͏ᴀᴄтιᴠᴀтιɴɢ ʟιɢнт ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀѕ ѕᴏυʟ мιѕѕιᴏɴ, ιɴтυιтιᴏɴ & мᴀɢιᴄĸ ιɴтᴏ тнᴇιʀ мᴏѕт 

Abundant Timeline


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I believe everyone is here with a Soul Mission. You have a unique purpose that runs through your DNA with light codes giving you special gifts, that set you apart.. Everyone's purpose is for the evolution of our planet. We, as leaders in this new paradigm are creating the 5th Dimension (and beyond) here on Earth.

This 19 page interactive workbook will guide you through getting crystal clear on your mission. So that you may begin to embody and live from your divine truth.


You are a Leading: Healer, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Coach or Consultant
with a scaling mission for Personal, Financial and Conscious Expansion
Sound Familiar?
You're very aware of your gifts and impact, and are invested in your growth and healing. But as you've continued to grow you're confronting 3D (dense) limiting beliefs, transitions and roadblocks
Which subsequently hinders the totality of your 5D mission and living in your highest potential timeline.

I give my clients tools founded on Intuitive Principles and NEW Codes and frequencies that are being downloaded daily. A change process that will permanently align you with your BIG Vision.
to becoming more of yourself, so that you may Powerfully guide those you serve without compromising your relationships, abundance & freedom..
This is my zone of genius: Sacred Soul Activation and Wealth Creation.

Living your Dream Life isn't up to me or the stars or the tree's...
it's up to what you believe to be possible.


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The Ascension Vortex


A sanctuary for mystic, conscious leaders. You will hear solocasts on Mindset, Magic & Wealth and Interviews with incredible thought leaders of our time on their Hero’s Journey.

You get a front row seat to my style of guidance: channeled, raw and highly informative.