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conscious creators masterclass

This digital course is created for the person who is looking for more than just the tips n tricks of The Secret.

This is ALL of the Manifestation tools, rituals & science that will teach you how to become a sustainable conscious creator.


Enjoy 12 modules that are designed to stack week to week, so that you may take take tim to integrate all of the magic and embodiment tools.

You will receive:

  • UNLIMITED access to the Creatrix Portal with 12 weekly video modules,

  • an audio library with hypnotics tracks, meditations and affirmations

  • weekly (fillable) e-workbooks to get your epiphanies on paper

  • One 90minute breakthrough call 

This blend specifically awakens the sacral chakra that is our body's biggest energetic source for Manifestation. This oil will put you in a state of heightened sensuality, creativity, intuition and flow. I suggest using the oil daily and or along side embodiment & manifestation rituals. You can apply it on your throat, heart, sacral or where you feel called to use it.

This 30mL oil is infused with Palo Santo smoke, blessed with Reiki and powerful Wealth intentions.

manifestation luxe oil

quantum hypnosis

In this powerful 33:33 minute audio track you get to place your order with the Universe.

This Hypnosis track can be heard as many times as you'd like as you are creating an intention and looking for a space to watch it Manifest within your minds eye. Afterall, your brain cannot differentiate between a visualization and reality.


Loaded with positive hypnotic suggestion you will become aligned with the frequency of everything you've ever wanted. This track will help you collapse time and experience change, now.

75min wealth masterclass

Here's a taste of what this course will touch on...

  • Tap into your intuition for making more money

  • Become aware of your PERSONAL limiting beliefs

  • Easily shift out of limiting beliefs and learn to catch them

  • Intuitive Money planning

  • Feel confident about your ability to receive and make money

  • Raise your vibration around money

  • Manifest more money from different sources



​Receive this immediately and enjoy it Netflix style

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