"Finding Hope through Hypnosis"

Model, TV personality & Screen Writer, shares her vulnerable and transformative story. This is her journey with Hypnosis & working with Nathaly Granja.

For those of you who don’t know me – My name is Amber Gelinas. I am a former Model, occasional Actress, and current Screen Writer. Much like any thirty-something-year-old, I’ve been through my fair share of shit in life. I’ve had an amazing career, traveled the world, had phenomenal highs, and I’ve also had devastating lows.

As much as some of my life has been in the public eye, there are also portions of my life that I keep very private and have a hard time opening up about. One of the biggest things that I have been struggling with over the past year is breaking up with my long term boyfriend.

I loved my partner... I loved him a lot. I still remember our first date, our second date, and how at the time that he came into my life, he truly was my hero. Not only did we have a deep emotional connection, we also had an unbelievable lifestyle; some would say surreal.

I had fallen in love with a man who was intelligent, successful, had 0% body fat (swear to you… the man had abs on abs), did very well for himself, was always impeccably dressed, and he spoiled me absolutely rotten…. Like I mean, shopping was a weekend activity and we once took a helicopter over the Great Barrier Reef and landed on a helipad in the middle of the ocean to go snorkeling. There were days where I literally felt like I was living in a fairytale.

I’m not sure when things changed or when we started to fall apart, but slowly our relationship became unraveled. I was holding onto every last thread that I could possibly grasp and I was slowly becoming unraveled myself. Our life looked beautiful on the outside but on the inside I was breaking day by day.

Slowly but surely I started to fall down the dark rabbit-hole of depression.

I started to constantly question myself and my self-worth. To be honest… there were some days that I felt completely worthless. My bulimia had come back in full swing and suddenly the most comforting part of my day was when I had my fingers down my throat.

I looked forward to my little bathroom of solitude and secrets. I looked forward to purging everything in me because I felt like I could never have the courage to get things out inside of my relationship. As my life and relationship were slowly spinning out of control, it felt good to have control over this one little thing.

The shower became my sanctuary. I found a broken shade of happiness when I used to cry in the shower. It made me feel happy that no one had to see me fall apart. I found happiness in there because it felt like my tears weren’t real. It didn’t matter how wet my face was from crying because the water could wash it all away. The water went down the drain along with my emotions. I dried myself off, put on a smile, and braced myself to face another day in a broken version of paradise.

I don’t know what was worse; the last year of my relationship or the past year of trying to re-piece myself together. Being the rational person that I am (HA! Note sarcasm.), I obviously tried all of the options for getting over my issues. I tried drowning them with drugs, dick and alcohol for a while and then when the thrill of that wore off I tried therapy. When therapy didn’t work, I tried medication, meditation, writing my way through my feelings, writing my way through my feelings and then setting all of the paper on fire, and I think I even tried doing that thing where you lay in a float tank. Nothing was working… it fucking sucked.

I came across Nathaly by random chance one day when I was searching through podcasts. I listened to her interview with Lousia Meyer on the Spiritual and Intuit Podcast and instantly fell in love with what she had to say.

We first met via FaceTime and I felt an immediate connection. I loved her energy, her smiley face, and her bubbly personality. Her presence was so warm and inviting. For some reason when I spoke to her, I had the courage to let down the walls that I had been holding up for so long.

After our initial consultation Nathaly provided me with a hypnotic track and advised me to listen to it for five nights in a row and then as needed. I’m all about trying new things but a little part of me thought this may be too good to be true.

In the back of my mind I was thinking, ‘Right… so after five maaaaagical days of listening to a recording, the pain and sorrows that I’ve been battling for the past year are just going to maaaagically disappear and I’m going to be okay.’

I decided to incorporate the track into my nighttime routine and I listened to it for five consecutive nights before bed. Each night that I listened to it I had the most amazing sleep and in the morning I woke up with so much energy! The craziest thing? I didn’t even realize how much things started to change in front of me!!! It was as if I had suddenly woken up into an effortless dream where things just suddenly started to progress forward and make sense. For the first time in a long time, I felt inspired to be the best version of myself.

It has been a month of listening to the track and I am ASTOUNDED at the changes that have started appearing in my life. I feel refreshed and on track with my goals, stopped using alcohol to numb my emotions, joined a 6 week fitness challenge, and have been writing like a machine.

I was ecstatic when Nathaly asked me to do a guest blog post about my experience.

Nathaly is like a vision board on steroids, I swear lol! It has been an absolute pleasure working with her and I am so grateful for the amazing work that she does.
If you are someone who is interested in hypnotherapy, reiki, or just looking for some inspirational coaching then you’ve come to the right place.

I am forever grateful for her and her spiritual wisdom and I can’t wait to see what happens next!