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3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail At Their Spiritual Business: REVEALED

If you’re someone who wants to be more visible… THIS is for you.

👉🏽 If you want to grow your following and gain attention online

👉🏽 If you want to scale your spiritual business and attract high-paying clients

👉🏽 If you want to best serve your clients and create a strategy that aligns with your highest self

I’m SO thankful to be able to do the work that I do.

To work with entrepreneurs who are ready to live and accelerate into their most abundant timeline.

And in this blog, I’m letting you in on the THREE most common reasons why people fail at their spiritual business ideas time and time again.

As entrepreneurs, we are always setting goals.

Figuring out what's next.

Improving our offers and aiming for more.

It’s IN us, and that’s why I’m here. To help and guide you to a life of abundance and power through an individualistic approach unique to you.

Your Goals Are OUTSIDE of Your Operating System

I want you to think of your unconscious mind as a treasure chest.

And within that treasure chest, there’s an instruction manual.

Now, imagine you’re opening up that instruction manual to reveal a contract. That contract is totally unique to you.

The contract is a set of agreed upon truths you have been told, learned or inherited.

I’m going to share a very common example, I see: A contract that says “it’s not safe to be seen.”

We hold ourselves back from getting visible because somewhere along the way, we learned it wasn’t safe to fully show up…in all of our divinity…for how we look…for the opinions we have..

Your contract is made up of many layers:

  • Early childhood experiences

  • Learned life experiences

  • Past and parallel lifetimes

And if you’re trying to do something outside of your contract, it's going to be really challenging to follow through. Because the new action you're trying to take is seen as unsafe.

If your goals are consistently outside of your contract, you’re going to be consistently self-sabotaging.

It’s your unconscious mind doing what it does best

How Do You Overcome This?

The key to stopping this pattern of self-sabotage is to become aware of what your actual internal settings are. What contract are you holding?

Most people set goals in their business but they have no integrated way of making sure that they will actually work.

So you have to ask yourself…

👉🏽 What are your core belief systems, and are they going to be in contradiction with your new business goals?

Let me give you an example.

Maybe your business goal is to start posting every day on social media.

You want to start getting visible…but your internal contract is protesting.

Speaking out is dangerous, it says.

Haven't you seen all the people being canceled?

Haven’t you seen all the trolls?

Haven't you seen what person A, B, and C is gonna throw at you?

Many people will get stuck right there and NEVER move past it.

They’ll consistently find ways (and protective mechanisms) to invalidate their desires.

But here’s the thing. 👇🏽

If that desire is there (within your values), it's there for a reason.

You'll never be given a desire if it's not meant for you.

Ask yourself: “What are the pieces of evidence that I've gathered that deem my goal unsafe?”

Is it too overwhelming? Do you not know how to do it? Do you not believe you’re smart enough?

People often think that they’re really good at recognizing the stories they tell themselves. But in reality, their stories are so unconscious they don’t even realize when it's happening. We're always going to find evidence of why it’s unsafe, unattainable, or unclear. But whatever it is…

You have to get clear on the specifics of why your desire feels unsafe if you ever want to achieve your goals!

You’re Unaware of Your Sabotage Spirals

Many people often ask me, “What does a sabotage spiral look like?”

The answer: It’s different for everyone.

Often, a sabotage spiral will disguise itself as something productive, awakened, or something that’s protecting you.

💫 Maybe you say you NEEDED your 9 hours of sleep…so that’s why you couldn’t get up in the morning to get to the gym 💫 Maybe you didn’t put any MAKEUP on today…so you def cant show up on stories to sell… In all honesty, most people aren't aware of what their sabotage spirals are. It looks like a personality trait, it can look “reasonable”, and that’s why they’re so sneaky!

Ask yourself 👇🏽 Is this trait aligning with who you want to be or is it actually a result of our programming?

How Do You Overcome Your Sabotage Spirals?

You want to identify what they are…and then befriend them.

Look at your shadows and understand how they're HELPING you. What are they protecting you from?

Maybe you’re a woman who’s a ‘go-getter’. You're good at making money, an expert in your craft, and you know you're a high achiever. But are you hiding behind your productivity, instead of getting vulnerable with your partner?

The goal is to invite your sabotage shadows to be illuminated.

Become aware of what they are and create a relationship with the spiral.

For some, once it's illuminated, it no longer has to work in the same way. But for others, awareness alone isn’t enough.

Use it as feedback to prompt you to do something else that moves you towards your goal.

You’re Living in Force Versus Desire

It’s time to get radically honest.

To see the true reality of the situation.

For example…

  • Do you actually want to take on more clients, or do you want to make more money?

  • Do you want to launch this program, or do you want a cash injection?

  • Do you really want your spiritual business to be seen by more people….or does having a bigger audience make you feel better about yourself?

Take a moment of self-examination and be HONEST with yourself.

What if it is true? What if you do want to launch just because you're looking for a cash injection? What if you’re creating a course because you think that’s what you’re supposed to be doing?

Instead of making these offers because it feels amazing, are you doing it because that's what sells? If these scenarios ARE true, you’re most likely living in force rather than desire.

And that means it’s time to redefine what your business looks like.

You have to connect with the emotional desire that's driving you, versus the feeling of “I should because…”

It's not to say that we aren't allowed to be driven by financial goals, but if your internal desire doesn’t match up with what you're creating…

…then energetically, you're going to STOP yourself from achieving it.

Be aware of what's true and authentic for YOU ✨

How Do You Live In Desire?

Maybe you want to take on fewer clients? To rest more? Or focus on raising children? Or go traveling?

Whatever it is, you need to identify what goals can support your desire.

Don’t go and create business goals based on what everyone else is doing.

Identify what’s going to achieve your highest excitement. Because if it's not energetically aligned, then you will be putting a pause to it no matter WHAT goals you want to achieve.

If you are curious more about what this kind of work looks like or how you expand on these ideas, then my 0-6 Figure Business Bundle could be for you!

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See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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