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A Cuppa Calm 🫖 : the D word changed my life

Hello my beaaautiful friends,

let's talk about the power behind   d e s i r e  .

When I was bartending at clubs until 4am, seeing my reiki/hypnosis clients during the day and only affording groceries by digging up newspapers to cut up coupons….it was desire that kept me focused. 


Desire is this beautiful gift we have that allows us to tap into the unseen world. without going into the akashas, getting your chart read, consulting a psychic or reading a book. No. 


you don't have to journey to the other side, your desire is right here, in you. 


the life that i'm living was birthed by an insatiable desire for more.


I had a desire for quiet, peace, slow mornings and nothingness.

I had a desire for a best friend I could marry.

I had a desire to travel the world in luxury.

I had a desire for a big beautiful home.

I had a desire for an enriching community of women that grow me.

I had a desire for a business that nourishes me abundantly endlessly

& I had a desire for dream clients that feel like friends. work that doesn't feel like work.


 nathalyif you had seen what my life looked like before…you'd know that desire has the potential for absolute magic. it IS our intuition.


BUT- I am not here to sell you hope. No. 

Though visioning was the first step… it took absolute discipline & devotion to see my dream come to fruition.

Steep This:

if you're already making money in your business- I find the sabotage you may encounter is that you may become tooooo reliant on the strategy. checking boxes. going bigger. hungry for more--without actually checking in on your desire. Some are so quick to re-enroll their mastermind for the money, when they actually want time off. 


If they had made space for hearing their desire.. they could see they're actually meant to launch an evergreen offer for more money and less "on" time. see what i mean? your desire may be asking for refinement, a pivot, a change. honor it.

If you are in the earlier stages of your business- i find the sabotage is that you're amazing at visualizing the life you want…but you may be bypassing the actual skill it takes. One post every few weeks, a confusing bio and content with no reason to stop the scroll isn't you being devoted and disciplined with your business. 


your desire for a successful business should lead you to learning how to have an online business, clarify your message, get clear on what you're selling, etc-- you don't have to roam directionless.


So the medicine…


are you desiring more: clients? time in your personal life?

to birth a project? more visibility from the right people?

for things to get more automated? land? a new car? a spa day? a lover?


Remember: A program of the matrix is to convince people / get people to a place of survival--for when you're in survival it's really difficult to have a taste for what you really want. many still have this patterning in their body from life experience, ancestry, collective conditioning..


this week i invite you to say your desires out LOUD and OFTEN.

"wouldn't it be nice if…."


“i want more of…”


“yes God Goddess, more of __, please”

“thank you for the blessings i'm about to receive in…”.


but don't stop there-- allow the desires to inform your next steps. tune into your body, create a strategy, a plan, illuminate the not-self, break ground for the dream to bloom.

if you want my eyes & insight, find me here.

babe, i'd love to hear what your desiring! share your dream with me. ↴↴↴↴


Today I'm sipping on warm water with lemon and honeyyyy.

p.s. If you missed it… I dropped a podcast episode last week called

“Theft: When Clients Owe You Money”

if you're not already subscribed check out my podcast “Oracle Unfiltered” on anywhere you listen to your podcasts. 


for ease:

  Cheers x Nathaly | oracle ceo



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