Purchase a Pre-Recorded Hypnotic Track that has been featured in global masterminds worldwide & has helped entrepreneurs scale 5-6 figure months and more! 

about the tracks

After years of creating customized hypnotic tracks for hundreds of 1:1 clients and thousands of clients through other people's programs and masterminds. I have gathered feedback and information indicating the most successful hypnotic tracks. Success of course is different for everybody.

Internal Shift

Evidence of:
-Deeper Levels of confidence in who they are what they're doing/offering

-Internal Safety to be seen and share authentically

-An Expansive inner dialogue that moves you into your Most Abundant Timeline™ rather than sabotaging 

Evidence of:
-Showing up on lives, sharing authentically, writing content from trust and not insecurity

-Raising Prices, Following through with launches and doing what it takes

-Attracting new clients out of nowhere and experiencing 5-6 figure months with energy to scale

Who is this for?
....(ps this could be for you or your program)

-An online Entrepreneur who is absolutely dedicated to their unique Most Abundant Timeline. (aka you're not wishy washy or not willing to do the work)

-You're great at what you do, but you have some limiting beliefs, narratives and sabotage that isn't letting you thrive

-You're attracting clients, but not PREMIUM ones


-You know you need to charge more but you don’t feel safe or confident in embodying this new price

-You have a difficult time holding and creating from your Abundance Consciousness and easily go back into scarcity living.

-You're ready to scale to $25,000-$50,000 and $100,000

What you receive 
ONE-39 minute hypnotic track made for scaling entrepreneurs 

ONE- 33 minute High frequency Abundance Affirmations

(value: $2,000)
(value: $999)
↓ plus ↓
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that is a

value of: $3,554

for only:

$ 1, 1 1 1

- Receive immediate access

- feature it in your program as an evergreen bonus

- OR purchase it for yourself if you're not ready for a customized investment

-featured in premium masterminds globally

- reprogram your unconscious mind, conscious mind and energy body to be on the timeline of 25k months and more