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5 Reasons You May Stuck In Business as A Spiritual CEO

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Are you feeling stuck in your business, Oracle? Maybe you see other spiritual leaders having successful launches, selling out aligned offers, raising their prices, and hitting consistent 5-figure months.

You want to get there SO badly, but something’s been holding you back.

I’ve helped countless Oracles over the past eight and a half years, becoming the go-to Oracle for VIP coaches and millionaire masterminds. I've helped these leaders scale from zero to 100k months. My work supporting these high-profile leaders has even been featured on ABC and CBS. I’ve helped rising Oracle and Oracle CEOs by guiding their energetics, mindsets, and actions to new levels. And not to mention, I’ve facilitated my OWN business ascension. In ALL of this experience, I have witnessed the same things show up time and time again amongst CEOs. Here are the five reasons that keep awakened entrepreneurs feeling stuck and prevent them from fulfilling their true potential. 👇🏽

1. You have unresolved trauma spirals

What is an unresolved trauma spiral? Let’s unpack it. Unresolved can be defined as a situation that is unsettled or lacks a resolution. Trauma, in this context, can be something that has a deeply distressing effect on your nervous system. And a spiral is simply when you keep going over a distressing situation, consistently moving further into that emotion without resolve. Which means you live, act, decide and vibrate from this frequency despite your “mental” efforts. A common example of an unresolved trauma spiral in business is a previously failed launch. You put ALL of your energy into this awesome program, only to share it and get nothing in return. This can awaken feelings of unworthiness, shame, rejection, which likely have been living in you long before the “failed launch”. The spiral is then reinforced by the very notion of going into the launch. Because of this unresolved trauma spiral, your next launch will not render the results you were aiming for. This pattern will lower your vibration and pull you away from what it is that you truly desire.

You'll also be more likely to self-sabotage and get discouraged by the lack of vanity metrics - i.e. all the likes, comments, and followers that you hoped would come from the launch. Your discouragement could trigger a response in your body, one that feels like you are being rejected and that “nobody likes you.”

If this sounds familiar, I want you to remember that you are not alone.

I have worked with SO many successful individuals. Millionaires, multi-millionaires, and brilliantly gifted leaders that are just beginning their journey. All these people, despite their bank account have SEVERAL unresolved trauma spirals. When these spirals show up, you need to learn how to recognize them, integrate them, heal them, and move forward. If not, they will continue to sabotage you and your businesses. You need a trained facilitator who can reflect, hold, and help you integrate the spiral into your most abundant timeline.

2. You are not identifying as a CEO

You may resonate as a healer, Oracle, yogi, intuitive healer, astrologer, mystic, shaman... But do you identify as a CEO? What does being a CEO mean for you? Is it a certain income that will make you feel as if you are a CEO? Or is it a specific number of clients? Dig deep and ask yourself if you have been putting energetic and unconscious blocks around what it REALLY means to you. Being a CEO comes down to being in the idenityt that you are one, deep down into the core of your identity. Your identity is made of 3 core factors: 1. What you believe. 2. How you feel. 3. What you choose daily. Once you have those dialed in, you can tune into the true resonance of what an intuitive, feminine, Oracle CEO is to you.

3. You haven’t translated your gifts

Psychic. Intuitive. Ascension guide. Orgasmic manifestation coach. Shaman. Akashic reader. Are you any of these? I am. And I know what each of them means, in-depth. I am sure that you do too. But your soulmate client may not. The number three reason that you might be stuck in your business is that you haven’t translated your gifts. What do I mean by that? Translating your gifts means you need to explain the transformation you provide your clients. You need to show them, plainly, what their return on investment will be after working with you. It is your responsibility as a CEO to translate what it is that you do so that your people will identify you as the go-to person for their work.

Understand and communicate, clearly, these 3 points to your clients:

  • Who do you desire to co-create with?

  • How do you facilitate change?

  • What is the transformation they will receive?

