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Here’s How to OWN Your Inner Oracle

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Recently, I’ve been having some very clear intuitive downloads. They keep coming up for me when I go into my meditation space. They also come up when I am speaking to my guides. The most reoccurring download is an image of two worlds colliding. Specifically, two Earths. I asked what that could mean. This is what came through me. I hope that these words inspire something within you. That they help you to continue to align to your most abundant timeline. That they help you OWN your psychic gifts. To access your inner Oracle.

To follow your desire and highest excitement ✨✨✨

A Reflection of A Divided World “Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right.” - Henry Ford

This quote has been with me for many years.

And it has been most relevant lately. When I’m participating in discussions with people about current topics, this quote really comes to mind. Everybody has their opinions, and everyone has the proof to back them up. These opinions can often create arguments and division. That is because opinions really ARE just a matter of what you believe. When you believe something so deeply, you'll always will find proof to support it. You will create a reality from that belief system. This also becomes very clear when you realize that everything and everyone around you is a direct reflection of yourself. Some aspect of you is always being mirrored. This aspect can be beauty, sadness, abundance, scarcity, competition, fear, courage, etc. Let's say Person A sees the world as unfair, hard diseased.

Their holographic experience will be a projection of that. This can show up as endless cycles of poverty, sickness, and poor relationships.

Now, Person B has chosen to truly learn what it means to be here on this planet alive. They might have many similar life experiences as Person A, but their reality is much different.

Person B sees abundance even in the tiniest of moments. Person B believes that the world is getting better.

That there are kind people, and that health and vitality are a personal gift and responsibility.

Their holographic reflection will be mirrored with opportunity, love & miracles.

Sometimes we experience a thought so deep, it may not even feel like we have a choice to believe them. The thought simply feels like law, because it has so much of a lifetime and ancestral history proving this belief. Do not be a victim to circumstance. Do not be a victim of statistics. Do not be a victim to what the media is saying about your gender, your race, your beliefs, your sovereignty.

The media is a weapon that is used to convince you of your powerlessness - and you are believing it.

You are trying to find proof of your desires and wildest dreams in others.

Dear one, have you forgotten who you are?

You can take control and shift the perception of your experiences. You can make it reflect your most aligned life, your most abundant timeline.

Three ways to shift your holographic experience into the most abundant timeline

If you’re ready to step into your most abundant timeline, commit to these three shifts.

One - Take Ownership of Your Beliefs

This means laying it ALL out on the table. What do you believe about your identity, culture, and ancestry? Do you want to keep surviving? Or do you want freedom? What does it mean to be you? What does your past mean about who you are? What if we recoded all of your experiences to mean that everything was moving you to joy? What if you made choices from the version of you that knows God is supporting you completely? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? This is why two people can live in the same household and experience two different worlds entirely. This is what's happening on this planet now. Oracle, choose your timeline. What you're manifesting is not traveling through time and space and shifting through dimensions to get to you. It's right in front of you here. Now. Things aren't just coming out of nowhere. You are always at the foot of infinite possibilities. This means: The quality clients you're desiring The soulmate lover The money The home The freedom. Now the question is, are YOU available for them? When you work with me, I don’t really help you manifest. I help you free up your energetics to create time. We get to the core beliefs, we sit with them, and we clear them. We create integration. We celebrate you. You can do this work on your own...spending hours googling your way through each part. OR you can have a guide that expedites the process, brings light to your shadows, and creates intimacy for reflection and accountability. Ask yourself, Oracle - what are you currently becoming available for? If we live in a holographic fractal reality, then our life reflects exactly what we're feeling, believing, thinking, and acting on. In my studies over the last decade, I have learned that there are limitless possible realities. When you are manifesting, it's really not about putting all of the work into attracting. It's about shifting our frequency into the timeline of our dreams. One where your cup is abundantly overflowing as you serve your expansive and much-needed purpose here. Two - Find the answers inside of you

First, ask: “What does this next chapter of my life look like?” You hold all of the magic. You have an Oracle within you. You may have your strategy or your framework down in your business. You have been successful thus far. But the next iteration of you is excited to go deeper with your total soul’s potential. Not from a place of victimhood or brokenness.

I'm not in the business of selling pain points. This new world that we are creating requires a deeper understanding of energy. Not just anyone’s energy either - YOURS. I want to help Oracles that: -Didn’t know they could tap into their psychic nature -Who want to cultivate their channel even deeper -Who need to clear up some blind spots -Didn’t even know they could self heal on a quantum level The amazing conscious entrepreneur who somewhere along the way forgot their divinity. Stop paying psychics to tell you your fortune. Don’t get me wrong - healers, energy workers, coaches, and guides are all needed. But you need to learn how to trust yourself first. Your original magic shines through when you learn to eliminate fears and patterns around feeling unsafe. Trust that your true nature is the magic. Your psychic gifts will come online. You, and only you, are the only decider of your fortune. Trust, value, and employ your healer team, but know that your own intuition and programming is where your true power lie. The simple truth is this: You have outdated programming in your system right now. You already know what your desires are. You already know what it is that you want. You already know that you're worthy. But you are STILL making decisions based on fearful programming. And it's totally keeping you from not being in full purpose. I am so over this myth already. Who said that living your soul’s mission, manifesting from a place of intuition, and being an amazing leader was supposed to be the best day, every day? That would feel great, I know. But just take a nap already. If you are feeling resistance, acknowledge that you are feeling resistance. Sometimes letting old parts of yourself go is hard. Release attachment to the process. Release attachment to how long transformation will take. Universal Law responds to who you are. Here is a reminder for you:

Every person, everything in every experience is simply a reflection of parts of us. That means that a person who doesn't accept your magic is a physical archetype for where you are not accepting yourself. That person who stole money from you is a physical archetype of your weak boundaries and lack of discernment. That person who challenges everything you think or believe is a physical archetype for the places you're not fully evolved. If you don't take ownership over yourself, you will stay in victimhood. To be truly successful and free, we need to escape that victimhood.

Three - Transmute Your Fears

If you don't transmute your fears, they will have control over you. This means that your success will solely be determined by other people’s comfort zones. Divine leader, you are being reminded that fear, separation, “us vs them”, 3D vs 5D… it is all an illusion. Unity consciousness begins with you. Move more into yourself. Fill yourself up with the energies of the universe. Find holiness in the storm - the sun is just starting to peek out. Allow your intuition to become your superpower. YOU get to be the oracle of your own life. Cultivate your power through experiencing the depth of your soul's total expression. We are in a world where everyone claims to have the latest and most upgraded spiritual codes and activations. I'm here to tell you all of the magic you need to know is found through the Oracle system that is your body. The most divine vessel you will ever experience is you.

I have a way for you to learn how to harness the inner Oracle we all have. You can find more information about this course, The Oracle Business school, here. Your success is needed in this world. It's time.

See you in the most abundant timeline. With Love, Nathaly


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