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3 Secrets To Feel Confident Setting Boundaries With Clients

Are you afraid of your clients?

I’m asking this because I can't tell you the number of times people have said:

  • I’m afraid to raise my prices because I don't want my clients to find someone else

  • I’m afraid of setting boundaries because they're paying me a lot of money

  • I'm afraid to tell my client exactly what I think because I don't want to hurt their feelings

Don’t get me wrong, I love, honor, and respect that you care. You have feelings and you’re simply trying to protect yourself.

But I want to invite you into a new way of looking at these fears.

  1. You’re Giving Away Your Power and Acting From Servitude

The definition of servitude is ‘a person completely subject to someone more powerful.’

When I hear someone saying something like “I’m afraid to set boundaries”, this is the EXACT feeling I’m getting. You’re bowing down to your clients and submitting to them because you see them as more powerful than you. Why? Because they're paying you?

When in fact, you’re equals.

Ask yourself, where is this feeling of needing to be in servitude coming from?

  • Maybe you’re not fully grounded in the service that you’re providing

  • Maybe you’re not totally confident in the skillset you offer

  • Maybe you’re afraid that you don’t measure up to those in your niche

Whatever it is, when you learn to acknowledge your insecurities and realize the value you offer, you’ll no longer be afraid.

You’ll be able to put boundaries in place or raise your prices because you know what you offer is that good.

This kind of confidence comes when you feel completely grounded and secure in the mastery of the transformation you offer.

Believe me, Awakened Leader…You CAN offer clients your high-level service without having to come from a place of servitude.

  1. You’re Performing Out Of Insecurity

Do you think your work isn't good enough or that you still have more to learn?

This is a common factor pattern I see in people who are afraid of setting boundaries with clients.

When you’re not fully behind the value that you’re offering, it manifests as fear.

  • You’re afraid of your audience

  • You’re afraid of your clients

  • You’re afraid of putting yourself out there

You’re offering your services, setting your prices, and creating your containers from a place of insecurity, just *hoping* someone will see the value…

Rather than sitting on the throne of who you are and seeing one another as equals without hierarchy.

When you don’t completely own the transformation you provide, you can often go into savior mode for your clients.

You feel the need to be absolutely available at all times.

You think you need to have all the answers to your client's problems

REMINDER: You’re taking on the role of leader, mentor, and teacher. NOT your client’s savior.

  1. You’re Not Using A Method For Transformation

Our clients DON’T expect us to be perfect, but they *do* expect us to be offering a tool or modality that offers true transformation.

If you’re lacking confidence in your skills, it might be helpful to learn a method so you have a clear process that you KNOW yields results for your clients.

For me, my life forever changed when I created the Granja Vortex Method - a framework that combines energy work and unconscious reprogramming to create customized hypnotic tracks.

This is a method I’ve been refining over the past nine years of working with clients. It allows you to quickly identify energetic blocks and reprogram them for your clients to help shift them into any identity they desire.

The incredible thing about using a specific, proven method is that you always have something to fall back on.

It completely changes the way you show up – in your marketing, in sessions with clients, on sales calls – because you’re confident in the results you provide.

So many people will read books about the law of attraction or learn about manifestation on social media and decide to start a business around it.

And that’s great!....and all…………………………………..

But you need to deepen your learning to be able to actually implement transformation for your clients.

And the Granja Vortex Method helps you do exactly that – while adding an additional six figures in revenue to your new or scaling business. 💰

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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