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A Cuppa Calm 🫖 : your clients are more than psychographics 🙄

Hello my beaaautiful friends,This week's cuppa is a little bit different.


Above I've shared a poem I wrote in 2018 to the soul collective of my then ideal client.


In business- we talk about really getting to know our client avatar.


the usual psychographic questions:

~did they go to school?

~how much do they make?


~what do they eat for lunch?


While there is absolutely a time and place for these details…I ask my clients to focus a little deeper…

what are your soulmate clients:





what are they secretly judging about themselves? about YOUR industry? why do they think they're NOT going to see results? what's really sabotaging them?


In the earlier half of my business when I was working as a master energy healer  & hypnotist in my in person practice…i focused a lot on repairing wounds that the feminine goes through ( all different types of abuse, assault, self abandonment, scarcity, miscarriage, insecurity, break-ups, competitiveness, s3xual awakenings, body image, betrayal, etc) and how it was effecting their present day relationships, income, visibility, careers.


So i wrote them a poem. I tuned into the collective of my soulmate clients and I wrote what I saw, what they needed, what they didn't want to say, what they were hiding, the words unsaid.


Steep This:

Something i really pride myself in is really seeing and knowing my clients to the core. given my  background  working with psychic bodies, I can take in the other persons field pretty quickly and very deeply. Just from one call. and then their words guide me to see where there might be a distortion in what they want VS what they're currently experiencing. 


it's because I know my clients inside and out that I receive comments like “this post is so on time, I needed to hear this today” and messages from clients like “i love the way you guide me, this is blowing my mind”.


there is quite literally no strategy more important than tuning into your soulmate client and allowing them to be the  muse  for your work.


So the medicine…

My work and ideal client have certainly evolved since 2018. and even though the sentiment is the same, the focus with my clients and therefore the results their hiring me for are different.


This week for funsies i'm going to write another poem for them.


I really really really invite you to do the same. 


Speak to the heart of your client. give language to their unspoken words. be the person who gets them. who sees them.


and share it. 


babe, i'd love to hear what you come up with! reply here or tag me in the comments if you decide to post it online ↴↴↴↴


Today I'm sipping on black tea straight from a farm in china!  

funny story, Zack and I decided to renew our lease here in Colorado for another year. This is my first time living in the same place for more than 12 months in my adult life lol!! We rent from a sweet Chinese couple and last week I had the wife over for afternoon tea so we could go over our new lease and to actually meet for the first time.

I had a beautiful spread, with cream and sugar cubes and cookies and fruit. it was a vibe.

When offering her different tea selections from my massive collection that's beautifully stored in a wooden tea box….

she took one look and was like 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

“these are western teas, where's the Chinese kind?”

I was like 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴


So two days ago she came by with Chinese tea her husband had just brought back and some fresh mint from her garden.

Tehehe, gotta love it. 💗

Cheers x Nathaly | oracle ceo

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James WIjaya
James WIjaya
03 juil.

omg im a Chinese-Indonesian i love that ur appreciating chinese tea!!! haha [aside feeling really tired + bitter + angry of my abusive-and-enabling-the-abuse toxic oppresive family systems...]... hahhaa love this!!!

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