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Nat • ah • lee

hi, i'm Nathaly

the go-to Oracle for Healers, Leaders and Disruptors—in guiding their Brands and Channels—towards greater visibility, artistry and wealth.

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mi filosofía

Unseen Strategy

Together we’ll illuminate your conditioned ways of earning, selling, marketing, expression, visibility & working...While understanding the protective yet limiting stories of your shadow & not self. We’ll also create a blueprint for your gifts, authentic voice & evolving identity through the lens of human design, hypnosis, astrology, psychic body, shadow self and creative channel. All branding & strategy honors the wisdom of your body first.

Seen Strategy

We will look at your business from a "nose to tail" perspective. I’m passionate about helping you communicate and differentiate your unique brand story, messaging and positioning in a way that makes selling feel easy as fuck. We’ll build out frameworks and structures that allow you to make money while you sleep. My desire is to help you create a business that is so prolific and profitable you are free to SAVOR YOUR LIFE without the weight of survival on your shoulders. This is where your artistry shines.

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Meet Your Oracle

Nathaly Granja is an Oracle, Hypnotist, Strategist and Creative Director with over 10 years of client experience. 

Before transitioning to the online space, Nathaly operated a brick-and-mortar business as a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotist, working with executives, lawyers, and CEOs. 

Since 2018, she has been guiding Healers, Leaders and Disruptors—both in their brands and channels—towards greater visibility, artistry, and wealth. Nathaly’s philosophy is to allow the unseen world to inform the seen strategies, whether clients are still in development of their business or refining to reach their next seven-figure year, you and your brand will stand out differentiated.

She is the founder of the Granja Vortex Method Certification, which combines energy work and hypnosis to create world-renowned customized hypnotic tracks. Nathaly also created Oracle Business School, a mastermind and curriculum that meets at the intersection of energetics, reprogramming and new paradigm business strategy.

Nathaly is a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, and Sagittarius Ascendant + a 5/1 Emotional Projector.

This  goes  beyond  business. . .  this  is  your  Most  Abundant  Timeline™. . .

 human design • creative direction • energetics • strategy • hypnosis • human design • creative direction • energetics • strategy • hypnosis 

clients say...

"This woman is a  true master at her craft. Her medicine..

Her insights. Her skill. Her higher perspectives. Her care.

Her  X-ray vision  into the truth of the matter.

It is  rare  to experience this level of integrity, depth, mastery & laser focused clarity.

I feel privileged to have been able to work with Nathaly 1:1" 


Ayesha Durrani, 7 Fig Astrologer & Business Strategist

"I was ready for a deep sense of stability and consistency which Nathaly authentically embodied within her business and life. I am so grateful to have just cultivated a very spacious and  expansive  astrology  certification  launch  of    200K+ euro  which allows for a delicious self-created salary over the next 12 months…. And from this point to build on this foundation with other brilliant ideas Nathaly helped me to cultivate."

Daisy Douglas, Visionary Astrologer 

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