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How To Attract Clients Ready To Invest In ANY Price You Set

I remember what it feels like to be overworked, overwhelmed yet underpaid..

You deserve better.

Clients who are willing to pay top dollar because they KNOW the value you bring.🤑

I want to let you know that it is possible to live a life of abundance and have FREEDOM of time as well. I’m literally LIVING proof of that. In this blog, I want to let you in on how to attract new clients that are willing to invest at ANY price you set. So you can become the Spiritual CEO that feels impassioned about your new paradigm leadership…👇🏼

  1. Create Content That Speaks To Their Aspirational Self

You'd be so surprised at the amount of content I see reiterating poverty and struggle identities.

Especially towards those they're allegedly supposedly trying to empower.

Instead of focusing on energetically aligned marketing, they focus on content based on victim consciousness. Which is subconsciously (and energetically) driving your potential clients AWAY.

It’s time to change the tune.

Lead with what's possible for them and you’ll attract clients that are willing to invest in themselves all the way.

  1. Souls That Are Meant To Work With You Have Already CHOSEN To Do So

Understand that they’ve done so since before their incarnation.

It's part of their soul contract.

Call them forward with all your power, yes…butttttt also make sure the lights are on in your business. Make sure they can find you easily. Just because they've chosen to work with you, doesn't mean they know where to find you.

Make it easy for them.

Guide them into your realm with a CLEAR pathway.

  1. Look Inwards

Who are you once the filter comes off and the phone is down?

  • Are you the leader you pose to be on Instagram?

  • Do you love your work?

  • Are you masterful at what you do?

Learning how to attract new clients isn’t JUST about what you can offer them. It’s about how aligned you are with your life's mission. How true you are to yourself. And how capable you are of looking inward and projecting that knowledge into tangible results.

It doesn't always come naturally to us.

Take radical responsibility and decide if you need to invest in support of your own.

Because if you never look inward, you’ll NEVER be able to attract premium clients ready to invest.

  1. Be Willing To Invest In Premium Work

If you want to be paid premium $$$, you have to practice what you preach. 💸

Like attracts like.

This step on its own is likely not going to bring you a million-dollar business.

But everything you learn about yourself and the person you get to become on the other side of fear CAN.

The power of learning from a mentor who can show you everything to avoid and what you can do instead, will quantum leap you into where you want to be.

  1. Be Your Authentic Self Online

This doesn't mean you can't curate your Gram, plan out your feed, or have branded colors.

It means being a problem solver in the world that you can't get enough of.

I see so many people talking about things that are SO out of their world. SO out of their expertise. Things that they don’t truly understand in an authentic way.

They’re talking about it because it’s what everyone else is doing.

NOT because it comes from the heart.

Share what's true to you, even if it ruffles feathers.

Because there will always be people who disagree but there will also be people who agree. Those are your people. If we all had the same opinion, life would be boring, right?

Don’t be afraid to say it your way.💪🏼

  1. Illuminate The Part Of You That’s Pushing Clients Away

If you want to attract clients with ease, it’s time to examine your fear.

Why do you feel fear? And how can you instead attract new clients with newfound confidence?

  • Do you have a fear of responsibility?

  • Do you have a fear of getting paid?

  • Do you have a fear of messing up?

If you're starting or scaling your business, your fear needs to be looked at IMMEDIATELY.

Once you can identify and integrate those parts of yourself, the floodgates open.

People can find your business from the other side of the world… LITERALLY.

You start accessing your magnetism. You start accessing the codes that are true for you. And you STOP looking outside of yourself to know what's next.

You are the visionary and turning those parts of yourself that you think no one else is going through and illuminating them into a place of power.

Want to start illuminating YOUR power?

Become a new paradigm leader, explore your psychic gifts, and learn more about how to access your most abundant timeline™ ? Learn how to attract new clients willing to pay top dollar for your services?

Then I might just have the thing for you. 👇🏼

I’m opening up my availability for high touch 1:1 support this July 2022. Check out how we can work together HERE to gain greater clarity and start your journey on the path to abundance.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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