If you can ground those questions into something practical and actionable, your client is then able to raise their hand and say, THAT is what I need. 🙋🏽 THAT is what I've been looking for. It’s time to step out of the archetype of being a reader (or psychic, or astrologer, or coach), and be seen for the transformation and results you create for your clients.

4.You are choosing your ego over your channel

There can be SO many ways that your ego can surface in business. A common one is this: You see someone making an offer that is similar to what you wanted to you decide not to offer it anymore. Or, you see someone making a post about a topic that you’ve been wanting to speak you decide not to share. Because now, if someone else does it, then you're “copying” them. Even though that is not at all what is happening, you are terrified that someone else might see it that way. In reality, if you have been given a channel and you are receiving intuitive information that someone, somewhere NEEDS to hear your message. It can help them. Hell, it may even TRANSFORM them. But you won’t share it because your ego is afraid that someone may think you copied? That is in the timeline of ego. When you are in that timeline, you don’t get favorable outcomes.

Remember: you are now in a reality where you are safe to be in your channel. Do NOT self sabotage yourself out of following what is meant to come through you. In my industry, if I see someone sharing an offer similar to mine, I think holy shit. This must be so important. This must be next-level, if several people all around the world are downloading the same information at the same time. How amazing is it that we get to do that together?

How amazing is it that this work is transforming and shifting us into all of our most abundant timelines? Thank goodness. Certain people need to hear certain things from you.

You must allow your energy to be what makes you stand out. If you’re not respecting the codes that are coming through you and giving them space, then you are not allowing your energy to speak for you. You are choosing your ego over your channel.

5. You don’t have a framework

The Gifted often navigate from their intuition. Intuition does NOT come downloaded in a well-cited essay. It comes down in fragments, messages, dreams, words, synchronicities, feelings, totems… It comes in the form of Magic. This makes for an incredible client experience, don’t you think? Sometimes, you might even download the bones for an entire program. The vision, the value - it is ALL there. You're trying to have ease in your business. Downloaded programs and intuitive hits about new offers FEEL full of ease and intuition. But usually, there is no substance to it. A downloaded idea will not make itself into a fully formed course that runs like clockwork. Nobody will tell you this but... Ease is created through a framework. Things like your onboarding workflow, email sequences, and upscale written content are essential to scaling your business to the place you deserve. Are you trying to manifest ease, or are you actively creating it? You need to put in the legwork and create a framework that allows you ease once complete. THAT being said - I want to share my solution to the framework puzzle piece. I've created something called CEO Labs. It's a place to play, to experiment, to learn, and to make money. CEO Labs is a month-to-month membership for spiritual leaders that are ready to experience new abundance and new timelines. You will get intimate coaching and support around every stage of your business from someone who gets you, who’s been there, and is actively creating more and more abundance. This is the power of personalized coaching from someone who gets it. Most importantly, I’ll bring you the interweaving of feminine and masculine energetics. It’s time to: - Redefine what you've been taught and make it work for the awakened leader. - Receive super practical and tangible steps that will actually move the needle into more money. - Receive energetic mastery tools that will get you seen. What you receive when you join the CEO Lab: - Two 90-minute community calls These calls are to answer any and all questions about business. This can include pricing, messaging, content clarity, programs, building landing pages, offers, mindset, blogs, etc. These will be held on the first and third Thursday of every month. - Two 60 minutes silent Power Hour co-working sessions. These are perfect to immerse yourself in the energy of momentum and accountability. You’ll have access to the Zoom chat for group questions, brainstorming, celebrations, and light feedback. They will be held on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. #WorkWithMeWednesday. BONUS: You will also receive recordings of previous calls, with questions and timestamps listed in the notes so you can watch exactly what you need (because your time is important).

BONUS 2: A library of masterclass trainings, uploaded month to month, covering topics from content, pricing to messaging, and more. Come learn, implement, experiment, play, and make money together.

To learn more, go to

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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