what is the most abundant timeline?

We live in a holographic and fractal reality. Our life reflects EXACTLY what we FEEL, BELIEVE, THINK AND ACT ON.

For the last 6+ years, I have been studying ALL things Manifestation. Teaching people how to attract and alter their human experience for...more money...better jobs..soulmate..clients, etc.


What I have learned is that...there are LIMITLESS possible realities. One choice opens the door to another circumstance and the next and so on. 

So you see, it's really not about putting ALL of the WORK into "attracting"- it's about shifting our frequency (who we are) into the timeline of your dreams.

One where your cup is abundantly overflowing as you serve your expansive and needed 5D Mission.



Have you noticed that everything is happening at LIGHTENING speed?
Like BOOM- people are leaving your life, multiple opportunities are arising and things are SHIFTING fast. 

Well, we are constructing the 5D (or heaven on Earth)

AH! This can cause SO much overwhelm for those who are still getting stuck in their same old mind traps.

My mentor has called this period for the Conscious Collective- the “Construction Zone”

Where we look around at what was once our very “comfortable” (dense) 3D Construct to find a (messy) fertile and vast potential for a new 5D Reality.

---> This is where I meet you <---

I help you create an Advanced, Expansive and intuitive Blueprint (timeline) that reflects your Sovereign embodiment 


You may consider yourself a successful person-  yet your next level self is craving a more expansive and lighter vessel to work from.

There’s no time to be mediocre, lazy or “content” -enslaved to other people’s way of doing things, living with a fearful limiting belief resulting in LACK, SCARCITY, AND DENSITY

You can choose to switch over to another timeline of Infinite Potential (duh, no brainerrr).

I know you are INCREDIBLE at what you do...in fact,

The world NEEDS what YOU have to offer as we all Ascend into a planet of 5D deliciousness.

But you cannot stay where you are, playing the same small game...if you're going there!

And another thing..

You don't have to do it alone!!!

Lets work through this together.


​I believe in a wholistic and continual approach to education and value the years of hands on experience with clients and my own personal transformations above all else. 

  • Certified Hypnotherapist accredited by
    the National Guild of Hypnotist

  • Certified Holistic Life Coach- accredited by NESTA and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher-  Usui ShikiRyoho

    I have been a devoted student to somatic healing, narrative therapy,  quantum manifestation, energetics , breathwork, and a variety of healing modalities to create a complete transformative experience for my client.