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Image by Mukul Kumar

Oracle Business School Mentorship & Mastermind

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are Masterful at their Craft, know they are ready for their

Most Abundant Timeline™....but have an inconsistent income due to a lack of clarity in purpose, messaging, strategy, marketing, aligned offers, content creation, etc, 

1:1 High Level Vortex

For Spiritual Leaders who desire intimate support exploring the depths of their psychic channel, shadow integration, unconscious mind and the core of their brand and lifestyle, with the intention of aligning and accelerating into their Most Abundant Timeline™.

Customized Hypnotic Journey

For Spiritual Leaders who are looking for acute de-conditioning and reprogramming. Receive a 45min Hypnotic Track, completely customized for your Most Abundant Timeline™. From creating more visibility, to feeling safe to receive your first 20k months or support during your launch. The Granja Vortex Method, blends energy healing, hypnosis, NLP & nervous system support to achieve your next level transformation.

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