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3 Simple Secrets To Earning 6+ Figures in Your Online Spiritual Business

I didn't become a multiple 6-figure online spiritual business owner through mastery ALONE.

So don’t come here looking for a ‘quick-fix’, Oracle.

I’m not here to tell you how to make X amount of money in so many days.

I don’t buy into that illusion.

Instead, I’m here to talk about the realities of owning an online spiritual business. For me, it was NOT always easeful. It didn’t come naturally at times. And it took a lot of figuring out what worked and what didn't to eventually land on the path I’m on today.

That’s why in this blog, I want to share what actually did work so that you can become aware, put it into action, and experience it much quicker than I did.

A Little Bit Of Background

Before I was in the online space, I went school to study psychology with the intentions of becoming a Therapist.

But one day I saw a TED talk that changed my life!

The topic went a bit like this: What do you actually want to do versus what do you think is going to make you money?

I remember having a moment.

I didn't want to be a therapist because I felt it was the right path. I wanted to be a therapist because it felt like the obvious path. I couldn't compute that it was possible to be wealthy AND run an intuitive business.

After that, EVERYTHING changed for me.

I gained a lot of success and recognition in my community through in-person clients, a successful brick-and-mortar business, energy work, and hypnosis. But my big dream was to have an online spiritual business.

I had to ask myself: How do I bring what I've been doing in person for years, into an online space?

I tried, I failed, I learned, and I was able to take my time. Eventually, my income went from inconsistent, to 6-figures, to MULTIPLE 6-figures. And I know now what 3 things brought me from an inconsistent place to a multiple 6-figure online spiritual business.

Solid Business Foundations

First, it’s time to think about your core business principles.

If you don’t know where to start, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do you work with?

  • What do you offer?

  • What sets you apart?

Think about how you can communicate and market the answers to those questions. Where can people go to know exactly what you do? How do they know they’re ready to work with you? And how do they see the results of your knowledge?

It sounds simple, but it’s a process that often gets overlooked.

Two BIG things that I see happening with online spiritual businesses is that they either have:

  1. A huge spiritual ego

  2. Do a LOT of word dumping

For example, they think “I shouldn't have to translate God's work into an Instagram Reel”.

There’s a disconnect and an inability to translate something ancient into something tangible that people can digest easily.

A struggle of how to communicate cosmic information into profitable, tactile results. How is your information going to make an impact on someones day to day life?

How do you bring this to your audience NOW?

Be a Masterful Mentor

My first AND second quarter of this year has been booked out since last year. And that’s all because I'm MASTERFUL at what I do.

If you don't have solid business foundations, you might find you get plenty of publicity or referrals, but NEVER any bookings.

Spiritual business owners can overlook their craft when it comes to online marketing.

It's a balancing act. ⚖️

People can put SO much effort into creating seductive sales, they forget to put substance into their products. While others put SO much effort into their products, they forget the importance of masterful marketing.

  • Word of mouth

  • Referrals

  • Repeat clients

  • Social media content

These are all forms of marketing. And although someone might be great at marketing, it doesn't always mean that they have high retention

My business is booked out because I have clients that are so aligned with my work. They re-sign, they tell their qualified friends, and they’re able to find me on social media and start learning straight away.

The key to being a masterful mentor is to focus LESS on personal success and focus MORE on creating incredible results and tangible impact for your clients.

When you do, your client retention will spike and new business will follow. Trust me. 😉

Shadow Illumination

Now, this is a BIG one that often trips up leaders wanting to grow their online spiritual business.

Let’s talk increasing your visibility as an online business owner.

In order to build your presence, you need to put yourself out there through posts, pictures, lives, and stories.

Maybe you even join a business-building program where they focus on the importance of getting seen by your ideal clients.

But whenever it’s time to implement this program and start showing up online, you completely shut down.

On the outside, it might just look like a surface-level fear or limited belief you need to “just push past!”. Your coach might tell you things like, “Just hit that record button…even if you’re afraid!!”

But it’s not that simple.

On the INSIDE, you may have trauma around being seen.

💫 Maybe you were physically, emotionally, or spiritually hurt when you were visible

💫 Maybe you feel threatened by being seen

💫 Maybe you had a past experience that makes you feel like hiding is the safest option

You have a negative response to being in the spotlight.

It's not as simple as JUST making a story or a post. There are shadows that need to be illuminated.

When you're creating an online spiritual business and experiencing these feelings of fear, you have to look inside and ask yourself.

  • What’s triggering this fear and feeling of being stuck?

  • What is this shadow protecting me from?

  • What is benefit I am getting from refusing to be seen and putting myself out there?

Look at those aspects of you that are creating separation. Decide to show up and translate your credibility in a way that feels authentic to you.

Remember: There Is No ONE Way To Market Your Online Spiritual Business

In the beginning of marketing my spiritual business online, I had a tough time.

All of the successful spiritual mentors I followed showed up in similar ways.

Painted faces, yoga poses, flowy dresses.

They talked about being in flow and practicing orgasmic manifestation.

It made me feel like because I was different, there wasn’t space for me.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There’s no one way to market your business.

And I’m the proof for you that you can be whoever you want to be as long as you're authentic to yourself whilst communicating your messaging in a way that's tangible.

Interested in learning more, Oracle?

Then my 0-6 Figure Business Bundle could be for you! I teach you models of how to create a 6-figure online spiritual business with ease and clarity. Find out how to:

  • Gain visibility around how to be seen and found by your ideal clients

  • Position your psychic gifts to gain premium business growth

  • Go from being just another healer, intuitive, or coach to being an Oracle CEO

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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