,000 followers on Tiktok from ONE video sharing my sassy thoughts on pop spirituality, I found polarization on social media correlates to consistent growth. Whether people like it or not. ❌

I showed up unapologetically and authentically. Something I hadn't fully leaned into in the ‘perfect world’ of Instagram.

Since my teen years, I've slowly learned to contort my expression into being palatable.

Can you relate?

For me, it was taking on the soft egoless healer role. Because most couldn't handle my dark feminine. My inner little girl learned to have interactions by making herself so small as to not make others feel less.

And HOLY FUCK, is that exhausting!

My adult knows better than that.

Other people's triggers are not our responsibility, Oracle…

Remember that.

How Do You Feel Around Someone In Their Genius?

Are you filled with jealousy? Are you filled with rage? Are you filled with sorrow because you want what they have?

  • By someone who is gifted

  • By someone who is beautiful

  • By someone who is wealthy

Don’t get stuck in these traps. Instead, know that you too can find your genius.

Everyone has an option to choose their timeline and it’s up to you to choose your most abundant.

Here's to showing your inner child that it's safe to come out.🥂

💫No more pleasing others.

💫No more hiding within your safe zone.

💫No more dulling your light to make others feel comfortable.

By starting shadow work and illuminating the shadows that are keeping you stuck, they lose their power.

You’re able to work through them, longer held hostage in the walls of your mind.

Is this striking a chord?

Meet me at the intersection between Energetics, Reprogramming & New Paradigm Business Strategy .... Apply for the next round of OBS

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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