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 My name is Nathaly (nat-ah-lee) Granja

I help Awakened Entrepreneurs Activate their Psychic Abilities and Unconscious Potential so they can receive new codes, philosophies, modalities and artistry for the New World. 

My passion is to work with leaders of influence, because it is YOU who is reshaping our future through your specific medicine

I spent a large time of my career working with high profile leaders in Washington DC as a Reiki Master Teacher & Hypnotist. So I am especially gifted at making big cosmic conversations into practle and tangible steps.

I have been offering my gifts as a professional Hypnotist and Multi-Generational Intuitive Healer, for the last 8+ years
(but really this journey has been life long). 


I can see things that have not manifested yet, hear unconscious patterns, retrieve soul history and empathically feel exactly what you’re experiencing, it has made me the Go-to Oracle Leader, that I am today.

I would be delighted and honored to support you in owning YOUR inner Oracle and connecting you with your most abundant timeline.

​I believe in a wholistic and continual approach to education and value the years of hands on experience with clients and my own personal transformations above all else. 

  • Certified Hypnotherapist accredited by
    the National Guild of Hypnotist

  • Certified Holistic Life Coach- accredited by NESTA and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher-  Usui Shiki Ryoho

  • Akashic Reader- Dr.Linda Howe

    I have been a devoted student to somatic healing, narrative therapy,  quantum manifestation, energetics , Psychology,Theology, and a variety of healing modalities to create a complete transformative experience for my client.

Like many

 people, early childhood trauma propelled me into the understanding of a very simple yet powerful tool...

Your body is always communicating with you.

Communicating fear
Communicating pain
Communicating excitement

Communicating trust
Communicating pleasure

And so on...


I realized that my body was receiving and perceiving information about people and my surroundings, long before my conscious mind understood.

So the more I listened, the more I was predicting.

And the more I learned everything around the unconscious mind, energy mastery, intuition development, etc, the more this sensitivity... became my super power.

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Along my Journey

 I battled between just wanting to feel "normal", go a very traditional route, finish my Psych Degree, probably become a therapist and call it a day.


Life had another unfolding for me. One that included a segment in my life I call "The Unmasking".

Substance abuse, unconscious promiscuity, not sleeping for days on end to sleeping in cars, making huge amounts of money and spending it all, over and over again.

Without the proper guidance, these gifts felt like a curse.

ET/Abduction experiences, deep emotional empathy, hyper sensitivity to what everyone was feeling and thinking all the time, seeing figures by my bed, hearing my name being called throughout the day in empty rooms.

I looked for answers in psychics, religions and other people.
spoiler alert: they were never the answer, I was. My own power.


When I first learned about the Law of Attraction and had the remembrance that I am a Sovereign being..I went from Conscious Healer to Awakened Woman.. My life changed forever. 

I understood, finally, that there was a way out of the cards I was dealt (victim consciousness).
I declared a new life for myself.


the Misconception Once and for All:

Anybody can activate their psychic abilities, so long as they are conscious, open and willing.


There are many different aspects to reclaiming your most Sovereign Self.

What I offer is the missing piece, to even the most successful of people.


My mission is to work with the leaders of influence. Because, it is YOU who is reshaping the world through your specific medicine. 

And it is time that you tap into all of your soul's potential.

5D is here. New Earth is here. In you.

Choose to unleash it today.

Image by Elia Pellegrini


© 2020 by Nathaly Granja