Most of the time courses are a secondary option to those "not ready" to invest in 1:1. Here in the Oracle Community, investing in a course opens the same portals of possibility, where you feel empowered to lead yourself. You will be swept away by how in depth these courses are. I over-deliver and make no apologies for it. Below you will find curated courses that will deepen you psychic gifts, open your channel to receive and access your most abundant timeline like never before...

granja vortex method certification

This is a Certification program created for Coaches, Healers, Intuitives, Hypnotist, Business Mentors, Medicine People, Therapists, Facilitators of Change, etc who want to learn a methodology that DEEPENS client transformation, while requiring LESS time from you AND add's an additional SIX FIGURE stream of income to your new or scaling business.

The initiation

This is my signature program filled with 42 videos that includes Masterclasses, Practices, Education and Interviews designed to Initiate and Deepen your Psychic gifts in order to OWN YOUR INNER Oracle. No more outsourcing your Intuition. This is for those with "zero" to intermediate intuition. + REIKI CERTIFICATION

0-6 Fig business bundle

This is created specifically for INTUITIVES, ORACLES, HEALERS, CHANNELS, SPIRITUAL COACHES who want to SCALE TO 6 FIGURES without losing any integrity in who they are and desire a premium business.

Receive: 5 Business masterclasses, Q&A's with people just like you + templates to begin your breakthrough process into Six Figures.


This is for practicing Oracles, Channels & Spiritual Leaders who want to access DEEPER levels of their intuition through daily & practical embodiment tools, practices & mindset shifts that will expand your ability to receive downloads, psychic information & more.

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Hypnotic track bundles

Purchase a Pre-Recorded Hypnotic Track that has been featured and tested in premium masterminds worldwide & have helped entrepreneurs scale 5-6 figure months and more! 


As an Oracle, it's our responsibility to anoint, consume & penetrate ourselves with only the highest vibrational tools.

Discover a curated array of items you've probably already been looking for. 

Sustainable Palo Santo, Yoni Wand, Ceremonial Cacao & More + DISCOUNT CODES

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