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8 Ways You’re Creating Money Leaks In Business

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

You know the expression, time is money?

Well I, for one, am in favor of it being changed to ENERGY is money.

Because energy is money, and money is energy. They are two sides of the same coin.

As an Oracle, an Intuitive, an Awakened Leader…your energy is your biggest currency.

And unfortunately, too many of you are leaking energy all over the place.

If you don’t address them, these energy leaks will lead you astray from your Most Abundant Timeline.

These are the eight most common money leaks, or energy leaks, I see weighing spiritual entrepreneurs down. 👇🏽

Money Leak #1: Avoiding Financial Obligations

How do you feel when you receive an invoice from a coach or a contractor?

Do you receive that invoice with a mentality of abundance?

Feeling gratitude for the support you’re receiving from that individual, calmly hitting the “pay now” button, knowing the money will always come back to you?

Or are you instead filled with LACK and avoid/delay your financial commitments?

Nothing screams scarcity more than not paying your mentors and leaving your invoices on pending.

BE the client you wish to attract and watch how things begin to shift for you. 💫

Money Leak #2: Working With People For The Wrong Reasons

Be honest with yourself…

Are you working with dreamy, soul-aligned clients? Or are you working with people just to collect a check?

Do you have total confidence you’ll be able to help your clients?

Or do you not really believe in your client…nor enjoy your time together?

So often,many find themselves in a trap of working with people for all the wrong reasons.

👉🏽Maybe you say because a cash injection would feel nice

👉🏽Maybe you say yes because you don’t have any standards for the people you want to support

👉🏽Maybe you say yes because you simply don't know how to say NO.

When you work with misaligned clients, it's creating a HOLE in which you’d rather not be there – and it's leaking your ability to hold money.

Money Leak #3: Consuming “Fast Food” Content

Did you know that your content and media consumption patterns might be causing massive money leaks in your business?

If you desire people to pay you top dollar, but all you do is download freebies and try to piece your strategy or healing together by reading other people’s free content…

You're gonna have a fast-food bank account.


Premium energy attracts premium energy. Premium investment attracts premium investment.

Successful spiritual entrepreneurs value their time and energy and choose the most direct path towards their goals (i.e. paid programs and customized mentorship).

Money Leak #4: Dysregulating Your Nervous System In The Name of Abundance

I’ve got a reframe for you that you might not be ready to hear…

Abundance and wealth aren't just monetary. They’re in how you feel, they’re in the way you're being.

If you're willing to dysregulate your nervous system for a designer bag in the name of “having abundance” when you…👇🏽

  • Still haven't figured out how to scale your business

  • Or feel stressed about paying your team next month,

  • Or your income is inconsistent.

Newsflash, you are not in abundance.

What you're doing is perpetuating capitalism in order to make you think you are abundant.

Abundance is not the same as being irresponsible with your business finances. Don’t get so caught up in what the flashy spiritual online entrepreneurs are doing, that checking your accounts gives you anxiety.

Money Leak #5: Not Showing Up As Your Authentic Self

This money leak can often be hard to spot.

Your internal programming will have you think that you're being yourself. But it could very likely be that you've created an entire timeline based on trauma responses and shadowy sabotage.

When you're showing up inauthentically, you're not allowing yourself to receive authentically.

You’re not able receive as abundantly as you could, because you’ve created walls to protect yourself from actually being seen.

It’s likely you have a deeply-rooted fear about being visible as your true self…which is getting in the way of you magnetizing the clients and income you desire.

Money Leak #6: A Messy Environment

I encourage you to have a look around you.

Does your environment feel inspiring, calming, nurturing?

Or are there piles of laundry on the floor and a sink filled with dirty dishes?

Your environment has a direct impact on your energy and income.

Whether I was living in my high-rise apartment in the DC area overlooking the monuments or living in a room at my mother's house…

You better believe my environment had fresh flowers, high-quality sheets, and was surrounded by all the beauty that I could curate.

No matter where I am, I create a sanctuary around me – because I am a walking temple.

A clear environment clears your mind and shows the universe your standards for how you want to be treated. Not to mention, a clean and clear environment creates a clear and clean channel.

Your channeled insights are THAT much more transformational for your clients when you’ve taken the time to declutter your space and mind. ✨

Money Leak #7: Getting Caught Up In Over compsumption And Comparison-Itis on Social Media

Social media can be the biggest energy leak if you’re not careful.

Are you getting caught up in an endless consumption of other people’s content, allowing your life force to drain into the succubus of every scroll?

Getting lost in the ocean of judgment, jealousy, and disassociation from what is actually present?

If you’re consuming more than you're creating, you're allowing your lifeforce to be taken over by the corporations backing every perfectly-placed ad.

Having mastery over your consumption is an important practice for nurturing your energy –

and growing your income.

While there’s nothing wrong with consuming content that’s helping you grow and expand into your next level– mindless scrolling is a different story.

Without intentional consumption, you're opening yourself up to all of these energy leaks – through the unconscious judgment, jealousy, and disassociation that you’re holding.

Money Leak #8: Saying Yes When You Really Mean No

So many of my community members struggle with this.

The reason?

Most people haven't been taught to hear their sacred ‘no’.

Your body has a way to communicate no just as your body has a way to communicate yes.

It’s very likely that you don't actually know what it feels like to have no in your body.

So when it comes up, you bypass it altogether.

On the other hand, some people might be aware when their body is saying no…but their programming has seldom allowed them to honor it.

Remember, you are ALLOWED to set boundaries with clients 3 Secrets To Feel Confident Setting Boundaries With Clients. As well as put up boundaries in your personal life.

The more you can set boundaries with your time, your money, your clients – the more you're telling the universe how you'd like to be treated.

Let me know in the comments…👇🏽

Which one of these money leaks are showing up in your spiritual business? Meet me at the intersection between Energetics, Reprogramming & New Paradigm Business Strategy .... Apply for the next round of OBS

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,


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