hiiii...thank you for following the thread of intuition that lead you here. 

I know exactly what my clients need and how to assist them. I never take on clients I don't think I can actually help. And through all of the beautiful experiences I've been honored to have over the last seven years, we always come back to these three most valuable pillars:


-Intuition Development and Becoming Masters of our Universe
-Releasing and Reprogramming (energy and mindset)
-Seeing our Blind Spots & Taking Full Ownership 

If you want to experience results in your life, business, relationships allow your intuition to lead the way, right here and right now.

This is how we can work together...

1 on 1 Six Month Mentorship: Intuition Development & Certification Program

This Mentorship is for the Awakening Leader who has achieved levels of success already, and now they're feeling really called to go deeper into the Magic of their Intuition, Divination and Spiritual Gifts. Yes, everyone has access to this...AND the way of The New Paradigm is going to be built through the vision of the Leaders who are willing to dream the dream of their heart. You will not only learn but be certified in energy healing modalities, learn how to go into your Akashik records, heal ancestral lineages, open your intuitive channels in a fun and safe way + so much more, 

This is a 1 on 1 program, Initiating you into the journey of being the Oracle of your own life.

90 minute Oracle Session- Energy Healing, NLP, Cards, Guidance, Akashic Records

The Oracle Temple is a place created just for you. Completely customized for whatever you're going through.

Relationships, wealth creation, business, career, fork in the road.

The process is simple. We allow your guides to communicate and show us all of the blind spots and to highlight what's happening beneath the surface. Every successful leader deserves an Oracle they can trust and a space to release what is no longer serving them. 



Customized Hypnosis

Reprogram your mind and body from the core. This experience will take you on a journey of diving deep into your karmic, ancestral, past and untapped parts of you. 

You will receive a customized hypnotic track that will rewire your belief system from the deepest part of your unconscious mind, while also being supported on a deeper energetic level.

Receive an energetic snapshot of where you are, what you desire and how you'll get there.