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4 Tips For Scaling An Online Business (From Performance to Premium)

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Do you know something that nobody tells you as you're scaling an online business?

Sometimes you're going to HAVE to say NO to money in order to be in your Most Abundant Timeline™.

At the beginning of your journey, it’s common to be happy just to make any money at all.

Don’t get me wrong, it feels great knowing people all around the world are willing to pay you.

But are you living for quick money?

Or are you really dedicated to your Most Abundant Timeline™?

In this blog, I’m going to outline some of the most common challenges I see business owners face when scaling an online business. Plus, I’ll show you how to move past them – so you can activate your Most Abundant Timeline™™️.

Read on to see how!

Don’t Give In To Quick Cash

Quick cash injections DOESN’T necessarily mean you're on your Most Abundant Timeline™.

I'll give you an example…

When I first started my business as a Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotist in my in person business, I only offered one-off sessions.

On paper, it seemed like the perfect business -

  • I had a high retention rate of clients coming back to me

  • I was referred by word-of-mouth to friends and the “Washington DC society”

  • Featured in Magazines & New Segments

  • And I had a bustling brick-and-mortar business

But just because it looked good on paper didn’t necessarily mean I was on my Most Abundant Timeline™.

Behind the scenes, I was extremely exhausted…and energetically out of alignment.

I *knew* that I needed to make a conscious decision to honor my downtime, rest and and mastery so that I could continue being recognized for high-quality experiences.

When I transitioned from the in-person to the online space, I had to say NO to those one-off sessions. I had to say NO to that money in my hand, in order to start designing my Most Abundant Timeline™.

You have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Is this container serving you? Or is it actually holding you back from bigger things?

Find Your Most Abundant Timeline™

The schedule that aligns with your Most Abundant Timeline™ is going to look different for everybody.

  • Some people want to have a nine-to-five schedule to match their partners lifestyle

  • Some people raise children during the day and want to work evenings

  • Some people want to work first thing in the morning and have the whole day off

  • And others prefer to work when they feel inspired

You have to decide what you want your Most Abundant Timeline™ to look like – not try and borrow someone else’s.

It might take some experimenting (I know it did for me and over time it will change again) but when you honor your time and your energy, you know your clients are going to get the absolute BEST of you.

For me, that meant making sure I was taken care of and prioritized first.

Along the way, I had to redefine certain packages, change pricing, and eliminate certain low offer services, even though they were making a lot of money.

I had to get radically honest about what services support my ideal lifestyle rather than just chasing cash in the short-term.

Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin

In the past, I used to offer single customized, hypnotic tracks to anyone who wanted it.

(…And a lot of people wanted it!)

While these tracks were amazing for getting my name out there, I realized they weren’t quite compatible with the way I wanted to be scaling an online business. I was stretching myself too thin.

Sure, I had referrals and a generous waitlist. But many of these clients just wanted small, one-off tracks - $1000 here, $500 there. NOT a bad problem to have…and if you're on the fence about Granja Vortex Method…let this be the sign…that it WORKS.

I had to increase my price and offer more value for a more premium client.

So I made some tweaks:

  • I offered calls and Voxer messaging in a package with my hypno tracks

  • I offered a series of tracks rather than just one (30, 90, 180 day containers)

  • I knew what my client needed before they did, which makes scaling VERY easy (this is something I teach in Oracle Business School)

But I made sure to upgrade my services in a way that was NOT stretching myself thin and compromising my services.

I invite you to see how this can apply to scaling your online business.

In what areas do you need to stop giving your energy so you can focus on the offers that will yield the greatest results? ✨

Say Yes To Raising Your Prices

In the moments when you’re redefining your offers, it can feel terrifying…

During this transitional period, you might be thinking things like -

  • What if I end up being forgotten?

  • What if no one buys from me at my new price?

  • Why am I trying to fix something that's not broken?

But the reality is, any time you’re honoring your energy and your desire, you're prioritizing your channel.

And THAT’S your Most Abundant Timeline™.

Money becomes a byproduct of that devotion.

I’ve had clients who’ve “successfully” scaled their online business through one-off sessions.

But they’re working Monday through Saturday, hitting burnout and exhaustion.

They’re spending ALL their time acting like a genie in the bottle for other people. In that place, there's no room for development, rest, visioning or integration.

In reality, what they *think* is abundance actually delays growth.

They're in performance mode.

I urge you to look at your business model and ask yourself a few questions -

  • Who are you performing for and what is it doing for you?

  • When did you learn to abandon your body and submit to the hustle?

  • Who in your life did you see put their needs last in order to put food on the table?

If you are someone who is wanting to live and accelerate through their Most Abundant Timeline™, you cannot be the kind of person that's available for low-hanging fruit.

Go out there and put yourself first!

So the choice is yours. Is your business premium or in performance?

P.S. If you are READY to scale to six or multiple six figures in your business, consider applying for our 5 Month Mastermind Mentorship ….Oracle Business School. Space is very limited, as this will be an intimate container for high touch support.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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