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3 Things All Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurs Need To Overcome To Hit 5-Figure Months

Wondering what it really takes to become a successful spiritual entrepreneur hitting consistent five-figure months?

While I often share what shadows and energetic hangups my clients have to overcome to scale, today I want to get a little personal.

When I look back at my entrepreneurial journey, these are the three biggest things I had to overcome to get to a Multiple Figure Business


There’s no way around it - if you want to be a successful spiritual entrepreneur, you have to get comfortable selling.

This is a practice, and it takes work.

In the beginning, selling my services felt all kinds of icky.

The strange thing is, I’d worked in sales before becoming an entrepreneur…and I’d never had an issue with sales.

When I worked at Bars, I had zero problems recommending the top-shelf beverages or recommending the most delicious thing on the menu. (Which just so happened to be the most expensive on the menu!)

When I worked in wellness centers and spas, I had no hangups asking guests if they wanted to upgrade their spa treatment (or recommend the $300 Serum off the shelf!).

In fact, I loved it.

I loved talking about the product's benefits, sharing my results, and connecting over our love for a well-thought-out craft cocktail or a vitamin c serum.

Yet when it came to my own business, I felt so awkward selling my services.

Like somehow, I was putting myself in a position of need or charity.

It seems crazy to think about now since my sales mindset has done a total 180 since then.

But at the time, it seriously made me feel SO cringy to have to lead a sales call or promote my services.

And no wonder it did, because the energy I was selling from was needy and disempowered.

Do you want to know the shift I made to overcome this block and step into the territory of successful spiritual entrepreneur?

When clients purchase my services, they’re not doing me a “favor”.

I have the solution to someone's problem.

I've invested nearly 10 years of my life, gaining legitimate client experience and getting results under my belt.

I’ve spent almost a decade working with a gamut of shadows, hypnotic reprogramming, and master energy healing….not to mention all the business experience I gained along the way.

I have spent nearly 10 years working with clients in an intimate and transformative setting. PLUS, all of the years before that of self-study.

And that doesn’t even include the six-figure investments in my business, in my own healing, and in my own mentorship.

So yeah…

I feel like I’m more than a *little* qualified to help a lot of people in a deep, transformative way.

Why wouldn’t I let people know that I can help them? Why wouldn't I let people know how to work with me? Why wouldn't I give people the opportunity to receive premium care – like the love that I give?

In fact, wouldn't it be selfish of me to gatekeep everything I've learned?

Here’s a reframe for you if selling makes you feel icky. 👇🏽

Selling is one of the most spiritual things you can do.

And being in exchange of energy, time and money is sacred.

If your ego feels like asking for money in exchange for your valuable service is charity…

…it means you’re most likely not truly rooted and grounded in the transformation you provide.

I know I certainly wasn’t.

I somehow felt that by selling my service, I was indebted to my client. I felt subservient because of how much I was charging…like I’d need to do whatever they asked to justify my high prices. Let’s just say setting boundaries with clients was a struggle!

But as my business grew, I realized just how valuable my services really were. I recognized that six months in my container would save my clients thousands of dollars, thousands of hours and so much lifeforce than had they tried to do it all on their own.

Now, our containers are co-creative as two equals two leaders, two souls coming together in sacred exchange…

And it's an honor to do so.

Perfectionism And Struggling With Authenticity

Have you ever felt like you need to show up “perfectly” if you want to be seen as a successful spiritual entrepreneur?

This was one of the BIGGEST struggles I had to overcome to reach five-figure months.

If you went back and watched my first Instagram stories, you’d see a highly curated highlight reel of the life I thought I was “supposed” to be living as a new paradigm leader.

This perma-happy, always high-energy version of myself who had everything figured out.

But guess what? Perfection is so old paradigm.

I remember feeling this strange tension between wanting to share my expertise…and also feeling like I couldn’t because my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

I didn't feel rich enough, popular enough.

And yet, I knew I could talk about the unconscious mind reprogramming and healing, shamanism, and psychic gifts and business for hours on end.

But I held back – because I felt like I needed to prove myself.

When you’re in a pattern of needing to prove yourself, you show up inauthentically.

The truth is, I'm not a perma-happy person. I'm a deep person.

I can move between old soul stoic one minute and laughing at TikTok pranks the next.

So here's the shift I needed to make. 👇🏽

“I fully own and embrace all parts of myself”

And because I do, there is more room for authenticity, both with clients AND in my online marketing.

Because it doesn’t have to be either/or. It can be both/and.

I can put my priestess robe on and channel and heal for hours.

And when I take it off, I can feel sassy and embrace my potty humor.

The more I include those parts of me in my online presence, the more my people find me.

I am no longer performing as who I think I should be in order to be respected. I simply am just myself – and my energy commands authority as a byproduct.

Comparing My Timeline To Others

Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to other successful spiritual entrepreneurs, feeling your timeline should look like there’s? I remember the bitterness and frustration I’d feel when I saw others in my space achieving the things I desperately desired.

Whether that meant hitting a 30k month in their first year of business or being able to travel the world for months at a time…

I’d think to myself, “When the fuck will it be my turn?”

And now, it is my turn.

Oracle, your journey doesn’t need to look like anybody else’s.

My journey looked like investing over 25k with a mentor when I only had 8k in my bank account…

…and then making it back the very next month.

I could never have done it without that mentor. I was throwing spaghetti at the wall every day and being inconsistent with my earnings.

I needed to go through the process of hiring a mentor, feeling scared shitless and trusting I'd make the money back.

I needed to have a mirror held up to my face. I needed to be called out on where I was sabotaging. I needed to be believed in. I needed to face my fear of selling. I needed to face my fear of being rejected. I needed support in facing my fear of actually winning.

I NEEDED to invest over 25k in a mentor to learn how to scale to consistent $30k months+.

Now, I'm traveling the world with my husband and puppy. But that couldn't have happened five years ago when I really wanted it – because I wouldn't be the person that I am today.

My nervous system wasn't resilient enough. My business wasn't consistent enough. My husband wasn't in a position to travel. And my puppy wasn't even born yet. 😉

If you can resonate with my story, here’s what I encourage you to tell yourself…

My timeline is happening exactly as it's supposed to.

I no longer compare or wish to be like anyone else.

I wish to be like myself. And I take divine action toward those higher visions, trusting that sacred timing is a real thing.

Do you see yourself in my story, Oracle?

Not only have I worked through my own blocks and illuminated the shadows that were keeping me small – but I’ve helped countless clients do it, too. If you’re ready for next-level mentorship and support to help scale your spiritual business to five-figure months by examining your shadows & applying new paradigm business strategy…consider applying to my 1:1

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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