psychic gifts & unconscious potential

Those who come into my space have a contract with the Universe. 

You are here to offer the world a new code for Being.
Whether you are a Healer, Coach, Mentor, Doctor, Parent or CEO, you know that in order to see  transformation in your world and in the collective, the work gets to happen internally first.
These offerings are expertly curated to alter your state of being into the alignment of your goals.


The Initiation

6 Month Mentorship for Owning Your Oracle

You have woken up, now what?
This Mentorship is a 1 on 1 vortex, channeled and designed for New Earth leaders to activate their spiritual birthright-psychic sensory beyond the physical world. You will intimately understand and experience how powerful you actually are. From learning to use energy healing, to dissolving your karmic patterning, you will become The Oracle to your own life. 

Months 1&2 - Making Space

Months 3&4 - Opening Channels
Months 5&6 - Becoming The Oracle

Hypnotic Vortex

30 Days of Customized Reprogramming

Reprogram your unconscious mind & energy body from the core. This experience will take you on a journey of diving deep into your karmic, ancestral, past and unseen parts of who you are. 

You will receive a customized hypnotic track that will rewire your  state of being  from the deepest part of your unconscious mind, while also receiving support on a deeper energetic level.

Receive an energetic snapshot of where you are, what you desire and how you'll get there.

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Granja Vortex Method

Create an extra 6 figure stream of income without more clients

Jumpstart your career as a high-demand hypnotherapist, healer, consultant, doctor or coach.

Granja Vortex Method is a proprietary quantum hypnosis methodology developed by hypnotherapist, energy healer and Oracle Nathaly Granja.

Rooted in traditional NLP principles, GVM is an accelerated hypnotherapy method combining energetic principles and sound healing while also working with the unconscious mind.

It is a proven practice to expedite the transformation process for clients in areas of health, financial success, business growth and more.

As a certified Granja Vortex Method Practitioner you will receive instruction on everything from the consult to the audio production with real life client examples along the way.

You will be equipped with the essential foundation for your continued results- driven success.


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