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Aligning Your Heart Chakra: The Spirits’ Door

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in one drop.” - Rumi

Don’t you just love this quote? It perfectly embodies the fact that there's so much divinity in this world.

All parts of us are divine.

All parts of us are intuitive.

All parts of us are deserving.

The Chakras are the bridge between your being and the psychic world. Do you want to harness that?

In this blog, I’m discovering the power of the Heart Chakra. You’ll learn how you can embrace its energy and how to spot the signs of an unbalanced Heart Chakra. Plus, you’ll get powerful healing strategies to connect you to your divinity.

What is the Heart Chakra?

The purpose of the fourth chakra is to be the transformer of the bridge. It embodies adoration and radiance.

It’s the center for connection and capacity for unconditional love.

Green governs the Heart Chakra and it’s found in the center of the chest. Not actually the heart itself, but towards the spine and between the shoulder blades.

Related body parts are the thymus gland, the circulatory system, the arms, the chest, and hands.

How Do You Know When it’s in Alignment?

When the Heart Chakra is in alignment, you have a love for yourself and others.

  • You have a healthy relationship with all beings: Men, women, children, adults, elders, and animals

  • You have a healthy relationship with your home, your body, and your nature

  • You’re in harmony with your environment

  • You’re able to unconditionally forgive those around you

Not only this, but the ability to grieve and reach peace is also a sign of a healthy Heart Chakra. When you have an aligned Heart Chakra, you feel liberation and peace within yourself.

It’s also said that the unconscious mind is accessed through the Heart Chakra.

How Do You Know When it’s Out of Alignment?

This depends on where you are on the spectrum. Is your chakra overactive or underactive?

An overactive Heart Chakra is defensive.

  • You’re often green with envy

  • You rely on others for approval and attention

  • You hold grudges and are not able to forgive

It’s sneaky because it looks like it wants to help everyone, but it's egotistical and codependent. It’s not doing acts from goodwill, pure love, or enjoyment, but because it needs reassurance from others.

When it's underactive, it feels closed down and fears intimacy.

  • You’re a people pleaser

  • You’re reclusive or antisocial

  • You can’t say no

I want to bring to your awareness that some people only show one or two symptoms. It’s unique for everybody.

I wonder if you feel like you fall on either one or if you know someone who might?

Physical Manifestation

An unaligned Heart Chakra brings dissatisfaction and with this comes:

  • Blood pressure issues

  • Heart palpitations

  • Insomnia

  • Immune system dysfunctions

  • Ulcers

These feelings of resentment and bitterness can have a HUGE effect on your health. I have an example for you. 👇🏽

An elder who is more than 80 years old didn't forgive something that happened in her marriage.

Her husband cheated on her and it broke her heart.

She stayed in a marriage with him but is experiencing MAJOR blood pressure issues. She's constantly dissatisfied with everything. She tends to be cold. Feeling deep resentment, bitterness, and hostility.

When you have an unresolved situation in your life, don’t just forget about it. Without healing and treatment, it will manifest later in life, turning into an even bigger problem that sacrifices your health.

How Does The Heart Chakra Become Out of Balance?

Two common factors are the ancestral block and blocked lower chakras.

The Heart Chakra is that bridge between both worlds. So, if any of your lower chakras are unaligned, they’re going to be drawing energy AWAY from your Heart Chakra, meaning that bridge is not able to be built.

You need to have solid foundations before you can begin to align your Heart Chakra.

When you have a lack of safety, you have a lack of emotional expression. You have a lack of self-trust and an inability to connect with Heaven (whatever Heaven means to you!).

If you don't have the three lower chakras, healthy and in alignment, you’re not going to connect with Heaven through the Heart Chakra.

The Impact of Not Forgiving

The inability to forgive also affects our ability to align the Heart Chakra.

We often experience resentment at some point in our lives. Maybe there’s a time when you didn't forgive a breakup, a violation, or a parental issue. Perhaps it’s a time you didn't forgive yourself and another person's situation?

It works like this. 👇🏽

Think of yourself as a chip in a wine glass.

If that little chip isn't repaired, it starts to crack over time. Cracking bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Until one day, it shatters.

It doesn't have to be something traumatic. It could be that a relationship ended, and it ended in a bad time in your life where you felt isolated and alone. Instead of being able to forgive that person, you create a narrative.

You dig deeper.

All of a sudden it's 15 years past, and you haven't been in a relationship. Still feeling bitter about love.

I can’t stress this enough. It's SO important to become aware of it. For our clients, ourselves, our loved ones, and children, etc.

How to Heal Your Heart Chakra

The treatment for the Heart Chakra is acceptance.

  • It's letting go of whatever we need to let go

  • It's accepting whatever it is good or bad

  • It's being connected to all beings

And more importantly, it's being in the heart chakra.

So many of us go about our day without even really tuning into the heart. A beautiful way of healing the Heart Chakra is to bring awareness into the Heart Chakra.

Try these movements around activating the Heart Chakra:

  • Breathing into your heart space

  • Reiki into the Heart Chakra

  • Putting special attention on the heart through meditation

One of my favorite tools is ceremonial cacao. I drink this around 4 times per week. Ceremonial cacao rituals open your heart, helping you focus on love and forgiveness. Check out my fave brand and get a discount code in the Oracle Shop.

If you want to learn more about how to anchor in your power and your ability to receive. Check out my course, The Initiation.

In this self-paced course my clients have been able to:

  • Contact with their spirit team

  • Clear their karmic and lineage patterning

  • Develop an understanding of who they are and all of their shadows and gifts

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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