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A Cuppa Calm 🫖 : Permission to share what's already been said

Hello my beaaautiful friends,

A big conversation i've had with clients over the years--is around their desire for their uniqueness and differentiation to be recognized in their work, brand and industry.


I completely get it, we all have that desire don't we?


On a personal level--this desire was so great for me, it actually moved me into  shadow--my desire to not sound or be like anyone else drove me further into lone-wolf, competitiveness and paralysis by analysis. 

It seemed like any thought, system, belief, structure i had created had already been said one way or another. Even if my eyes and ears and channel were completely “closed off” during the birthing process.


And instead of seeing that as EVIDENCE that--oh shit if this information is coming from me, sally and jane- it must be SO SO important and there must be an abundant need for it…

I instead would shut down, bitter and upset that someone “beat me to it”…and i feared that if i shared it- people would think i was copying/stealing--which for someone with deep integrity is the worst accusation.


What I've gotten to learn over many many many years of creation and marketing: 


some  of our ideas may not be popularized and maybe we'll be a pioneer for that thing.


But  mostly - what we get to share is a continuation of what's already been said.


a new perspective, a branch, an offshoot, a critic, or a translation


AND- if we close ourselves off TOO TOO MUCH from the output around us, in order to “protect our channel”--we're actually limiting what  could  birth through us.


My best pieces of content come from interacting with my clients--my muses. I write as if i'm creating for our container. And it's their stories, experiences, worries, desires that often inspire my words.


..also let's be real some of my best pieces have also come from scrolling, rolling my eyes and being like “…actually here's my perspective”  


there are so so so so many other ways to differentiate. In fact, i tell my clients all the time--no two astrologers should sound the same even if they're talking about the same transit--because ideally, you're speaking from your individuated perspective, bringing your own flavor, anecdotes, tone, textures, client or personal experience and speaking from your innate gift set. (something human design is really awesome at illuminating btw).


My invitation for you this week: is there something you've been wanting to say? did you see something that you'd love to riff on? do it. theres a million people talking about energetics, business, abundance--but people invest in working with me specifically because they like my   unique perspective, my heartfelt honesty, my grounded tangibility, my approach to sustainable and cyclical selling and my psychic insight ---i no longer worry about who said what first--i simply focus on being the clearest channel for MY AUTHENTIC VOICE to shine through. that's it. the people who like it will buy and hang out- the people who don't will unfollow. 


keep it simple and stop c*ck blocking yourself.

babe, i'd love to hear from you! feel from to share what you're going to riff on this week . ↴↴↴↴


Today I'm sipping on an earl grey with cream & a homemade lavender syrup.

p.s. I have a new podcast episode out today called 

“Theft: When Clients Owe You Money”

if you're not already subscribed check out my podcast “Oracle Unfiltered” on anywhere you listen to your podcasts. 


for ease:

Cheers x

Nathaly | oracle ceo

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love this. going to meditate on this for at least 28 days [a lunar cycle] even if im not a reflector haha. thanks [inspired by

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