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A Cuppa Calm 🫖 : remember your first time? 😳

Hello my beaaautiful friends,

Let's chat about e x p e r i m e n t i n g. 


When I first created a hypnotic was in the closet of my apartment, with the microphone from my wire headphones, "edited" on garage band (free app), it was 1 hour 27 minutes and hosted on a private youtube channel that took about 24 hours to upload.

baaayybeeee- if I had allowed that first hypnotic track to inform my gift set, potential, artistry and future…..I would not be sitting where I am today.


plain and simple my first track wasn't good.


FAST forward 7 years-ish later my Hypnosis students can bypass allllll of the trial and error and make an exquisite track from the go


BUTTTTT this does not mean there isn't a learning curve.


My student still gets to find their voice, their tone, their special sauce when it comes to creating a track.

And they probably don't have the same confidence when creating their first track as they do their 10th. 


This is true for ANY part of marketing. 


and the saddest thing I see is someone NOT posting, selling, marketing, creating because they're not seeing the result they want, instantly. 


Something I have seen out in the ethers, observed from my successful clients and learned through my own journey:


not every work has to be a banger AND yet it can still sell, it can still convert, it can still attract and more importantly it can INFORM YOU. 

inform you of your creative process

inform you of your voice

inform you of what your clients are needing

inform you of what was actually your not-self

and so on. 


Your business success depends on collecting personal and external data.


My first 20 hypnotic tracks informed me of:

~~>clients are more likely to listen to their hypnosis everyday if its no more than 45minutes

~~> a $200 editing system would allow me to create tracks that stand out and generate more money than i ever imagined

~~> clients love layering and subliminals so don't just do one take

~~> people invested in hypnosis more when the price tag was higher


Steep This:

When you're trying something for the first time like:

 a new modality

 a new social media platform

 a new content style

 a new type of offer

 a new brand pillar

 a new value proposition

 a new client archetype



Just have fun! i know lame. but seriously, if you're meant to experiment and collect data--what can you do to make the process more enjoyable? how can you build muscle for longevity?


Do you remember your first time? it was likely not your best work. It may have felt cringe, uncomfortable and even overwhelming…cause ya know.. social media……

..what did you think i was talking about lol??


but you owe it to yourself. your bank account. your ripple effect….to test and experiment. 


So the medicine…

I'm going to hold your hand when I say this….some of you are NOT getting the results you want because you're not allowing the experiment to come to completion. Perhaps you're not seeing the result you wanted, were promised or see others getting--so you stop before it ever gets good.


This week I invite you to re-visit something you genuinely feel a response towards, excitement for, a yes to…and PLAY. EXPERIMENT. set the bar low. what if your social media didn't have any metrics? what would you create?


what    do   you  need   to   say?

babe, i'd love to hear what you're going to revisit! share it with me. ↴↴↴↴


Today I'm sipping on iced green tea with a little but of stevia and an orange slice garnish.


p.s. I'm working on a new welcome email sequence, i'd LOVE to gift you something realllly high value just for joining. 


I'd love your feedback: would you prefer something on strategy or the unseen? what would you looooove a training on? let me know!

Cheers x

Nathaly | Oracle ceo


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