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4 Ways I Know You’re Not Ready For Your Most Abundant Timeline

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

In the end, most people are going to say, of course I'm ready for my most abundant timeline.

Everybody wants to live a life of abundance and freedom. Whatever abundance looks like for them.

However, not everyone is truly qualified to work in a container where it's dedicated to their most abundant timeline. And I'll tell you what it is that I look for when deciding if it's the right fit to work together. Read below. 👇🏽

Are You Stuck in Victim Consciousness?

Are you operating from the narrative that life is happening to you?

That there is something inherently different or wrong about you that is going to make it harder to succeed in your dreams?

Are you still co-creating from a place outside of your sovereignty?

Have you forgotten you were created as a reflection of the Most High, and hold the same potential power within you?

I listen out for language such as:

  • “Well, you just don't get it...”

  • “This happened to me…”

  • “It's always going to be harder for me because…”

Now, this isn't to discredit that certain circumstances in life can make an effect on the way that we're being perceived outwardly. But my focus is on, are you able to show up, despite whatever unfavorable circumstances cross your path?

Are you willing to unplug from The Matrix programming created around those circumstances?

Because the truth is, we all have something we can say. That you’re not going to succeed because this is happening to me. Or this is a circumstance that I've been given is holding me back. Etc, etc, etc.

Those who are truly living in their most abundant timeline have learned to unplug from the circumstances that The Matrix has given them.

We’re able to transcend PAST those circumstances and show up anyway.

Are you triggered yet?

Keep reading. 👇🏽

Are You in Survival?

In one of my previous blogs I talked about the Root Chakra, and how it’s the center of our basic survival as humans.

What happens greatly when people are in survival is that they have a difficult time dreaming past their necessities.

They have a hard time, tapping into what turns them ON. A fantasy, their highest excitement, dreaming beyond the confines of just having enough to pay the bills.

Desire lives in the sacral chakra of femininity, intuition, and sensuality.

I want to know who you are and what you want to become outside of the box you were born into. Outside of just paying your bills.

Those living in the most abundant timeline have dreamed up a dream SO delicious that it drives them, not to the financial result, but the actual value of the life they live.

Are You Consistent?

Those who are actively accelerating through their most abundant timeline, are those who are consistent. Their vision, their message, their commitment, their energy, their belief, their faith.

It’s ALL consistent.

If you’re constantly:

  • Wavering in what you deem possible on your timeline because you see someone else succeeding at something else.

  • Wavering because you're not seeing the proof that you are looking for.

  • Wavering because you just don't show up in the 3D to support your vision.

Then you simply don't have the maturity or grounding necessary to create or be in the momentum of that timeline.

This brings me to the next, and maybe the MOST important point.

Are You Outsourcing Your Results to Your Mentor, Teacher Healer, Coach, or Algorithm?

When I work with people in a long-term container, one section of their container is a place, specifically outlining where I will not save them.

For they don't need to be saved.

I outline that their timeline triggers success. Or, I direct responsibility that they get to hold and own.

If you hire someone and release all of your faith, devotion, and power to the words in the presence of a fellow human, you will get results based on the limitations of that fellow human.

Whereas, when you release all of your faith, devotion, and power to dancing with the one Infinite Creator, God, Spirit, or universe, you will get results based on their limits.

Which are none.

You begin playing in the field of infinite potential possibilities.

You are playing in a space of aligning with your most abundant timeline.

So yes. Hire that mentor. And remember, you're both vessels of creation. You’re both vessels of receivership.

Act accordingly.

If you want to learn more about how to anchor in your power, your vessel, and your ability to receive. Check out The Oracle Business School.

With over 40 videos that will give you the tools to allow your Intuition to become your Superpower.

In this self-paced course my clients have been able to:

  • Contact with their own spirit team

  • Clear their karmic and lineage patterning

  • Develop an understanding of who they are and all of their shadows and gifts

Start living through your intuition and be the Oracle of your OWN life.


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