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3 Mindset Shifts To Work Less And Earn More As A Spiritual Entrepreneur

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Have you ever felt like if you want to make more money in your business you need to put in more hours? If you’re still running your business from a place of hustle and overwhelm because you think that’s the key to success, this post is for you.

To set the stage, I want to share with you a quote by Nikolas Tesla. In it, he says:

If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration.

THESE are the three factors you have self-governance over every single day in your life and business. They’re what I like to refer to as energy mastery.

Becoming proficient in energy mastery is key to making more money without feeling overworked, uninspired, or burnt out.

And while I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at energy mastery over the past few years, it hasn’t always been that way.

I used to completely ignore energy management.

To show you just how much has changed, I want to share with you what a typical day in my business would have looked like four years ago.

You could find me:

  • Hopping on calls with back-to-back clients - leaving no whitespace in my day

  • Scrambling to post on Instagram at the perfect time to ‘beat the algorithm’

  • Coddling my clients and feeling like I needed to hold their hand every step of the way to justify my prices

  • Feeling like I needed MORE online clients, while simultaneously feeling overwhelmed with my in-person clients

I was caught in a vicious cycle of more, more, more.

I felt by simply adding on MORE clients or by having a packed schedule, I’d somehow ‘made it’ and would finally be considered a ‘real entrepreneur’.

The baseline energy was stress, and I was caught in a cycle of stress and perfectionism. The perfectionism would lead to stress, the stress would lead to perfectionism, and so on and so on.

Now, let’s contrast this with what my days look like today.

  • I get to sleep in as long as I want.

  • I enjoy my long, luxurious mornings.

  • I get to make art and express my creativity.

  • My family comes over to visit.

I get to spend my days how I CHOOSE.

I get to follow my highest excitement in all moments.

If you’re thinking, that sounds great, but HOW does that work? How do you get to work less and do all these things yet be making MORE money?

Here’s the thing: by giving myself the time freedom to truly, deeply nurture myself, it allows my channel to be the clearest it’s ever been. My intuition is spot on - and when my intuition is precise, it leads me into the highest level of abundance, fulfillment, and service to others.

There were three BIG mindset shifts I made to make this happen, so let’s dive into what I changed to start making more money while working fewer hours than ever.

1: Learn How You Work Best

This step is SO key to creating more ease in your life. You can look up at your gene keys, your human design, your astrology, but ultimately it’s up to you to learn how you THRIVE in your life.

This comes down to so many different factors.

How you recharge

In my work going through this process, I realized that something SUPER key for me is that I need my alone time.

Given the fact that I'm a sensitive being, I rest and recover best when I'm alone.

My work goes DEEP with clients and I often absorb their energies and they absorb mine. My solitude is necessary for knowing where someone else’s energy stops and where mine begins.

Your Energetic Capacity

Because my work with my 1-1 clients is so intensive, I’ve learned over the years that my energetic capacity for clients is lower. I’d MUCH rather have a small handful of clients that I get to serve intensely rather than a larger number of clients (which would most likely leave me feeling depleted).

I’ve said goodbye to back-to-back calls. I now have a smaller, intimate client base at premium prices. This is also because I’ve built up my skills and experience to the level where I’m able to charge in that premium bracket.

The way I like to think of it is the difference between craft cocktail bars and volume bars.

Volume bars make their money from serving a high volume of patrons. You have hundreds of people coming in throughout the night and there serving drink after drink after drink - pouring beers and mixing vodka sodas.

A craft cocktail bar, on the other hand, is a totally different experience. You might only go for one or two drinks, but you’re going for the premium spirits, the way the bartender crafts your drink with precision, the botanicals, and the luxurious ingredients.

I run my business like a craft cocktail bar.

This is NOT to put down others who choose volume. Both have their pros and cons - you just need to figure out what feels right FOR YOU.

Your Ideal Schedule

I’ve experimented with SO many different types of schedules in my business. I’ve tried taking clients in the mornings, afternoons, and even evenings (especially when many of my online clients were in Bali and Australia).

I soon realized that I was in my prime in the early morning. This is when my channel is the clearest.

Everyone is going to be different. What’s important is that you take the time to think about when you're your best. When do you have the most energy and feel the sharpest?

This doesn’t just apply to the time of day but also your weekly schedule. Some of us like to frontload our week and get lots done on Monday through Wednesday, while others might need to go a bit slower and ease into their week after the weekend. Find what works for you.

You can even consider these principles when thinking about your monthly schedule. Think about your cycle, about which weeks in the months you have the most energy, and which you are the most creative.

