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3 Powerful Signs That You Might Be Shifting Timelines

I’ve had many people ask me, “How do I access my Most Abundant Timeline?

What I tell them is this… 👇🏽

The amazing thing about your Most Abundant Timeline is that it’s exclusive to you.

Everyone has a different outcome and everyone has a different medicine needed to access that outcome.

But while, yes, your Most Abundant Timeline is unrepeated and inimitable…

In all of my years of client experience, I’ve noticed 3 common indicators that show my clients are on the right track. Want to gain greater clarity on where you’re at and whether you’re on the right track to abundance?

Then keep on reading for three signs your timeline is shifting. ✨

You’re Dismantling

This can sound SO scary for those who are afraid of change.

But more often than not, if you're looking to activate or accelerate through your timeline, you have to do something different.

You have to change how you’re operating.

Like Tony Robbins said - “If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.

I have an example for you. 👇🏽

A client I worked with years ago, wanted to experience more pleasure in her life. She was extraordinarily successful and brilliant in her work and often operating from masculine energy. But her personal life felt dry, uninspired, and certainly NOT sexy.

Her objective was to access more pleasure in her life

During our breakthrough consult, she had given the example of a prior relationship, explaining how she felt.

It was spontaneous and rich.

She recalled feeling she could totally be in her feminine surrender. The relationship allowed her more ease across all aspects of her life. While she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with that man anymore, she DID decide to focus on replicating how that relationship made her feel.

We developed a hypnotic track that was dedicated to invoking these feelings and experiences. I designed it to invite her to reconnect with that goddess energy she had lost so long ago.

At this time, the said client was actually IN a relationship. But on our call, she told me it felt like it was fading, and only left her feeling uninspired. Essentially, she was staying with her boyfriend because it was the comfortable choice.

We had been working together for months around her business with SO much success.

So when I asked her on our follow-up call what her experience with the latest hypnotic track had been, she reluctantly replied, “I'm not sure if it worked…”

When I asked her to explain and tell me more, she said, My current boyfriend and I broke up.

“I just didn't want to be around him anymore. It felt so unaligned.” But what I replied, shocked her…

“THIS is an example of dismantling.”

It can seem in the moment like things are not working out. But what's actually happening is that you have internally aligned sooo much with what you've truly been desiring…. That in your NEW timeline, there simply isn't any more room for self-betrayal.

In her heart, she knew the relationship was over, but her ego longed for security even though she was no longer a match to the relationship. She desired to live and feel orgasmically, something this partner didn't value.

I can tell you countless stories about clients having moments of dismantling. Be it an ideology, or relationship, a brand, an old job, and in many cases, an entire timeline built on self-abandonment.

Many are building a dream only dreamt from a place of false safety and NOT desire.

You’re Using Inspired Action

When you’re aligning with your most abundant timeline, you're constantly receiving new downloads.

You have a desire to do things differently. Whether it be:

  • Going to a meetup

  • Dressing a little differently

  • Hopping on a live

  • Hiring a mentor

  • Travelling somewhere new

You have the desire to show up.

You’re experiencing this new pull to put energy in motion. It's a place where intuition is pouring through you, directing you into each next step. And it feels difficult not to follow it.

It’s imperative that you do. When we ask something of God, we expect an angel to float down with a reply. When in reality, we can access responses through the portal of our psychic channel.

For some, it may look like channeling capabilities and for others, it's a soft internal nudge.

You Don't Need the Proof

When your timeline is shifting, you don’t need constant proof and validation. You simply KNOW.

Often when we’re operating from a disempowered place, we want to see evidence or proof of all the things we desire, before we commit to holding the vision.

When you're on your Most Abundant Timeline, however, you commit to the vision you see, even when there isn't evidence yet.

You are aligned with your desire, not because you see what other people have. But because it's what's true for you.

  • It's the most authentic

  • It's your highest excitement

  • It's what your heart desires

God would not have given you the vision if it weren't yours to have. Rest in faith, Oracle.

If you want to learn more about how to anchor in your power, your unused potential, and your unique gifts - check out my signature course, The Initiation.

With over 40 videos that will give you the tools to allow your Intuition to become your SUPERPOWER.

In this self-paced course my clients have been able to:

  • Manifest from a place of energy mastery

  • Clear their karmic and lineage patterning

  • Understand who they are and all of their shadows and gifts

Gain greater clarity and start your journey on the path to abundance.

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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