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The Top Challenges I Solve for New Paradigm Leaders

❌ Are you rejecting your Most Abundant Timeline™?

👉🏽 Your Most Abundant Timeline™ is the idea that out of the infinite amount of timelines in this existence, there’s going to be ONE that is your most abundant.

It is abundant in every area of your life.

  • Abundant in love!

  • Abundant in wealth!

  • Abundant in lifestyle!

And because I specifically work with new paradigm leaders and entrepreneurs (a.k.a those who are throwing out the rule books📖) there's a lot of deconditioning has to happen to help you unlock this abundance.

This blog is here to teach you all about the most common challenges I solve for these new paradigm leaders and how YOU can get that little bit closer to opening the treasure chest of your Most Abundant Timeline™.

What Is Deconditioning?

Deconditioning refers to the work that has to be done to help these leaders (AKA you!💃) OUT of their current mindset AND energetics (because you absolutely need both).

Although you’re one of the brave ones, there's still a lot of sabotage, fear, and trauma in your subconscious that’s holding you back. Both in our ancestral lineage and karmic lives, but also here in the 3D, from your actual lived experience.

When all of these layers are living collectively in our bodies, we have a hard time finding and consistently moving into that Most Abundant Timeline™.

How Do People Get Stuck?

Many people design their lives from a very limited perspective of what's possible.

It's only those who get a glimpse of what's possible by being around those who are living it that figure out “yes! I can do this too.”

There are two types of clients I work with:

Clients who are Masterful & Gifted practitioners butttttt they don't know how to create consistent abundance in their life- because they have NO IDEA how to translate their gifts into the 3D.

And without the physical abundance, they're getting stuck & unfulfilled in other aspects of their life.

My other clients…

Are multiple six-figure & 7 figure earners, but they've created a business with a weak foundation.

A business that was NOT based on their Most Abundant Timeline™ and likely rooted in OLD paradigm conditioning.

🔥They're burnt out

😴They're tired

🤬They're mis-aligned

Maybe they created a business that was never authentic to them. Instead, identities of hustle culture, sole financial gain, and performative personas were passed down..

They’ve made it to the illusionary top, but it’s NOT what they thought it would be.

Which leads to an eventual collapse .

To help them understand what parts of themselves created a false timeline in their life & business, they get to look inside. That's where I come in.

How Do You Move INTO a New Paradigm?

What percentage of yourself is living out a false timeline based on things that you think you’re supposed to, be, have, want ?

Once you’re able to identify those parts of yourself, you can then design and decide what else you would like to experience instead.

In the process of choosing a new foundation, you might feel this common emotion: FEAR.

  • Fear of change

  • Fear of shifting timelines

  • Fear of being seen

  • Fear of instability

  • Fear of losing money

  • Fear of being canceled

But you *must* move through it anyway.

When you do, you’re able to create your Most Abundant Timeline™ from a place of expansion versus a limited perception.

And from there, you learn how to tune into your psychic channel (a.k.a the Oracle body) so you can always create from a place of authenticity. Instead of tuning in to what's around you, you learn to tune into yourself.

Because the truth is, it's really easy to be programmed.

By society, by culture, by social media.

If we are not choosing how we want to program ourselves, we will simply be programmed by everything else. To tune into our psychic body and intuitive channel means we will always have sovereignty over what we are creating.

Is this hitting a chord with you?

If you want to become a new paradigm leader, explore your psychic gifts, and learn more about how to access your Most Abundant Timeline™, I’m opening up my availability to help you 1:1 this July 2022.

Check out how we can work together HERE to gain greater clarity and start your journey on the path to abundance.

And if you're already planning to implement these tips, let me know in the comments.

I always LOVE to hear how you’re shifting and scaling your processes.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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