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Five Different Results My Clients Have Had The Last Six Months Of Working With Me

For the privacy and respect of my clients, I will be omitting any names or identifying details. My intentions for sharing a snippet of their story are:

  1. For you to understand that you're not alone in what you're experiencing.

  2. For you to witness the layers there are to healing and timeline expansion

  3. To show you the behind-the-scenes of how I personally work with my clients – and that it may be different than you expected.

So let’s get into these client results so you can see what’s possible, shall we? ✨

Client A Moved To Her DREAM Home

Have you ever imagined trading in your grey, cold city for a tropical, sunny paradise? That’s exactly what Client A was able to do through our work together when she moved her family to her dream location of Bali, Indonesia.

How were we able to do it?

For one, we continuously refined what her desires were…despite not knowing the how or why of the situation.

We used hypnosis to reprogram her unconscious mind to believe miracles are happening for her, and to her, always.

Next up was energy work to clear ancestral cycles so she could understand how her family and cultural lineage were keeping her in a disempowered state – and preventing her from accessing her Most Abundant Timeline™

If you’re raised in a culture (be it from a nation or a family) where you've always heard loved ones tear others down for doing “too well”, you’ll subconsciously dim your light to fit in.

Your natural safety mechanism to survive and be accepted by your tribe is to cut YOURSELF down. You cut things off before you're able to be seen, celebrated, and rewarded.

How can you chase your wildest dreams and goals when you’re terrified of being rejected for winning?

My client would cut herself down before she could even start.

Sometimes showing up online isn't as simple as just hitting the record button.

Protection can disguise itself as apathy or narratives like “I don't know what to say!” when in fact you actually do.

Your limitless expression is on the other side of healing this fear and disengaging from cultural patterns that knock you down – simply for being yourself.

Client B Finally Overcame Her Addiction To Burnout

Addiction to busyness is an epidemic in our modern world. In fact, a recent study showed that over HALF of Americans are currently facing burnout at their jobs.

As entrepreneurs, we often start our businesses to get away from demanding careers and toxic work environments…but then end up creating a business fueled by this same overproduction and hustle.

Through our work, Client B was able to finally understand why she was stuck in a toxic cycle of burnout.

We practiced emotional and subconscious detangling to locate the source of this lifelong pattern of needing to survive, needing to push her body further, and needing to self abandon her internal guiding system.

Despite being a multiple six-figure earner, her identity was still stuck in the hustle of survival.

Together, we've addressed deeper levels of safety and trust in her body, grounding into the identity of wealth as a byproduct of her self-care.

She’s been able to reconnect back to the language of her internal guiding system, helping her to listen and expand into deeper levels of her Most Abundant Timeline™

On and not to mention, hitting her highest months in business ever. 😉

Client C Developed The Confidence To Embrace A New Direction

When Client C came to me, she was building out an amazing product suite – filled with programs to purchase, courses to join, and several ways to work with her one to one.

The only problem?

It wasn't selling.

On paper, everything appeared to be correct.

She had an enormous following, a built-out suite.

But when you peaked behind the curtain, it was an entirely different story.

There were crickets on her sales and her energy was off. It was rooted in chasing approval, people-pleasing, and inauthenticity…

Rather than her being in her actual genius.

Everything was grounded in what she thought she was “supposed” to be selling based on what everyone else is doing.

Or, because it was what had worked for her in the past, rather than what she was truly feeling called to do.

There was new medicine on her heart, one that was wanting to be birthed.

But she wasn't answering the call.

She had stories about the new medicine…

👉🏽 that nobody would get it

👉🏽 that it wouldn't sell

👉🏽 that she would lose followers

Not only did she have this medicine on her heart, but this medicine was also calling for higher and newer levels of embodiment.

Oftentimes when pivots like this happen, we don't want to answer the call.

We’re afraid to answer the call because of what we’ll have to confront, who we’ll have to become, and what identities we’ll have to let go of.

