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A Cuppa Calm: a Different perspective on To Do's

Hello my beaaautiful friends,

I'm excited to share the first email in the Cuppa Calm series. Despite having my own business alllll of these years, Mondays have always come with this heavy conditioning of… pressure. It's much less now, but I still feel the collective pressure of   go go go  . Like everyone is in on some sort of secret and if i don't get there first, i'm already last. where “there” is---who freaking knows!


Over the years I have found softer ways to ease into my week that fosters more  intentionality without participating in scarcity or grind culture.


For one-- I honor that Monday's are ruled by the Moon. It's a day to be receptive, introspective and  tuned in  rather than forcing heavy output. That's why I created #MicrodoseMonday ;)


Secondly--My Monday really starts on Sunday..which is why I've started this series.  But why does my Monday start on a Sunday? Well.. so we can get purposeful about the week ahead. . .because i cannot standddd waking up on a Monday  morning feeling inundated with thoughts like:    ok what am I supposed to be doing today? Should i write content? sell? work on my offer? record a podcast? lets do it all!   🥴🥴🥴


I want this series to be that cup of ease and intentionality for you. 


So i inserted an excerpt from one of my fave books, for this weeks cuppa.  


If you find yourself rushing through your work and To Do's…just remember that this is the moment. The squeeze is just as rich as the juice.


What if you looked at those mundane tasks as greater opportunities to meet yourself deeper? what if there are more efficient and creative ways to do your work--but you're missing it because you trying speed to the good part.

You don't fast forward to your favorite part of the song do you?

You don't fast forward to your favorite part of the movie right?



what if this week you approached every part of your work as a ceremony with yourself. 


what could you do this week to really luxuriate in the mundane? make some tea? do a dance before your call? bring your laptop outside? 


This week happens to be my integration week, where i'm off from client work (i schedule this the last week of every month) i'm determined to sit with   my own business  and commune with her. what does she need from me? where have i not been listening? what gets to come through?

Babe, i'd love to hear from you! feel from to share how you're going to luxuriate in your work this week . ↴↴↴↴


Today I'm drinking my favorite mint tea that I bought while in Morocco. one sugar cube. i'm savoring every drop, does anyone know where to order authentic moroccan mint? i'm almost out and there's nothinggg like it..😩



p.s. did you hear that I'm making hypnotic journeys for each Human Design Type. I am beyond excited, you can use it for yourself and gift it to your own clients. the projector one is already for sale and my fellow projector ladies are loooving it, my next one is for the Mani Gens! I got to interview my dear client & colleague Greer as my muse, she's offered me so much insight, I know you Mani Gens will love it. I'm still feeling this one will steep for another 2 weeks or so. I cannnooot wait to share it with you all.  

Cheers x Nathaly | oracle ceo

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omggggg divine timing human!!!! im still taking a hiatus from instagram, i only open whatsapp for business purposes... and reading this + combine with this and combining this and combining this and mixing it with this and mixing the insights i get from my human splenic projector friend and ally haha... so yeah its me strategically slowing down i think for at least 3 lunar cycles before i go go go [im a manifestor haha still in the deep rest cycle ahha. thanks for this, Nathaly!!

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