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Image by Mukul Kumar

Oracle Business School Mentorship & Mastermind

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are Masterful at their Craft, know they are ready for their

Most Abundant Timeline™....but have an inconsistent income due to a lack of clarity in purpose, messaging, strategy, marketing, aligned offers, content creation, etc, 

1:1 High Level Vortex

For Healers, Leaders & Disruptors who want to unplug from conditioned ways of earning and scale to
their next income goal with energetics, reprogramming & new paradigm business strategy in 6 months or less...This is the ultimate designing of your Most Abundant Timeline™.

Customized Hypnotic Journey

For Spiritual Leaders who are looking for acute de-conditioning and reprogramming. Receive a 45min Hypnotic Track, completely customized for your Most Abundant Timeline™. From creating more visibility, to feeling safe to receive your first 20k months or support during your launch. The Granja Vortex Method, blends energy healing, hypnosis, NLP & nervous system support to achieve your next level transformation.

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