Understandably, my client felt like birthing her new medicine would be a huge responsibility and even a risk to her brand and business.

But through trust, psychic visioning, and identity shifting, she gracefully received and launched this new medicine…resulting in a six-figure launch. 💸

When people see these massive launches and huge financial results, they often think something like, “Oh, well it’s so easy for them! They have a big following, high engagement or [insert other thing I don’t have here]”

But in reality, there's so much work, courage, deconstruction, and HIGHER levels of risk that go into launching a new brand, with thousands and thousands of eyes watching you.

There's so much behind-the-scenes care that goes into a successful and authentic business.

Client D Cemented Her Messaging And Skyrocketed Her Income

My fourth client, Client D is a masterful healer.

She has years of client experience and in-depth training in her modalities. She is extraordinarily gifted.

But her income did not reflect that.

Client D’s situation was easy for me to understand, as I’d gone through something very similar in the earlier stages of my business.

There were a few things we needed to address in our work together for her to start receiving consistent income and get on the trajectory of her Most Abundant Timeline™

One of them was to lovingly address her spiritual ego.

Like many of us, my client is an ancient soul. She's dedicated a large amount of time and money into her craft.

But her ancient soul was struggling with converting her codes into Instagrammable, bite-sized posts.

Her ancient soul was having a difficult time putting words to the extraordinary value of her gifts.

She knew she had a lot to offer. Her clients had received a wide range of results from working with her, but she lacked to see the golden thread that tied all of her work together.

If you know anything about me, simplifying and seeing the source of a problem is my zone of genius.

So once we were able to discover her golden thread, it was able to inform everything else.

👉🏽Her offerings

👉🏽Her content strategy 👉🏽Her pricing 👉🏽And the exact clients she wanted to work with (not just those who were randomly signing up, and she was taking in order to make money!)

Another big shift we made together was to see social media as the magic sorcery that it is. ✨

Here was the reframe I gave her.

Imagine if 500 years ago, we were to tell the Priestesses and the Oracles of the time, that in the future they’d be able to speak into a box…

And using this box, they could share their medicine and downloads for humanity…

And have it witnessed by thousands, if not millions around the globe?

They’d be SHOOK.

Social media has revolutionized the way people get to heal on this planet.

Welcome to the 5D!

Once my client was able to see social media as sacred, she started getting more downloads than ever before – as well as the confidence to easily share them.

And her income began to change (first 15k month), almost overnight.

Client E Learned To Stop Ignoring Her Intuition…And Rebuilt Her Entire Life And Business

Client E was a spiritual business coach who had a multiple-six-figure business.

When she hired me, she thought she wanted to expand into more abundance.

What actually came out of our together was an entire mission redirection

Together, we uncovered that she’d built the entire foundation of her business based on what she knew would make money…

rather than honoring what she was really here for.

This particular pattern of negating her intuition was weaved into every aspect of her life.

  • Her health

  • Her dying relationship

  • The way she viewed herself

All of it!

But there was so much illusionary safety encoded into the business that she had created.

So instead, we worked together to address what authentic safety feels like in the body.

We addressed not just the shamanic rebirth she was having, but more importantly, the ego death that she was avoiding.

She was having a complete tower collapse moment and gripping to the last fragments of glass possible, like a double-edged sword cornered into her spiritual demise.

This client walked away with a new business built on her authentic desires and intuition, rather than the illusionary safety and “shoulds” that kept her stuck for so long.

Oh and when she did re-launch, she was fully booked out–after a 3 months of not selling.

Awakened Leader…would you like to experience results like this in your life and business? Whether you’re desiring:

  • To finally have the money & confidence to move to your dream location like Client A

  • To replace hustle and burnout with clarity and freedom like Client B

  • To birth the new medicine that’s been on your heart but you’re afraid to share, like Client C

  • To get clear on your messaging and hone in on your marketing to book out like like Client D

  • Or to finally stop ignoring your inner needs and rebuild from the ground up, like Client E

I can help.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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