For me, I create a custom hypnosis and affirmation plan for my clients, which usually takes about 10-14 days. I realized I didn’t want to be forcing my creativity every single day of the month.

Now, I only take on new clients in the first week of the month. From there, I go into creation mode and get to work on the client plans. This allows me to have a container for my weeks and make the most of when I’m feeling creative and inspired.

Remember: you don’t always have to be open for business. You don’t always have to be “on”. It’s okay to protect your energy and put yourself first.

Regardless of where you are in your abundance timeline, you have the availability to say no to the things that do not excite you. When you say no to what doesn’t excite you, you will only make yourself more available to things that do.

2. Break The Proving Pattern

The Proving Pattern happens at ALL levels of business. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or if you’ve already hit 7-figures.

I already touched on this earlier when I was showing you what my days look liked before I started practicing energetic mastery.

I thought that I needed to have a full, jam-packed day to consider myself a “real entrepreneur” (whatever that means!).

This is something that takes some digging to uncover. You have to ask yourself, why is the proving pattern there in the first place?

If you want to go deep and journal about it, you can ask yourself, “What am I afraid of losing if I abandon the proving pattern?”.

A super common example of the proving pattern playing out is that so many women compare themselves to a male counterpart. Maybe their examples of business owners are their fathers, brothers, or ex-boyfriends.

For years, they saw the old male paradigm of business play out. Perhaps that meant putting business before self-care, relationships, and wellness. Unknowingly, many women start to operate from this paradigm as well, rather than shifting into feminine leadership.

While the old masculine paradigm praises hustle, putting in long hours, and grit, the feminine paradigm recognizes cycles, emotions, and energetics.

This is a MAJOR way of getting stuck in the proving pattern - because the only template that you’ve had for what a successful business looks like is to emulate men. This is why masterminds with other female entrepreneurs are SO important.

I’ll give you a few examples of how the proving pattern has shown up in my own business:

I’ve often thoughts things like: “YES I’m an Oracle...but I’m also a businesswoman”

“YES I’m a hypnotherapist...but I’m not airy-fairy” “YES I dropped out of college to pursue my business...but look at how successful I am, it was so worth it”

I had to consciously untrain my mind from going down these cycles. I now know that I can do whatever honors my energy at the moment, regardless of how someone else feels about it or if someone judges me.

If you're trying to prove something, then you're not in the process of following your most abundant timeline, and your highest excitement.

3. Connecting as a Heart-Centered Leader

The third and final piece that has allowed me to increase my revenue while working fewer hours is connecting as a heart-centered leader.

What does it mean to be a heart centered leader?

A heart-centered leader means you are running an intuitive-based business. It means that you’re following what your heart is telling you, even if the “logical” thing is to do something else.

It means honoring what your heart is telling you in all moments. Sometimes our heart may lead us to do something and our logical brain is telling us, “Oh shit. This is going to make me lose money.” Or,

“How am I going survive this? How am I going to make this work?”

Being a heart-centered leader isn’t about knowing all of the small pieces that make up the how. It’s about that gut feeling yes or no answer.

When you can truly start to honor and run your business from being a heart-centered leader, then you will see a dramatic difference in what is available to you - because making more money does not mean spending more TIME making the money.

For example: Let’s say I give myself the space to paint in my backyard because my heart is telling me to do so. I switch my vibration, and in doing so, open myself up to new thought patterns and ways of being. All of a sudden, I might get a thought download for a new podcast idea.

Once I’ve put that episode into the world, I might get a client who LOVES my energy and feels compelled to sign on with me.

Boom. Client signed.

Following your highest excitement leads to joy, abundance, and service - and whatever I create from that space is going to land with the right people.

Part of the reason I’m able to get this immediate cash inflection when people feel drawn to me is that I don’t need to be present in a time sense for every client transformation. On the logistical side of my business, I’ve been able to do this through having Omnipresent offers. This is something I teach in my Oracle Business School course. In it, I give the foundation of what needs to shift in your business energetically, but I also give you the practical tools to create an omnipresent business and bring in 6 figures while deepening your client’s transformation.

By learning how I work best and tuning into energy management, breaking the proving pattern, and truly connecting to my work as a heart-centered leader, I was able to create more revenue in my business than ever before - while still coming from a place of ease.

If you are still stuck in the old paradigm of hustling, grinding, and pushing, I urge you to think about what your business could look like if you committed to these shifts.

Got questions about creating an abundant business while achieving time freedom?

Leave them in the comments!


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