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4 Ways Spiritual Entitlement Prevents Intuitives From Scaling Their Business

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Do you think that being intuitive is ALL that you need to make your business successful? I sure hope you don’t! Hear me out. 👇🏽 I work with so many gifted healers, intuitives, channels, and oracles, and nobody wants to admit this, but there is a LOT of spiritual entitlement in this space. This is when you KNOW that you do something incredible. Maybe you speak to the dead, or channel angels. It is amazing. It’s out of this world. But you still exist in the 3D. Your business still exists in the 3D. In the spiritual space, it’s often believed that you can manifest incredible experiences and incredible businesses with very little effort. I’m sure you’ve heard that if you just: - intend for success - visualize your perfect business - journal day and night THEN you can make your way into that dream of a successful business. Magic happens, yes. But there needs to be tangibility as well. Newsflash (and you may not like this!) - alignment isn’t enough to create a booming and abundant online business. Just because we are connected to the astral, doesn’t mean that success will just land in our laps. Here's the thing. There's a way to spiritually hack ourselves into the most abundant timeline at quantum speed. I've done it, my clients do it, and you can too. The key is that the spiritual and the practical need to work TOGETHER.

You need to get your spiritual entitlement out of the way and integrate the spiritual ideas with the practical actions so that we can have holistic success. ✨ Here are four examples of how you can combine both the intuitive and the business strategies to make magic happen in your business. ✨

1.Channeling a program vs. selling one

This intuitive strategy is when you can psychically channel an entire program. You have ALL of the ins and outs, every detail, all of the magic. You know what guides will assist and what dimension these ideas will come out of. Often, you may think this is enough to create a SOLD OUT OFFER. It’s not. You need to combine the tangible as well. You need to be able to use business strategy to translate the psychic program of your dreams into one with solid, grounded results and a clear return on investment for your clients. You need to be able to show the results in this world. The 3D. Ask yourself: -What problem are you solving? -How will you gain the trust of your audience? -How will you convey the importance of acting now?

By answering these KEY questions, you’ll be able to show your clients how your intuitive abilities can have a concrete effect on their day-to-day.

2. Channeled content vs sales content

The second intuitive strategy I see tripping up SO many spiritual entrepreneurs is when you channel the content you need to broadcast to your community.

It might be messages from God, loved ones, aliens, or angels.

You download messages right from above, and you feel that putting them out there as they come, right from the source, is enough. The business strategy that needs to balance out channeled content is that you need to MAKE SURE you are giving your community value. There is a difference between an inspirational post that people resonate with in the moment and a value-filled post that guides your client to a solution. You want to be guiding them to move through those problems. The value starts a conversation about how they can continue working with you. There is another key here: share those channeled messages where you KNOW your IDEAL customers are looking. For example, if you’re specifically working with Moms, you may want to check out Mommy and Me Facebook groups. If you’re working with business owners and CEOs, perhaps you put out a podcast or post content on LinkedIn. The content you provide should be about the solution you offer your clients.

While channeled content can be useful to inspire your audience, it is NOT enough to generate sales in your business.

3. Being in flow vs. being inconsistent

I have a little tidbit of truth here for you. You don’t have to work harder than you’re working right now.

You just need to work smarter. Read that again. When you push push push, sharing every little tidbit of your life on social media, and doing all of the busywork, you are not in alignment. You are working, sure, but is that constant work actually doing anything for your business? Are you receiving the clients or business that you are working so hard for?

You need to go back to basics and learn exactly what works for you. Is that posting only three days a week? What about showing up for value-packed lives on Instagram every Sunday? Rather than trying to “do it all”, you need to figure what your natural flow state is. Oftentimes, as a spiritual being, you require more rest, alone time, or time away from the screen. You need to be in nature, or in a place where you can let go and relax. ✨ You deserve that, Oracle. But know that wearing a robe and posting pictures on Instagram isn't necessarily what's going to drive your business to the place you want it to go. You get to rest and you get to relax. Then really SHOW UP for the people who are paying you. Show up, powerfully with education, with value, and with shifts that will help them in between. Find out what feels good to you AND provides value to your audience, and then do it consistently.

4. Being a psychic vs. being a facilitator of change

If you want to scale, you need to be more than just a reader. More than just a psychic. I know this can be triggering for those whose identity is completely wrapped up in their ability to read someone. This is an invitation to step into your CEO identity. You are no longer just giving people pieces of information about themselves or their past with no real direction on instruction to go along with it. You are now a facilitator of change. You are now not only giving them this information that you can receive; you are helping them navigate through what’s next, integrating shifts for them, and moving them along to their next level. You are more than just a vessel for messages - it’s time to start acting like it. Your wisdom, your voice, your experience matter just as much as your gifts

I want you to succeed. I want your message to be amplified. I want you to be rich. I want you to heal scarcity and visibility wounds because this is what shifts our entire PLANET into THE most abundant timeline. If you're struggling in your business, you don't have to. I have been in your shoes, and I want to teach you how I shifted my business and life. In my new course, Oracle Business School, you will learn to own an anchor into the identity of being a CEO, both strategically and intuitively. ✖️ It’s time to ditch the 1001 unopened freebie opt-ins you have in your inbox. ✖️ No more short-term support mentors that don’t understand what you do. ✖️ No more 5 day challenges that don’t get you to where you truly want to be. THIS is the power of personalized coaching and community from someone who gets it. This is for you if you're a gifted intuitive, and want to be positioned as premium (instead of an unseen, underpaid mystic). My new monthly membership gives you all the tools needed to scale your business and anchor into your identity as a CEO.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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