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8 Things I Changed (Energetically and Practically) in Order to Scale

Are you wanting to intuitively scale your business but don’t know how to tap into your unconscious potential?

Do you find yourself:

  • Taking on more clients even when you don’t want to because you need to pay the bills?

  • Not producing your best work because there aren't enough hours in a day?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and on the brink of breakdown on a regular basis?

If you’re saying yes right now, then I have some news for you. What many people don’t realize is, sometimes adopting new habits and saying NO to the things they don’t resonate with, can bring a wealth of abundance and growth. Here are 8 reasons how you could be holding yourself back from scaling your business. Plus, how to deal with them to awaken your Most Abundant Timeline.

Are you ready to find out? 👇🏽

Stop Checking Emails on Your Phone

I see you. Stop peaking! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it feels almost impossible to switch off from our work life and it’s SO easy to be constantly available via our phones. But you’re going to have to stop.

It's NOT conducive to our mental or emotional health to be that available.

Set strict boundaries around when you’re working.

For example, I DO NOT email people all day every day. I only respond to emails when I'm sitting at my laptop in a designated space at a designated time.

If I’m receiving an email, in most cases, it’s not going to be that important that it needs to be responded to right then and there. People have my phone number or another more direct method of getting in touch with me. So, if they really need my attention and can’t wait, I know it’s urgent.

This brings me to number two. 👇🏽

Don’t Allow Yourself to Feel Peer Pressured into DMs

Do you feel like you have to respond to every inquiry immediately?

Maybe you feel anxious if you can’t get to them right away?

As I've been scaling my business, my amount of DMs has only gotten greater. From comments to questions and potential clients. But what I've realized is - time scarcity is STILL scarcity.

I used to think that if I didn't respond within the 24-hour mark, I could potentially lose a client or potential business.

That’s the epitome of scarcity.

Being in your Most Abundant Timeline means having an autonomous and respectful community.

It’s about clients who know how to navigate the link section of your bio if they want to inquire about working together. Clients who are independent enough that they don't actually need anything from you.

Their needs are already being MET.

Boundaries are SO sexy, right?

Be Upfront About ALL of Your Prices

Are you direct about how much your services cost? Or do your potential clients have to search for the answer?

SO many people shy away from being upfront about their pricing but I’m going to tell you now, pricing is a powerful tool. Transparency is a good thing.

  • It builds trust

  • It cuts out those awkward questions

  • It attracts the clients you WANT to work with

I price EVERYTHING from courses to monthly containers. Even my six-month contracts.

I don't need to do a whole song and dance convincing you to work with me. My pricing is on my website, there for you to see.

Loud and clear.

The only people who inquire, apply, or follow through with the next steps are those are already a “fuck yes” to our collaboration.

Trim Out Any Short-Term or Low-Hanging Offers

Value your energy.

Know the worth of your guidance and experience.

This is essential in order to have the capacity to be present and focused on your high-paying one-to-one clients.

You have to be mindful of where your energy is leaky. If you’re running around or stressing about low-end offerings, it's taking time away from needed whitespace where you can decompress, clear your energy, and follow your highest excitement.

You are NOT living your life to perform for others.

For me, I'm abundantly paid for the work I adore doing. And those resources fuel the life of my dreams, which gives me the space to show up from my overflow.

It's a cycle of abundance I’m not willing to budge on and neither should you.

Your Self-Esteem is Not Dependent on Your Clients’ Success

Self-esteem is sourced internally from your God Self.

Know your worth and value because just like everyone else, you’re a child of the Most-High. You’re a creation of something miraculous.

Take time and think to yourself:

  • “I am me”

  • “I am worthy”

  • “I am enough”

You DO NOT have to prove it to me or to anyone else. You’re accepting yourself for who you are, despite your flaws. You’re building your self-esteem through consistent acceptance and commitment to yourself.

I invite you to remember who you are from this perspective.

Prioritize Your Continued Education

Personally, I would never want to learn from someone who feels that there's nothing more to experience in their niche.

I prioritize being the embodiment of the Inner Oracle.

Education means learning from those who are further ahead in a certain aspect. It means surrounding yourself with an abundance of knowledge.

I have some news for you - If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

Be a student, EVERYWHERE you go.

Ask yourself:

  • What can I learn from that person making my coffee?

  • What can I learn from my high-paying clients?

  • What can I learn from the book I’ve been reading?

If you’re not being challenged or learning new perspectives, you’re NOT going to be well-resourced.

Strive to be abundant and unstoppable.

Consume Less Content

There are only 3 types of content I consume in my life -

Certain people who are close to me, my clients, and someone who is actively teaching me something I'm interested in.

I do not consume mindless content.

I consciously disengage myself with what other people in my field are launching. I stay in my own lane. I tend to my own fruit and do not compare myself to others.

Consuming an endless amount of content prevents you from reaching your potential. And if we were to log how much time we spend consuming content versus taking action, I have no doubt that the results would be alarming.

Instead, anchor into your ‘energy mastery’.

Your space that brings your fulfillment and excitement.

This brings me to my last point. 👇🏽

You’re Not Here to Save People

I know this one can be a hard one. Especially when you're coming from the old paradigm way of healing.

You may have heard people say - “If someone is paying me thousands of dollars, I HAVE to get them a result.” Of course, my desire is for my client to get the results of their dreams, and more often than not they surpass that.

But what you have to remember is that everyone’s on their own timeline.

Sometimes we get to see the part of their Most Abundant Timeline where they get a big, tangible, emotional result. And sometimes we see the part of their timeline where it’s utterly dismantling.

We're there to support them through it, as opposed to lifting them up

Don’t come to your client with the intention to save or heal them. Make it abundantly clear to them that they are responsible for how they use the space.

If I were to show up to the space trying to save them, I wouldn't have the capacity necessary to guide them to where they need to go. I wouldn’t be allowing them to meet themselves and the aspects of them that are holding them back.

Did any of these points resonate with you?

If you're already using or planning to implement one of these tips, let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear how you’re shifting and scaling your processes.

And if you’re interested in learning MORE about how to jumpstart your career with less time commitment and deeper client transformations, the Granja Vortex Method might be for YOU. Check it out here.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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