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Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Are You Making This Dangerous Mistake on Social Media?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Do you know one of the most dangerous things you can do in business as a spiritual entrepreneur?

…Looking at other leaders and thinking you *have* to run your business like theirs to be successful.

Who’s been there? 🙋‍♀️

You’re scrolling through said person’s timeline thinking, how do they make it happen? why hasn't it happened for me yet?

I can tell you one thing. If you’re copying these social media strategies with no INTENTION, REASON or ALIGNMENT behind them, they’re NOT going to work for you.

This person that you’re trying to emulate is most likely a leader and an expert in their niche. It probably took them years to get to this point.

So if you really want to know how to develop a brand strategy that will help you crush your goals, then you need to: Dig down, and find the WHY behind YOUR business. Have I got your attention yet?

Then keep on reading. 👇🏽

Leaders vs. New Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Here’s the deal…

Whether you’re starting out in business, or you have clients under your belt but you’re looking to scale…

Your marketing strategy is going to be VERY different from the way entrepreneurs and already established industry leaders do.

The thing about that influencer you’re looking to emulate is… they already have a following.They have hot leads in their community that are ready to buy.

Their strategy is different.

Whereas…People don’t necessarily know who you are! #EgoCrush

You’ve got to focus on explaining, sharing, creating, and establishing a know, like, and trust factor.

Your favorite leaders already have built-in social proof in the form of their following, like count, and other social metrics.

New followers unconsciously trust them, because they see their friends and network are following them and consuming their content.

Don’t Assume People Know What You Do

When an leader or spiritual entrepreneur becomes popular, they’ve gotten to a point where they don’t have to explain who they are anymore. Their page becomes their resume.

But as someone who’s still growing your online community into customers, things aren’t quite that simple.

👉🏽 You have to familiarize your audience with what you do.

  • People might not know who you are

  • They might not know what you're offering

  • And they might still lack clarity on HOW your gifts can help them

Be transparent and NEVER assume that the reader/viewer knows who you are. They might have just stumbled across your account unknowingly, so lay it out.

What would YOU want to know if you were reading about your business for the first time?

Look At Your Business From The Outside

Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to close the gap and see what needs to be refined in your business.

This is why hiring a mentor can be SO powerful. Wink-wink. And even better in a Mastermind setting, with fellow leaders contributing to you as well. WINK-WINK.

I can't tell you how many people I've seen who want to show up on Instagram the same way Tony Robbins or Brene Brown does.

They think because they’re in a similar niche, they can use the same strategy for marketing on social media.

When they do, it often goes flat. And it can be a rude awakening for people's spiritual egos.

A strong sense of spiritual entitlement can prevent them from doing the scaling work that will actually help them get high paying aligned clients.

Their spiritual ego insists on “God will provide clients” and will encourage you to sit, hum, and wait for clients to miraculously find you.

But, you know what? We live in the 3D experience.

That means it’s our responsibility to translate our soul gifts into tangible results. It’s our JOB to communicate our message in a way that shows our potential clients *exactly* how we can change their lives.

A mentor like me can help you gain clarity on how to refine your gifts, eliminate what isn’t authentically yours and scale it in a way that makes you feel like “this is my new normal, there is no going back”.

Commit To Increasing Your Business’s Visibility

Let me ask you a question… Do you actually believe in what you're doing?

If you say that you stand behind your message but you aren't willing to scream it from the mountain tops, then I invite you to look within.

What is it that’s holding you back?

When you truly believe in your product, marketing your business on social media starts to feel easy. It rolls off the tongue and translates onto paper because you feel that connection to your business. You have a deep desire for people to understand what you do.

And if your answer to the question is YES, you believe in what you do to the core of your being…

But you STILL don’t feel like online marketing is coming naturally to you…

Then I want you to consider this incredibly important factor -

👉🏽 What shadows could be sabotaging you from sharing your medicine?

When you can identify your shadows, you liberate yourself. You open up a whole world where you can start to integrate your shadow into your business in a way that brings prosperity.

You’re able to market your business according to your highest excitement – rather than just trying to duplicate what everyone else is doing.

If you’re curious more about what this kind of work looks like, then my Oracle Business School could be for you!

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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