CCM is a self paced Manifestation Course. This is the Ultimate course for you to learn the science and magic between developing a new mindset, change your self talk, learn to create goals based from intuition, begin to embody the next level version of you.

It is designed for you to take yourself through the course over a 12 week period. That way you have enough time to integrate each module, workbook and audio track.

You will become a Conscious Co-Creator so that you may design your dream life.


This is a blend of ALL of my work: Hypnosis,NLP, Intuition, Energy Work and Coaching. 

What do i get in the masterclass?



A $333 Value

-Unlimited Access to 12 Video modules that never expire

-Very clear and formatted topics that are step by step for creating deep energetic understanding

-Breakthrough Workbook & Journal Prompts that create paradigm shifts

-Hypnotic tracks to reprogram your conditioning around vision, money, love, empowerment, trust, etc.

-A blend of Intuitive and Strategic Approaches

-My personal background in Mindset, Energy, Spirituality and Coaching.



 Masterclass & workbook

+ a 1 on 1 Intuitive Coaching Call with me

This course is for those who are DEDICATED, READY and EXCITED to step into there power of leadership and manifestation. This course is an intensive program that I have compiled and proven to work over the last 6 years and counting.

-Each video module is around 30 minutes

-Worksheets can take as little or as long as you'd like.
Some people choose to spend 10 minutes but others find that dedicating a day for some soul journaling, helps them to better integrate the change.

-The powerful hypnotic soundtracks are to be heard 3-5 times a week. Some might feel called to listen daily. Each track is anywhere from 15-60 minutes long.

All in all, you should set aside 2-3 hours a week to create space for this healing vortex.

You owe it to yourself.

life changing results

 "I lacked clarity in my soul business and felt lost. Complete distrust of my gut and doubt of my abilities.​
In CCM...I had to see the root of all these issues and address them with honesty. I had to get REAL about my limiting beliefs to see how
UNREAL they always were.​
I loved your support and encouragement to take action. I love how you would ask EXACTLY what I needed to be asked so that REVELATIONS could occur. I had
SO MANY AH HA moments it was mindblowing honestly. 
My results? Complete clarity and confidence in my gifts + in my business. I feel like I have the backbones in my business now whereas before I was just flopping around exuding EFFORT without any results. Now I feel so dedicated to what I am doing and KNOW how
MUCH I AM WORTH. I am finally charging what I should have always been charging for my services and I don't doubt myself at all. "

Kat Beck
intuitive healer + coach, Greenville, SC

You've probably binged a few self help books, you've watched the free webinars and you're probably already aware of some limiting beliefs.
This course is going to help you LIVE< BREATHE AND EMBODY a Manifestation lifestyle.
 Whether you've just begun your journey or you’ve cultivated a practice over the last 10 years, there comes a point where we have this NEED for mentorship and

THIS is the kind of declaration we make for ourselves to break through all of those barriers and create long lasting
Learn from a real person who's been exactly where you are. This program will help regain your souls direction, heal cyclical wounds and become a magnet for money, love and freedom.

life changing results

Before CCM, I would say I was an awakened person but not embodying the Creatrix in me (I didn't know how). I definitely needed guidance, support and love. I was looking for the tools to Master Manifestation.OH MY! The transformations that occurred changed my life. I needed to forgive and heal my Mother Wound and then open my Sacral Chakra. 

What stuck out to me the most were all of the RESULTS & SUPPORT. I won a battle that has been going on for two years. I healed my Mother Wound, I gained custodial rights back to my daughter, and I learned how to be a better version of myself in so many ways (especially in my partnership with my husband).

Jasmine Lynn
 RYT 200, Reiki Student, Creatrix, N. VA